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Inclusion of Outsiders Through Sport

the Royal Society for the Promotion of Health, 128, 31-40. Collins, M. (2012). Understanding social exclusion and sport for children. In S.Dagkas & K. Armour (Eds.), Inclusion and Exclusion Through Youth Sport (pp. 24-39). New York: Routledge. Cradock, A.L., Kawachi, I., Colditz, G.A., Gortmaker, S.L. & Buka, S.L. (2009). Neighborhood social cohesion and youth participation in physical activity in Chicago. Social Science & Medicine, 68, 427-435. Crisp, B.R. (2010). Belonging, connectedness and social exclusion. Journal

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An Investigation into the Level of Financial Inclusion in Sub-Saharan Africa

References Akudugu, M. A., 2013. The determinants of financial inclusion in Western Africa: Insights from Ghana. 4 (8), 1-10. Allen, F., Demirgüç-Kunt, A., Klapper, L., and Martinez Peria, M., 2012. The foundations of financial inclusion: Understanding ownership and use of formal accounts . Policy Research Working Paper no. 6290. World Bank. Washington, DC. Alter, A., and Yontcheva, B., 2015. Financial inclusion and development in the CEMAC . IMF Working Paper no. 235. International Monetary Fund. Washington, DC. Aluko, O. A., and Ajayi

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The inclusion-exclusion principle without distributivity

References [1] CIUNGU, L.-RIEČAN, B.: General form of probabilities on IF-sets, in: Proc. WILF ’09, Palermo, Italy, Lecture Notes in Comput. Sci., Vol. 5571, Springer-Verlag, Berlin, 2009, pp. 101-107. [2] CIUNGU, L.: The inclusion-exclusion principle for IF-states, Inform. Sci., 2011 (to appear). [3] GRZEGORZEWSKI, P.: The inclusion-exclusion principle for IF-events, Inform. Sci. 181 (2011), 536-546. [4] KELEMENOVÁ, J.: The inclusion-exclusion principle in semigroups, in: Recent Advances

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On The Existence of Solutions for Nonlinear Differential Inclusions

References 1. Aizicovici, S.; Staicu, V. - Continuous selections of solution sets to Volterra in- tegral inclusions in Banach spaces, Electron. J. Differential Equations, 2006, 11 pp. (electronic). 2. Barbu, V. - Nonlinear Semigroups and Differential Equations in Banach Spaces, Institutul European, Ia¸si, Romania, 2011. 3. Bressan, A.; Colombo, G. - Extensions and selections of maps with decomposable values, Studia Math., 90 (1988), 69-86. 4. Căpraru, I. - A Filippov-type theorem for nonlinear

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Difficulties in the Diagnosis of Inclusion Body Myositis-Case Report

REFERENCES 1. Badrising UA, Maat-Schieman M, van Duinen SG, Breedveld F, van Doorn P, van Engelen B, et al. Epidemiology of inclusion body myositis in the Netherlands: a nationwide study. Neurology 2000;55(9):1385–7. 2. Dobloug GC, Antal EA, Sveberg L, Garen T, Bitter H, Stjarne J, et al. High prevalence of inclusion body myositis in Norway; a population-based clinical epidemiology study. Eur J Neurol 2015;22(4):672-e41. 3. Dalakas MC. Sporadic inclusion body myositis--diagnosis, pathogenesis and therapeutic strategies. Nat Clin Pract Neurol

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Boundary Element Analysis of Anisotropic Thermomagnetoelectroelastic Solids with 3D Shell-Like Inclusions

., Bostrom A. (2010) Effective dynamic properties of 3D composite materials containing rigid penny-shaped inclusions, Waves in Random and Complex Media , 20(3), 491–510. 5. Pan E., Yuan F.G. (2000) Boundary element analysis of three-dimensional cracks in anisotropic solids, Int. J. Numer. Meth. Engng ., 48, 211–237. 6. Pasternak Ia., Pasternak R., Pasternak V., Sulym H. (2017) Boundary element analysis of 3D cracks in anisotropic thermomagnetoelectroelastic solids, Engineering Analysis with Boundary Elements , 74, 70–78. 7. Pasternak Ia

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Physicochemical characterization and in vitro dissolution behaviour of celecoxib-β-cyclodextrin inclusion complexes

. Park, J. O. Kim and Y. I. Ha, Inclusion complexes of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) with cyclodextrins, J. Agric. Food Chem. 50 (2002) 2977-2983. Z. Cai, L. Wu, G. Zhong and S. Gao, Effects of inclusion of Citri reticulatae volatile oil by beta-cyclodextrin, Zhongguo Zhongyao Zazhi 20 (1995) 603-604; ref. Chem. Abst. 124 (1996) 241719a. M. Jug, M. Becirevic-Lacan, A. Kwokal and B. Cetina-Cizmek, Influence of cyclodextrin complexation on piroxicam gel formulations, Acta Pharm. 55 (2005) 223

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Lifelong Learning for Inclusion - between Theory and Practice

World Wide Web: National Social Integration Strategy. 20 October 2007 Papageorgiu, F. 2008 The Impact of Lifelong Learning Policies on the Inclusion of Vulnerable Groups. Eastern European Countryside. No 14: 61-79. Papageourgiu F. 2007 Learn to Coexist - Learn to Thrive: The Impact of Lifelong Learning Policies on the Inclusion of Vulnerable Groups , Athens: EURACADEMY

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Beyond Assimilation and Integration: The Shift to ‘National’ and ‘Transnational’ Inclusion

-712. 2006. Stress Perspectives on Acculturation. In: Sam, D.-Berry, J. The Cambridge Handbook of Acculturation Psychology. Cambridge University Press: Cambridge, 43-57. BOURHIS, R.-MOÏSE, L.-PERRAULT, S.-SENÉCAL, S. 1997. Towards an Interactive Acculturation Model: A Social Psychological Approach. International Journal of Psychology 32: 369-386. BURK, J. 1995. Citizenship Status and Military Service: The Quest for Inclusion by Minorities and Conscientious Objectors. Armed Forces & Society 21(4): 503-529. CASTELLS, M. 2010

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Teachers' Perceptions on What Inclusion Needs

: Routledge Falmer. Hopkins, D. (2001). School improvement for real. London: Falmer Press. Izglītības likums [Education Law]. (1998, November 7). Vēstnesis [Messenger], pp. 343-344. Miles, M., & Huberman, A. M. (1994). Qualitative data nanalysis: An expended sourcebook (2nd ed.). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications. O'Neil, J. (1994). Can inclusion work? A conversation with Jim Kauffman and Mara Sapon-Shevin. Educational Leadership, 52 (4), 7

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