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The Travelogue as a Mirror of Thought


This paper discusses Dutch historical travelogues as a source for linguistic research. On the one hand one can find descriptions of exotic languages or undocumented remote dialects in travel journals, on the other hand one may come across philosophical and theoretical ideas about language in the utopian reports of imaginary voyages.

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The Dialectal Provenance of London, Wellcome Library, Ms 5262

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Latin Super, Hittite Šer, and the Indo-European Numeral ‘7’

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Digitization of the Mary Hamilton Papers

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The Onomastic Data of the Fourteenth-Century Poll Tax Returns: A Case for Further Dialectological Study of Late Medieval English

– Leicestershire. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Fenwick, Carolyn C. (ed.). 2001. The poll taxes of 1377, 1379 and 1381. Part 2 Lincolnshire – W estmorland. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Fenwick, Carolyn C. (ed.). 2005. The poll taxes of 1377, 1379 and 1381. Part 3 Wilt-shire − Yorkshire. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Fisiak, Jacek. 1982. Isophones or isographs? A problem in historical dialectology. In John A. Anderson (ed.), Language form and linguistic variation , 117-128. Amsterdam: John Benjamins. Fisiak, Jacek. 1983. English dialects in the fifteenth

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Medieval Multilingualism in Poland: Creating a Corpus of Greater Poland Court Oaths (Rotha)

and witnesshood. In Marina Dossena & Roger Lass (eds.), Methods and data in English historical dialectology , 21–48. Bern: Peter Lang. Machan, Tim William. 2011. The visual pragmatics of code-switching in late Middle English literature. In Herbert Schendl & Laura Wright (eds.), Code-switching in Early English , 303–333. Berlin: de Gruyter. Makarova, Olga. 2014. Język polski ksiąg sądowych XVI–XVII w. z Ukrainy Prawobrzeżnej. Leksyka prawnicza. [The language of Polish court books of the 16th and 17th c. in the Ukraine. The legal lexicon.] Ph

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