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U-Pb geochronology, Sr-Nd geochemistry, petrogenesis and tectonic setting of Gandab volcanic rocks, northeastern Iran

1 Introduction According to limited geochronology data, magmatic activity in the eastern Iran started in the late Jurassic ( Esmaiely et al ., 2005 ; Tarkian et al ., 1983 ) and continued into the Quaternary, forming a variety of volcanic and volcanoclastic rocks, as well as subvolcanic stocks ( Saadat and Stern, 2016 ). The volcanic rocks in Iran are mainly classified into three geographical categories as follows: a belt extended from Maku area to Bazman zone, the Alborz Mountains, and east territories of Iran ( Pazirandeh, 1973 ). The volcanic rocks in

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Geochronology of granitoids from Psunj and Papuk Mts., Croatia

57 2 149 – 158 Ludwig KR, 2003. Isoplot/Ex version 3.00. A geochronological toolkit for Microsoft Excel. Berkeley Geochronology Center. Special Publication No. 4 Ludwig KR 2003 Isoplot/Ex version 3.00. A geochronological toolkit for Microsoft Excel. Berkeley Geochronology Center Special Publication No. 4 Lugović B, 1983. Efuzivne stijene sjeverozapadnog dijela Papuka (Extrusive rocks from the NW part of Mt. Papuk (Croatia, Yugoslavia). Geološki vjesnik 36: 131–156 (in Croatian). Lugović B 1983 Efuzivne stijene sjeverozapadnog dijela Papuka

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Geochronology and petrogenesis of granitoid rocks from the Goryczkowa Unit, Tatra Mountains (Central Western Carpathians)

Mountains. [Skały krystaliczne wyspy Goryczkowej w Tatrach.] Stud. Geol. Pol. 32, 7-183 (in Polish). Burda J. 2010: Internal structures and dating of complex zircons from High Tatra massif granodiorites, Poland. 10th International conference - Methods of absolute chronology, 22-25April Gliwice, Poland, Abstracts & Programme, 79. Burda J. & Gawęda A. 2009: Shear-influenced partial melting in the Western Tatra metamorphic complex: geochemistry and geochronology. Lithos 110, 373-385. Burda J. & Klötzli U. 2007: LA-MC-ICP-MS U

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Whole rock major element influences on monazite growth: examples from igneous and metamorphic rocks in the Menderes Massif, western Turkey

152, S149-S153. JERCINOVIC M. J., WILLIAMS M. L., 2005: Analytical perils (and progress) in electron microprobe trace element analysis applied to geochronology; background acquisition, interferences, and beam irradiation effects. American Mineralogist , 90, 526-546. KANAZAWA Y., KAMITANI M., 2006: Rare earth minerals and resources in the world. Journal of Alloys and Compounds 408, 1339-1343. KAPOOR S. S., RAMAMURTHY V. S., LAL M., KATARIA S. K., 1977: Search for superheavy elements in

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The North Dvina river delta development over the Holocene: Geochronology and palaeoenvironment

. In: Biske GS, ed., Quaternary Stratigraphy and Palaeogeography of North of European Part of USSR. KFAN SSSR, Petrozavodsk: 5–16 (in Russian). [11] Koshechkin BI, 1979. Holocene tectonic of the Eastern part of the Baltic shield. Leningrad, “Nauka”: 321 pp (in Russian). [12] Kremenetsky KV, Patyk-Kara NG and Goriachkin SV, 1998. Palynostratigraphy and geochronology of wetland deposits of the Kola peninsula during the Holocene. Stratigraphy. Geological correlations 6-3: 87–96 (in Russian

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240+239Pu depositional signatures as a viable geochronological tool in the Amazon Basin

periods of rapid and extensive land use change in the Amazon Basin ( Barlow et al ., 2016 ). As such, Pu isotopes may be a valuable tool in assessing sedimentation changes in the Amazon floodplains associated with deforestation and/or urbanization. The aim of this study is to assess the potential of 240+239 Pu signatures as a geochronology tool to determine the sediment accumulation rates in the Amazon floodplain lakes of the major rivers in the Amazon forest. To achieve this aim, six sediment cores were collected from differing floodplain lakes to construct sediment

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K/Ar mineral geochronology of the northern part of the Sithonia Plutonic Complex (Chalkidiki, Greece): implications for its thermal history and geodynamic interpretation

on the granitoids of the Sithonia Peninsula (Northern Grece). Terra Cognita 6, 2, 142. Christofides G., D’Amico C., Del Moro A., Eleftheriadis G. & Kyriakopoulos C. 1990: Rb/Sr geochronology and geochemical characters of the Sithonia plutonic complex (Greece). Eur. J. Mineral . 2, 1, 79-87. Christofides G., Eleftheriadis G., Neiva M.A., Vlahou M. & Papadopoulou L. 1998: Major and trace element geochemistry of micas and amphiboles of the Sithonia pluton (Chalkidiki, N. Greece): constraints on its evolution. Bull

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Geochronology of the Neogene calc-alkaline intrusive magmatism in the "Subvolcanic Zone" of the Eastern Carpathians (Romania)

-Ar datings of Neogene-Quaternary calc-alkaline volcanic rocks in Romania. Acta Vulcanol. 7, 53-62. Pécskay Z., Lexa J., Szakács A., Seghedi I., Balogh K., Konečný V., Zelenka T., Kovacs M., Póka T., Fülöp A., Márton E., Panaiotu C. & Cvetković V. 2006: Geochronology of Neogene magmatism in the Carpathian arc and intra-Carpathian area: a review. Geol. Carpathica 57, 6, 511-530. Pop N., Udubaşa G., Edelstein O., Pop V., Kovacs M., Damian G., Iştvan D., Stan D. & Bernad A. 1984: A bimodal igneous complex of Neogene age

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First evidence for Permian-Triassic boundary volcanism in the Northern Gemericum: geochemistry and U-Pb zircon geochronology

,000. Dionýz Štúr Publisher , Bratislava, 5–76. Biely A. (Ed.), Bezák V., Elečko M., Gross P., Kaličiak M., Konečný V., Lexa J., Mello J., Nemčok J., Potfaj M., Rakús M., Vass D., Vozár J. & Vozárová A. 1996b: Geological map of Slovakia, 1: 500,000. Ministry of the Environment of Slovak Republic, Geological Survey of Slovak Republic , Bratislava. Black L.P., Kamo S.L., Allen C.M., Aleinikoff J.N., Davis D.W., Korsch R.J. & Foudoulis C. 2003: TEMORA 1: a new zircon standard for Phanerozoic U-Pb geochronology. Chem. Geol. 200, 155–170. Bouček B. & Přibyl A

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New luminescence-based geochronology framing the last two glacial cycles at the southern limit of European Pleistocene loess in Stalać (Serbia)

characteristics of quartz osl. Radiation Measurements 27(2): 123-136, DOI 10.1016/S1350-4487(96)00157-6 10.1016/S1350-4487(96)00157-6 Bailey RM 1997 Partial bleaching and the decay form characteristics of quartz osl Radiation Measurements 27 2 123 136 10.1016/S1350-4487(96)00157-6 Bailey RM, 2010. Direct measurement of the fast component of quartz optically stimulated luminescence and implications for the accuracy of optical dating. Quaternary Geochronology 5(5): 559-568, DOI 10.1016/j.quageo.2009.10.003 10.1016/j.quageo.2009.10.003 Bailey RM 2010 Direct

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