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Genre of an Academic Lecture

References Al-Jubouri, A. J. R. (1976). Concurrent Validity of Three EFL Tests of Reading Comprehension. (Unpublished M. A. thesis). Leeds University, London, England Artemeva, N., Freedman.A. ed. (2008). Rhetorical Genre Studies and Beyond . Inkshed Publications, Winnipeg, Manitoba Athanasiou, T. (2010). Key Topics in Surgical Research and Methodology , Berlin, Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg, Retrieved from Bakhtin, M.M. (1986). Speech Genres and Other Late

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Translator’s Preface as a Genre: A Comparative Analysis of Lithuanian and English Prefaces

T. (1995). Correctness and clarity in applying for overseas jobs: a crosscultural analysis of U.S. and Flemish applications. Text 15.4, 457–476. Genette, G. (1987). Paratexts: Thresholds of Interpretation . Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Gómez, M' C. B. (2003). The Preface as a Genre in English Translations in the 17th Century . Retrieved from . Hosseinzadeh, M. (2015). Translatorial Prefaces: A Narrative Analysis Model. International

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Old Genres in New Attire: Zsolna Ugron’s Novels

) Bookline Interview with Zsolna Ugron. 2016. (Last accessed 02 April 2016) Cohen, Ralph. 2000. “Do Postmodern Genres Exist?” In Postmodern Literary Theory. An Anthology, ed. Niall Lucy, 293-309. Malden: Blackwell. Cuddon, J. A. 1999. Dictionary of Literary Terms and Literary Theory. London: Penguin. Daghistany, Ann. 1977. “The Picara Nature.” Women’s Studies vol. 4 no. 1: 51-66. Foucault, Michel. 1982. “The Subject and Power.” In Beyond Structuralism and

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The Concept of Genre in The English Language Class: Implications for the Students’ Intercultural Competence

References Agustien, Helen I. R. 2008. “Competence-Based Curriculum and Its Practical Implications”. Paper presented at UTB International Seminar, Bandung 22 February, 2006 [Online]. Available: [Accessed 2013, April]. Bhatia, Vijay Kumar. 1993. Analyzing Genre: Language Use in Professional Settings. London: Longman. Bhatia, Vijay Kumar. 2004. Worlds of Written Discourse: A Genre-Based View. London and New York: Continuum

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In-Between Discourse and Genre: Doctor-Patient Interaction in Online Communication.
Formal and Informal Features in CMC

: AOIR2002politeness.pdf [2010, December 26]. Cordella, M. 2004. The dynamic consultation: a discourse analytical study of doctor-patient communication . Amsterdam: John Benjamins. Guido, M. 2006. ‘The Discourse of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: Specialized-Genre Conventions vs. West-African Refugees’ Narrative Representations’ in Advances in Medical Discourse Analysis: Oral and Written Contexts . M. Gotti e F. Salager-Meyer (eds). Berna: Peter Lang (“Linguistic Insights”), pp. 183

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Genre and Stylistic Search of Vanguard Lyrics

. Khantimerova G. (2009). Radif Gatash is a singer of love // The Book about Gatash. Pages about R. Gataullin's – Gatash’s creativity. Kazan: Publishing house, 2009, pp. 392-399. Korman B.O. (2006). Chosen works. Theory of literature. Izhevsk: Institute of computer researches, 2006. 552 pp. Leyderman N.L. (2010). Theory of a genre: Scientific publication / Institute of philological researches and educational strategy “Language and literature teacher” UrD RAS; Ural State Pedagogical University. Yekaterinburg, 2010. 904 pp. Lyotard Jean-Francois (1984). The

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Rock and Roll Styles and Genres in Poland (1957–1973)

tanecznych” [“Dance Band Collection”]. Cracow: PWM. Norwid, C. (1971–1976). Marionetki [Puppets]. In: idem, Pisma wszystkie [ Collected Writings ]. Collected, edited, with an introduction and footnotes by J.W. Gomulicki. Vol. 1 (p. 345). Warsaw: PIW. Tańcz i śpiewaj rock and roll: na głos z fortepianem [Dance and Sing Rock’n’Roll, for voice and piano], (1957). Series: “We Sing and Dance” Collection. Cracow: PWM. REFERENCES Gradowski, M. (2015). Style i gatunki polskiej muzyki młodzieżowej w latach 1957–1973 [ The Styles and Genres of Polish

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An experimental study on the effect of systemic functional linguistics applied through a genre-pedagogy approach to teaching writing

525 Beard, R. 2000. Developing writing 3–13 . London: Hodder Stoughton. Beard R. 2000 Developing writing 3–13 London Hodder Stoughton Berge, K.L., L.S. Evensen, F. Hertzberg, and W. Vagle (eds.). 2005. Ungdommers skrivekompetanse Norskeksamen som tekst (Bind 2). Oslo: Universitetsforl. Berge K.L. Evensen L.S. Hertzberg F. Vagle W. 2005 Ungdommers skrivekompetanse Norskeksamen som tekst (Bind 2) Oslo Universitetsforl Bhatia, V.K. 1993. Analysing genre: Language use in professional settings . London

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The Formation of the Genre System on Norwegian Broadcast Radio

References Bhatia, V.K. (1993) Analysing Genre: Language Use in Professional Settings . London & New York: Longman. Berge, K.L. (1990) Tekstnormers diakroni. Noen idéer til en sosiotekstologisk teori om tekstnormendring [The diachronicity of text norms. Some ideas on a sociotextological theory about text norm change] . MINS 33. Stockholm: Stockholm university Dahl, H.F. (1999) Hallo - hallo! Kringkastingen i Norge 1920-1940 [Hello-Hello! Broadcasting in Norway 1920-1940]. Oslo: Cappelen

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Philosophical dialogue – towards the cultural history of the genre

References Arendt, Hannah. 1977. Life of the Mind: Thinking . San Diego, New York, London: Harcourt. Arendt, Hannah. 2005. Socrates. In Kohn, Jerome (ed.), The Promise of Politics . New York: Schocken Books. Augustine of Hippo. 1984. Selected Writings , ed. M.T. Clark. New York: Paulist Press. Bakhtin, Mikhail M. 1968. Rabelais and His World , transl. Hélène Iswolsky. Cambridge: MIT Press. Bakhtin, Mikhail M. 1986. Speech Genres and Other Late Essays , transl. Vern W. McGee. Austin: University of Texas Press. Bauman

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