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The author endeavoured to define profiles and preferences of buyers on the primary housing market in Poznań. To achieve this aim, the author used data obtained from notarial deeds concerning transactions entered into on the primary housing market in Poznań in the period 2010-2011.

The study was conducted among the biggest groups of buyers (i.e., women, men and married couples - 90% of those analyzed). The number of transactions encompassed in the study amounted to 1,648 (after selection and rejection of transactions with an incomplete description, e.g., incomplete information in the land register).


The housing market is not only an important component of the national economy; it is also a place of meeting the basic and fundamental needs for the functioning of households. The structure of housing markets and their performance are primarily driven by local and national factors. This results mainly from the specificity of real estate (primarily from its immobility), historical factors, economic conditions, as well as from institutional environment. However, in the process of integration of the European economies, one can see a growing trend towards the unification of the housing markets.

The aim of the paper is to assess the scope and scale of convergence processes in the European housing markets. The study covers the main characteristics of the markets, including: the size of the national housing stock and its ownership structure, the importance of residential properties in households’ assets, and the share of housing expenditure in households’ total consumption expenditure. The occurrence of three most popular types of convergence was investigated: beta, sigma, and gamma convergence.