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Genetic Parameters of Conformation Traits in Young Polish Holstein-Friesian Bulls

References Berry D.P., Buckley F., Dillon P., Evans R.D., Veerkamp R.F. (2004). Genetic relationships among linear type traits, milk yield, body weight, fertility and somatic cell count in primiparous dairy cows. Irish J. Agr. Food Res., 43: 161-176. Boelling D., Madsen P., Jensen J. (2001 a). Genetic parameters of foot and leg traits in future AI bulls: I. Influence of age at recording and classifier. Acta Agr. Scand. A-An., 51: 114-121. Boelling D., Madsen P., Jensen J. (2001 b). Genetic parameters of foot and

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Genetic Parameters of Interspecific Hybrids of Eucalyptus grandis and E. urophylla Seedlings and Cuttings

general and specific combining ability. Agon Journal 41: 360-367. COSTA E SILVA, J., N. M. G. BORRALHO and B. M. POTTS (2004): Additive and non-additive genetic parameters from clonally replicated and seedling progenies of Eucalyptus globulus. Theoretical and Applied genetics 108(6): 1113-1119. DE ASSIS, T. F. (2000): Production and use of Eucalyptus hybrids for industrial purposes. In: DUNGEY, H., DIETERS, M., NIKLES, D. (eds), Proceedings of the QFRI/CRC-SPF Symposium: Hybrid Breeding and Genetics of Forest Trees, 9-14 April 2000, Noosa

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Genetic Parameters for Clinical Mastitis, Fertility and Somatic Cell Score in Czech Holstein Cattle

References Alam M., Cho C.I., Choi T.J., Park B., Choi J.G., Choy Y.H., Lee S.S., Cho K.H. (2015). Estimation of genetic parameters for somatic cell scores of Holsteins using multi-trait lactation models in Korea. Asian Australas. J. Anim. Sci., 28: 303–310. Ali A.K.A., Shook G.E. (1980). An optimum transformation for somatic cell concentration in milk. J. Dairy Sci., 63: 487–490. Buch L.H., Sorensen M.K., Lassen J., Berg P., Jakobsen J.H., Johansson K., Sorensen A.C. (2011). Udder health and female fertility traits are favourably correlated and

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Genetic parameter estimates and parental selection in Eucalyptus longirostrata and Corymbia henryi populations tested in South Africa

/2001. Pietermaritzburg, Institute for Commercial Forestry Research. H arrand , L., J. J. V argas H ernandez , J. L opez U pton and G. R amirez V alverde (2009). Genetic parameters of growth traits and wood density in Eucalyptus grandis progenies planted in Argentina. Silvae Genetica 58 : 11–19. L ee , D. (2007): Relative performance of Corymbia hybrids and parental open-pollinated families in subtropical Queensland. In: Proceedings of “Eucalypts and Diversity: Balancing Productivity and Sustainability”, IUFRO Working Party 2.08.03, Durban, South Africa, 22

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Comparison of different polynomial functions in Random Regression Model for milk production traits of Iranian Holstein dairy cattle

.B., Cardoso L.L. (2011). Genetic parameters for production traits in primiparous Holstein cows estimated by random regression models. R. Bras. Zootec., 40: 85-94. Bignardi A.B., El Faro L., Cardoso V.L., Machado P.F., Albuquerque L.G.D. (2009). Random regression models to estimate test-day milk yield genetic parameters Holstein cows in Southeastern Brazil. Livest. Prod. Sci., 123: 1-7. Bohlouli M., Alijani S. (2012). Genotype by environment interaction for milk production traits in Iranian Holstein dairy cattle using random regression model

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Retrospective Evaluation of Parental Selection in Nursery Tests of Juglans regia L. Using a Mixed Model Analysis

) MULLIN, T. J., ADAMS, G.W., SIMPSON, J. D., TOSH, K. J. and GREENWOOD, M. S.: Genetic parameters and correlations in tests of open pollinated black spruce families in field and retrospective nursery test environments. Can. J. For. Res. 25: 270- 285 (1995) PATTERSON, H. D: Analysis of series of variety trials. In: Statistical methods for plant variety evaluation. KEMPTON R. A and FOX P. N. eds. Chapman and Hall. (1997) RINK, G.: Trends in genetic control of juvenile walnut height growth. Forest. Sci. 30(3): 821-827 (1984

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Wood physical properties, color, decay resistance and stiffness in Tectona grandis clones with evidence of genetic control

, K. M. (1995): A note on heartwood proportion andwood density of 8-year-old teak. Indian For 121(6): 514-517. BHAT, K. M. and E. J. FLORENCE (2003): Natural decay resistance of juvenile teak wood grown in high input plantations. Holzforschung 57: 453-455. BHAT, K. M. and E. P. INDIRA (2005): Genetic gains in wood quality attributes of clonal teak (Tectona grandis L.f.). J Timber Dev Assoc India 51(1/2): 30-36. CALLISTER, A. N. and S. L. Collins (2008): Genetic parameter estimates in a clonally replicated progeny test

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Genetic Variation in an International Provenance-Progeny Test of Pinus caribaea Mor. var. bahamensis Bar. et Gol., in São Paulo, Brazil

natural and domesticated populations of caribaean pine (Pinus caribaea Morelet). Theor. Appl. Genet. 98: 765-771. ZHENG, Y. O., R. ENNOS and H. R. WANG (1994): Provenance variation and genetic parameters in a trial of Pinus caribaea Morelet var. bahamensis and Golf. Forest Genetics 1: 165-174.

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Adaptability, stability, productivity and genetic parameters in slash pine second-generation families in early age

Agraria: Sistemas y Recursos Forestales 8 (1): 119-128. Alwala S, Kwolek T, McPherson M, Pellow J, Meyer D (2010) Comprehensive comparison between Eberhart and Russell joint regression and GGE biplot analyses to identify stable and high yielding maize hybrids. Field Crops Research 119 (2): 225-230. Available at Atwood RA, White TL, Huber D A (2002) Genetic parameters and gain for growth and wood properties in Florida source loblolly pine in the southeastern United State. Canadian Journal of Forest Research 32 (5

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Genetic Parameters of First Lactation Milk Yield and Fertility Traits in Brown Swiss Cattle

first and later lactations. Anim. Sci. Pap. Rep., 22: 205–213. Bahreini Behzadi M.R., Amini A., Aslaminejad A.A., Tahmoorespour M. (2013). Estimation of genetic parameters for production traits of Iranian Holstein dairy cattle. Livest. Res. Rural Develop., 25 Article #156. Retrieved July 16, 2013, from Boldman K.G., Kriese L.A., Van Vleck L.D., Kacman S.D. (1995). A manual for use of MTDFREML. USD-ARS, Clay Center, Nebraska, USA. Campos M.S., Wğlcox C.J., Becerrğl C.M., Dğz A. (1994). Genetic parameters for yield and

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