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1 Introduction After project execution, every project requires Result Indicators to confirm if the goals set at the beginning were met. These indicators will serve as feedback for future projects and to complete the continuous improvement cycle. Furthermore, similar to the crew members of a ship who need to know if they are on the right course throughout the journey, the project team needs Process Indicators to make sure that the project—during its development—is moving towards the expected goals. In this way, if we are deviating from these goals, we can make

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and use, such as Bibliometric Measures. However, the growing technology, educational networking, effective and targeted research strategies, and regular monitoring of RI are reducing the gap between the research producers and consumers. As a result, the horizon of RI is expanding and covering other areas of impacts such as on economy, society, and environment. Many individuals and organizations have introduced measures and indicators for assessing the RI. Nevertheless, due to diversity in nature and scale of RI, not a single method is considered robust and complete

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) emissions ( Bennett et al ., 2014 ). This calls for a new category of indicators that measure the efficiency of agricultural production in relation to both inputs and environmental impact. Innovation in agriculture also has a key role to play in producing more food without depleting natural resources ( World Bank, 2007 ). Innovation is a broad concept but it is fundamentally about embracing novelty. Thus, indicators of innovation can be used to gauge what farmers may be doing today but will affect their future sustainability ( OECD and Eurostat 2005 ). The breadth and