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Initial Analysis of Helicopter Impact on Hospital Helipads


The need to quickly provide assistance to victims of accidents or seriously ill has created the need for the construction of helipads at selected hospitals. Their operation and the conditions of use are governed by regulation of the Ministry of Health on Hospital Emergency Ward (SOR) and rules required by the Civil Aviation Authority.

The direct vicinity of the helipads causes impact of landing and departing helicopters on buildings, people and hospital equipment as well as the construction of the airfield. This article presents vibroacoustic impact of helicopters on helipads’ measurement methods and the results of the preliminary measurements to estimate the impact of Helicopter Air Rescue (LPR) on adjacent buildings and surroundings.

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The Analysis of Hospital Helicopter Landing Sites Location in Terms of their Vibroacoustic Impact

6. LITERATURE [1] J. S. Newman, E. J. Rickley, D. A. Levanduski i S. B. Woolridge, „Analysis of helicopter noise data using intenational helicopter noise certification procedures,” FAA, Washington D.C., 1986. [2] A. Chyla, „Some Mathematical Models for Describing the Acoustic Properties of Airscrews,” Works of the Institute of Aviation, nr 91, pp. 29-62, 1982. [3] A. Chyla i M. Bukała, Certification measurements of MI-8 helicopter, Warsaw: SVANTEK, 2017. [4] NOISE ACH, Environmental impact report for the planned investment involving the

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Drivetrain Noise of The Gyroplane I-28

BIBLIOGRAPHY [1] Rudiuk A. et al., 1988, „Develop new methods of noise measurement in airplanes cocpits” (in Polish: „Opracowanie nowych metod pomiarów hałasu w kabinach statków powietrznych”), IoA Report No GE-134, Warsaw. [2] Mnitowski S., 2002, „Sources of helicopters noise” (in Polish: „Źródła hałasu wytwarzanego przez śmigłowiec”), Transactions of the Institute of Aviation, No. 168-169, pp. 97-103. [3] Cempel Cz., 1989, „Vibroacoustic diagnostic of machines” (in Polish: „Diagnostyka wibroakustyczna maszyn”), Państwowe Wydawnictwa Naukowe

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The Research of Acoustic Emission of a Low-Power Aircraft Engine

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Problems of an Aerodynamic Interference between Helicopter Rotor Slipstream and an Elevated Heliport

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Preliminary study on the tolerance to human disturbance of Eagle Owl (Bubo bubo) in an active quarry in NW Hungary

Klettersport und Naturschutz am Beispiel der Habitatansprüche des Uhus (Bubo bubo) [Conflict between rock climbing and nature conservation through an example of Eagle Owls’ (Bubo bubo) habitat requirements]. – Natur und Landschaft 76(1): 1–7. (in German) Delaney, D. K., Grubb, T. G., Beier, P., Pater, L. L. & Reiser, M. H. 1999. Effects of helicopter noise on Mexican Spotted Owls. – The Journal of Wildlife Management 63(1): 60–76. DOI: 10.2307/3802487 Delgado, M. M., Penteriani, V. & Nams, V. O. 2009. How fledglings explore surroundings from fledging to

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