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Global Warming and Climate Change: Science and Politics

References Booker C., 2011. The Real Global Warming Disaster. Continuum. pp. 368. ( This book very clearly recounts the history of the Global Warming/Climate Change debate in great detail. ) La Framboise D., 2011. The Delinquent Teenager who was mistaken for a World Top Climate Expert. Ivy Avenue Press. pp. 235. ( An account of the history and methods of the IPCC. )Archibald D., 2007. Climate Outlook to 2030. Energy and Environment, 18: 615-619. Caillon N., Severinghaus J.P., Jouzel J., Barnola J.-M., Jiancheng K

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The evaluation of global warming's effects on soil temperature - case of Tlemcen (North Africa)

'utilisation de la Pompe à chaleur source sol (GSHP) pour le chauffage et le refroidissement d'une maison écologique. Journal of Scientific Research, 1: 58-61. Kharseh M., Nordell B. 2009. Analysis of the effect of global warming on ground temperature. Submitted to the Journal of Applied Thermal Engineering. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. 2001. Atmospheric chemistry and greenhouse gases. Climate Change 2001: The Scientific Basis [online]. Cambridge, UK: http

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The Impact of Global Warming on Precipitation Patterns in Ilorin and the Hydrological Balance of the Awun Basin

. 2016). Madueme, T. C. (1999) The need for long term studies on regional climate change to ensure adequate electric power production. In Global Climate Change - Impact on Energy Development, Publisher: Damtech Nigeria Ltd, Eds. J. C. Umolu, pp. 220 - 222. Matthews, H. D. - Graham, T. L. - Keverian S. - Lamontagne, C. - Seto D. - Smith T.J. (2014) National Contributions to Observed Global Warming. Environmental Research Letters 9(2014). National Population Commission - NPC- (2006). Population Census of the Federal

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Insights into the impacts of three current environmental problems on Amphibians

:463-470. Cunnington, G.M. & Fahrig, L. (2012) Mate attraction by male anurans in the presence of traffic noise. Animal Conservation, 16(3), 275-285. D’Amen, M. & Bombi, P. (2009) Global warming and biodiversity: evidence of climate-linked amphibian declines in Italy. Biological Conservation, 142, 3060-3067. Dananay, K.L. (2013) Morphological and physiological effects of ecological light pollution on mammals and amphibians in Pennsylvania. Master of Science Dissertation. College of Agricultural Sciences, The Pennsylvania State University, USA

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Global annual average temperature – a precise modelling

References Casey K.S., Cornillon P. (2001): Global and regional sea surface temperature trends. J. Climate 14: 3801-3818. Draper N.R., Smith H. (1998): Applied Regression Analysis, John Wiley and Sons. Fomby T.B., Vogelsang T.J. (2001): The Application of Size-Robust Trend Statistics to Global-Warming Temperature Series. J. Climate 14. Houghton J.T., Ding Y., Griggs D.J., Noguer M., van der Linden P.J., Dai X., Maskell K., Johnson C.A., Eds. (2001): Climate Change: The Scientific Basis. Cambridge

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Climate Changes and Adaptation of Some Marine Organisms – Persian Gulf Study Case

REFERENCES 1. Beardall J. and Raven J. A., 2004 – The potential effects of global climate change in microalgal photosynthesis, growth and ecology, Phycologia , 43, 31-45. 2. Bethoux J. P., Gentili B. and Tailliez D., 1998 – Warming and fresh-water budget change in the Mediterranean since the 1940s, their possible relation to the greenhouse effect, Geophysical Research Letters , 25, 1023-1026. 3. Florides G. A. and Christodoulides P., 2008 – Global warming and carbon dioxide through sciences, Environment International , 48, 441-453. 4

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Economic Crises and Emission of Pollutants: A Historical Review of Select Economies Amid Two Economic Recessions

, V.; Rastenienė, A. (2009). “Crisis as a Catalyst: The Role of Schumpeterian Innovation in the Lithuanian Economy.” Perspectives of Innovations, Economics & Business. Volume 2. Houghton, J. (2005). Global warming. Institute of Physics. p. 1362. Hodrick, Robert; Prescott, Edward C. (1997). “Postwar U.S. Business Cycles: An Empirical Investigation”. Journal of Money, Credit, and Banking 29 (1): 1-16. International Monetary Fund Website. Retrieved December 7, 2009 IPCC, 2007. Climate Change 2007

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Life Cycle Assessment of Foam Concrete Production in Latvia

. Berlin: Greendeta, 2017 [20] Namsone E., Šahmenko G., Korjakins A. Durability Properties of High Performance Foamed Concrete. Procedia Engineering 2017:172:760–767. doi:10.1016/j.proeng.2017.02.120 [21] Namsone E., Korjakins A., Šahmenko G., Šinka M. The Environmental Impacts of Foamed Concrete Production and Exploitation. IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering 2017:251:20–29. doi:10.1088/1757-899X/251/1/012029 [22] Heath A. C., Paine K. A., McManus M. C. Minimising the global warming potential of clay based geopolymers. Journal

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Response of Freshwater Bloom-Forming Planktonic Cyanobacteria to Global Warming and Nutrient Increase

(Cyanobacteria) invasion at mid-latitudes: selection, wide physiological tolerance, or global warming? - Journal of Phycology, 40: 231-238. Briand J.F., Robillot C., Quiblier-liobéras C., Humbert J.F., Couté A., Bernard C., 2002: Environmental context of Cylindrospermopsis raciborskii (Cyanobacteria) blooms in shallow pond in France. - Water Research, 36: 3183-3192. Carey C.C., Ibelings B.W., Hoffman E.P., Hamilton D.P., Brookes J.D., 2012: Eco-physiological adaptations that favour freshwater cyanobacteria in a changing climate. - Water Research

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Considerations on the Benefits of Using Recyclable Materials for Road Construction

“Proceedings of the Transport Research Board Annual Meeting”, 1998 . [5]. W.H.CHESNER, R.J.COLLINS, M.H.MACKAY: “ User Guidelines for Waste and By-Product Materials in Pavement Construction ”, nr. FHWA-RD-97-148, April 1998 . [6]. R.G.HICKS: “Asphalt rubber design and construction guidelines - volume 1-design guidelines” , 2002 . [7]. WRAP: “ AggRegain materials information - recycled plastics ”, 2003 . [8]. J. MELI: “ A Life Cycle Perspective on Concrete and Asphalt Roadways: Embodied Primary Energy and Global Warming Potential ”, Athena

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