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equations by He’s homotopy perturbation method Physics Letters A 366 (2007), 79-84. [5] SJ. Liao, An approximate solution technique not depending on small parameter: a special example.In J Nonlinear Mech 1995:30(3):371-80. [6] SJ. Liao, Boundary element method for general nonlinear differential operators. Eng Anal Boundary Element 1997; 20(2):91-9. [7] J.H. He, The homotopy perturbation method for nonlinear oscillators with discontinuities, Applied Mathematics and Computation 151 (2004) 287-292. [8] J. Biazar, M. Eslami, H. Ghazvini, Homotopy perturbation method for

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using analytical/numerical methods. Many researchers have been working on various analytical methods for solving nonlinear oscillation systems in the last decades. Nowadays, the computational experience is significant, and several numerical methods have been suggested and analyzed under certain conditions. These numerical methods have been developed using different techniques such as Taylor series, homotopy perturbation method, quadrature formula, variation iteration method and decomposition method [ 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 , 7 ]. Noor et al. [ 8 ] have applied a

flow through a tapered artery with a stenosis . – Heat and Mass Transfer, vol.43, No.1, pp.69-94. [21] Misra J.C. and Adhikary S.D. (2016): MHD oscillatory channel flow, heat and mass transfer in a physiological fluid in presence of chemical reaction. – Alexandria Engineering Journal, vol.55, No.1, pp.287-297. [22] Mohyud-Din S.T. and Noor M.A. (2009): Homotopy perturbation method for solving partial differential equations. – Zeitschrift für Naturforschung A, vol.64, No.(3-4), pp.157-170. [23] Mekheimer K.S. and El Kot M.A. (2008): The micropolar fluid model for

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