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Road noise constitutes one of the most adverse impacts of road traffic on the environment. Noise that is particularly annoying for local inhabitants is recorded in the vicinity of engineering structures where various types of expansion joints are used [1–3]. There are currently many road connections being built in Poland, including a total of almost ten thousand expansion joints. The authors of this article attempt to determine the noise differences of several of the most commonly used expansion joints – single-, double-, and multi-module, block and finger expansion joint described as one of the most advantageous from the acoustic point of view. This study also attempts to determine the im-pact of expansion joint types on the noise level in comparison to the road section not equipped with these devices, which was adopted as the base noise level.


The paper deals with the problem of synthesis of a robust detection algorithm for a harmonic signal on the background of correlated noise and impulse noise. The problem is solved using the empirical Bayes approach and the Tukey model of “pollution”. The efficiency of the algorithm is investigated by the Monte-Carlo method.

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