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Sperm Immobilization Properties of Aqueous Ethanolic Extract of Hymenocardia Acida Stem Bark

;4(1):7-11. Raji Y, Akinsomisoye OS, Salman TM. Antispermatogenic activity of Morinda lucida extract in male rats. Asian J Androl. 2005;7(4):405-410. Paul D, Bera S, Jana D, Maiti R, Ghosh D. In vitro determination of the contraceptive activity of a composite extract of Achyranthes aspera and Stephania hernandifolia on human sperm. Contraception. 2006;73(3):284-288. Harat ZN, Sadeghi MR, Sadeghipour HR, Kamalinejad M, Eshraghian MR. Immobilization of Ruta graveolens on human sperm: A new hope for male contraception. J

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The Properties of Immobilized Invertase Onto a New Support Material; Poly(Methacrylamide/Maleic Acid) Copolymeric Hydrogel

.; Jovic-Jovicic, N.; Bankovic, P.; Bajt, T.; Mojovic, Z.; Vujcic, Z.; Jovanovic, D. Efficient Stabilization of Saccharomyces cerevisiae external invertase by immobilisation on midified beidellite nanoclays. Food Chem . 2015 , 168 , 262-269. 4. Öztop, H.N.; Hepokur, C.; Saraydin, D. Acrylamide-sepiolite based composite hydrogels for immobilization of invertase. J. Food Sci . 2009 , 74 , 45-49. 5. Öztop H.N.; Hepokur C.; Saraydin D. Poly(acrylamide/maleic acid)-sepiolite composite hydrogels for immobilization of invertase. Polym. Bull . 2010 , 64

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Immobilization of Lycinibacillus fusiformis B26 cells in different matrices for use in turquoise blue HFG decolourization

References Abdel-Naby, M.A., Osman, M.Y. & Abdel-Fattah, A.F. (2011). Production of pullulanase by free and immobilized cells of Bacillus licheniformis NRC22 in batch and continuous cultures, World Journal of Microbiology and Biotechnology , 27, pp. 2903–2911. Abraham, T.E., Jamuna, R., Bansilal, C.V. & Ramakrishna, S.V. (1991). Continuous synthesis of glucoamylase by immobilized fungal mycelium of Aspergillus niger, Starch-Starke, 43, pp. 113–116. Adinarayana, K., Jyothi, B. & Ellaiah, P. (2005). Production of alkaline protease with

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External immobilization of index finger collateral ligament injuries using an improvised frame

Proximal interphalangeal joint (PIPJ) dislocation is a common injury. However, PIP dislocation in the coronal plane is uncommon. PIPJ dislocations can be caused by traffic accidents, household tools, sports, or factory machines. The injured structures are proper collateral ligaments, accessory collateral ligaments, and the volar plate of the PIPJ. General management of this problem includes reduction, repair of the torn ligament, and stabilization for several weeks [ 1 - 3 ]. Stiffness is one of the common sequelae after prolonged immobilization [ 4 ]. Early

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Determination of biodegradation rate of carrier for microorganism immobilization fabricated based on starch

C16) utilization: influence on yeast cell surface hydrophobicity. World J. Microb. Biot. 24, 1943-1949. DOI:10.1007/s11274-008-9704-8. 4. Ledin, M. (2000). Accumulation of metals by microorganisms - processes and importance for soil systems. Earth-Sci. Rev . 51, 1-31. DOI: 10.1016/S0012-8252(00)00008-8. 5. Qing, W. & Shanfeng Z. (2008). The Application of Immobilized Microorganism Technology in Wastewater Treatment. Environmental Science and Management. 2008-11. 6. Drożdż, W. & Boruczkowski, T. & Tomaszewska

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Immobilization of permeabilized cells of baker’s yeast for decomposition of H2O2 by catalase

Technology Szczecin. 19. Beers, R.F. & Sizer, I.W. (1952). A spectrophotometric method for measuring the breakdown of hydrogen peroxide by catalase. J. Biol. Chem . 195(1), 133–140. 20. Chance, B. (1950). The reactions of catalase in the presence of the notatin system. Biochem. J . 46(4), 387–402. 21. Idris, A. & Suzana, W. (2006). Effect of sodium alginate concentration, bead diameter, initial pH and temperature on lactic acid production from pineapple waste using immobilized Lactobacillus delbrueckii. Process Biochem . 41(4), 1117–1123. DOI: 10

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Enzymatic synthesis and characterization of polycaprolactone by using immobilized lipase onto a surface-modified renewable carrier

. 6. Kharrat, N., Ali, Y.B., Marzouk, S., Gargouri, Y.T. & Karra-Châabouni, M. (2011). Immobilization of Rhizopus oryzae lipase on silica aerogels by adsorption: Comparison with the free enzyme. Process Biochem. 46, 1083-1089. DOI: 10.1016/j. procbio.2011.01.029. 7. Zheng, M.M., Lu, Y., Dong, L., Guo, P.M., Deng, Q.C., Li, W.L., Feng, Y.Q. & Huang, F.H. (2012). Immobilization of Candida rugosa lipase on hydrophobic/strong cation-exchange functional silica particles for biocatalytic synthesis of phytosterol esters. Bioresour. Technol. 115, 141

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Immobilization and Survival of Root Nodule Bacterium Rhizobium leguminosarum Biovar viciae / Gumiņbaktērijas Rhizobium leguminosarum biovar viciae imobilizācija un dzīvotspēja

, R., Švinka, V. Comparative study on bacteria colonization onto ceramic beads originated from two Devonian clay deposits in Latvia. Scientific Journal of RTU: Material Science and Applied Chemistry, 2012, vol. 26, pp. 134-139. 14. Muter, O., Berzins, A., Potapova, K., Strikauska, S., Stelmahere, S. Bacteria immobilization on ceramic beads for soil remediation technologies. Journal of International Scientific Publications: Ecology & Safety (ISP: EB), 2011, vol. 5, pp. 152-162. 15. Nikolajeva, V., Griba, T., Petriņa, Z. Factors

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Graphene oxide flake activation via divinylsulfone – a procedure for efficient β-galactosidase immobilization

.C., Lan, Y.J., Lin, M.G., Juang, T.Y. & Wang, T.F. (2017). Facile immobilization of Bacillus licheniformis γ-glutamyltranspeptidase onto graphene oxide nanosheets and its application to the biocatalytic synthesis of γ-l-glutamyl peptides. Internat. J. Biol. Macromolec . 117, 1326–1333. DOI: 10.1016/j.ijbiomac.2017.11.153. 5. Zhang, Y., Zhang, J., Huang, X., Zhou, X., Wu, H. & Guo, S. (2012). Assembly of Graphene Oxide–Enzyme Conjugates through Hydrophobic Interaction. Small 8(1), 154–159. DOI: 10.1002/smll.201101695. 6. Zhang, J., Zhang, F., Yang, H

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Covalent immobilization of rabbit-antiaflatoxin-antibodies onto the poly-acrylamideacrylonitrile as well as hybrid material UREASIL and developing an optical immunosensor

.1155/2014/706291 [3]. Sharma A, Matharu Z, Sumana G, Solanki PR, Kim CG, Malhotra BD. Antibody immobilized cysteamine functionalized-gold nanoparticles for aflatoxin detection Thin Solid Films. 2010; 519 (3):1213-1218. [4]. Zhang J, Wang J, Zhu J, Xu J, Chen H, Xu D. An electrochemical impedimetric arrayed immunosensor based on indium tin oxide electrodes and silver-enhanced gold nanoparticles. Microchim. Acta. 2008; 163(1):63-70. [5]. Beatriz Prieto-Simon, Monika

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