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Climate influence on radial increment of oak (Quercus SP.) in central Poland

[1] Bednarz Z, 1987. A 225-year tree-ring chronology of oak Quercus robur L. in the Niepołomice Forest near Kraków. Dendrochronologia 5: 59–68. [2] Bednarz Z and Ptak J, 1990. The influence of temperature and precipitation on ring widths of oak (Quercus robur L.) in the Niepołomice Forest near Cracow, Southern Poland. Tree-Ring Bulletin 50: 1–10. [3] Bednarz Z, 1994. Niedobory wody przyczyną depresji przyrostowych u dębu (Quercus robur L.) w Puszczy Niepołomickiej (Water deficit limits

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Influence of Water Temperature on Results of Current Meter Calibration and Measurement

References Henderson, F.M., 1966. Open Channel Flow. The Macmillan Co, New York. ISO 748, 2007. Hydrometry - Measurement of liquid flow in open channels using current-meters or floats. ISO 3455, 2007. Hydrometry - Calibration of current-meters in straight open tanks. Niemiec, L., Stary, M., 2010. The influence of water temperature on the velocity of propeller - type current meter revolution. J. Hydrol. Hydromech., 58 , 4, 271-278. (In Czech.) Staubli, T., 1988. Propeller

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Development and Validation of the Influence Regulation and Deinfluentization Scale (DEI-beh)

:// Emans B.J., Munduate L., Klaver E. & Van de Vliert E. (2003) Constructive Consequences of Leaders’ Forcing Influence Styles. Applied Psychology, Vol.52, January, pp. 36‒54. Euwema, M., Munduate, L., Elgoibar, P., Pender, E., & Belén García, A. (Eds.). (2015). Promoting Social Dialogue in European Organizations Human Resources Management and Constructive Conflict Management . London, New York: Springer. Goleman, D. (1997). Inteligencja emocjonalna . [Emotional intelligence] Poznań: Media Rodzina

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The Influence of Competencies of Managers on Job Satisfaction of Employees in the Hotel Industry

Literature Ariffin, A. A. M., & Maghzi, A. (2012). A preliminary study on customer expectations of hotel hospitality: Influences of personal and hotel factors. International Journal of Hospitality Management, 31 (1), 191-198, https://10.1016/j.ijhm.2011.04.012 Armstrong, M., & Taylor, S. (2014). Armstrong‘s Handbook of Human Resource Management Practice : Kogan Page Publishers. Boyatzis, R. E. (1982). The Competent Manager: A Model for Effective Performance : John Wiley & Sons.Boyatzis, R. E. (2008). Competencies in the 21st century

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Complaining Decreases the Efficiency of Dialogue as a Method of Social Influence

narzekania. In: M. Drogosz (ed.), Jak Polacy przegrywają, jak Polacy wygrywają. Gdańsk: GWP. Dolińska, B. and Doliński, D. (2006). To command or to ask? Gender effectiveness of “tough” vs. “soft” compliance-gaining strategies. Social Influence, 1(1): 48-57, 0500314571. Doliński, D., Grzyb, T., Olejnik, J., Prusakowski, S. and Urban, K. (2002). Dialog jako metatechnika wpływu społecznego. Tryb komunikacji a efektywność techniki „liczy się każdy grosz”. Studia Psychologiczne, 40(3): 127

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Influence mechanism of development effect of forest ecotourism in China

, 29(4), 609–623. Dhakal, B., Yao, R., Turner, J., Barnard, T. 2012. Recreational users’ willingness to pay and preferences for changes in planted forest features. – Forest Policy & Economics, 17, 34–44. Fang, Y., Huang, Z., Hou, B., Wang, F. 2014. The periodic and fluctuant characteristics of Chinese inbound tourists and its influence mechanism. – Geographical Research, 33(10), 1942–1955. Fornell, C., Johnson, M.D., Anderson, E.W., Cha, J., Bryant, B.E. 1996. The American customer satisfaction index: nature, purpose and findings. – Journal of

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Marketing Sports Products on Facebook: The Effect of Social Influence

References Bearden, W.O., Netemeyer, R.G., & Teel, J.E. (1989). Measurement of consumer susceptibility to interpersonal influence. Journal of Consumer Research, 473-481. Bonds-Raacke, J., & Raacke, J. (2010). MySpace and Facebook: Identifying dimensions of uses and gratifications for friend networking sites. Individual Differences Research, 8(1), 27-33. Boyd, D.M., & Ellison, N.B. (2008). Social Network Sites: Definition, History, and Scholarship. Journal of Computer- Mediated Communication, 13, 210

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Cabling Arrangement Influence on Repeatability of Immunity EMC Measurements

EMC Symposium 1999, 2-6 August 1999 (pp. 761-764). Seattle, USA. Beeckman, P. A. (2001). The influence of positioning tables on the results of radiated EMC measurements. In IEEE EMC Symposium 2001, 13-17 August 2001 (pp. 280-285). Montreal, Canada. Omid, M., Kami, Y., Hayakawa, M. (1997). Field coupling to nonuniform and uniform transmission lines. IEEE Transactions on Electromagnetic Compatibility 39 (3), 201 - 211. Adams, J. W., Cruz, J., Melquist, D. (1992). Comparison measurements of

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L2 Romanian Influence in the Acquisition of the English Passive by L1 Speakers of Hungarian

; Lebeaux, David S. & Frost, Loren. 1987. Productivity and constraints in the acquisition of the passive: Cognition 26: 195-267. Schachter, Jacquelyn. 1996. Maturation and the issue of Universal Grammar in second language acquisition. In Ritchie, William & Bhatia, Tej (eds.), Handbook of Second Language Acquisition, 159-193. San Diego: Academic Press. Schwartz, Bonnie. 1998. On two hypotheses of transfer in SLA: minimal trees and absolute Ll influence. In Flynn, Susan; Martohardjono, Cita and O'Neil, Wayne (eds.), The generative study of SLA, 35-59. Mahwah, NJ

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An Influence Prediction Model for Microblog Entries on Public Health Emergencies

1 Introduction Public health emergencies generally pose serious threats and significant losses to public health, economic development, and social stability. Since they break out in a short time and spread rapidly, the management departments of public health emergencies often face enormous challenges. They need to take effective measures in time to prevent the spread and upgrade of events, as well as eliminate the source of hazards and subsequent influence promptly. With the continuous development of Web 2.0 and mobile Internet technology, microblog

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