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Generation Alpha: Marketing or Science

References Csobánka, Zs. E. (2016). The Z generation. Acta Technologica Dubnicae, 7(2), 63-76. DOI: 10.1515/atd-2016-0012 Gábor, K. (2006). Az ifjúsági korszakváltás kezdete a kilencvenes évek Magyarországán. In K. Gábor (Ed.), Ifjúságszociológia. Szeged: Belvedere. Howe, N., & Strauss, W. (1991). Generations: The History of America’s Future, 1584 to 2069. New York: William Morrow & Company. Mannheim, K. (1969). A nemzedéki probléma. Budapest: Ifjúságszociológia. Mccrindle, M

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“Media Micro-Generations”
How New Technologies Change Our Media Morality

Introduction The concept of media generations has been widely discussed, inside as well as outside academia. The emergence of a digital media society has triggered discussions about the consequences of growing up with digital media, and a wide range of terms has been introduced: “net generation” ( Tapscott 1998 ), “digital natives” ( Prensky 2001 ), “digital generation” ( Buckingham & Willett 2006 ; Taipale 2016 ; Fortunati, Taipale & de Luca 2017 ), “web generation” ( Hartmann 2003 ), “Google generation” ( Gunter, Rowlands & Nicholas 2009 ), “igeneration

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The Z Generation

interpretation of learning in the 21st century. Retrieved from: Fehér, P., & Hornyák, J. (2011). “8 hours rest, 8 hours entertainment” - or results of the netgeneration research in 2010. Retrieved from: ˂˃ Fenyő, D. G. (2011). How do youths read nowadays? Fordulópont, 2, 13-34. Gardner, H., & Davis, K. (2013). The App Generation. New Haven: Yale University Press. Greenfield, S

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Natural Language Generation and Semantic Technologies

References 1. Bateman, J. A. Natural Language Generation: An Introduction and Open-Ended Review of the State of the Art, 2002. 2. Bateman, J. A. Enabling Technology for Multilingual Natural Language Generation: The KPML Development Environment. - Natural Language Engineering, Vol. 3, 1997, No 1, 15-55. 3. Bateman, J. A., E. Teich. Selective Information Presentation in an Integrated Publication System: An Application of Genre-Driven Text Generation. - Information Processing and Management, Vol. 31, 1995, No 5, 753-767. 4. Bateman, J., R. Kasper, J

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Leaders in focus: generational differences from a personality-centric perspective

References Allianz (2017). Millennials: Work, Life and Satisfaction. Retrieved from . Anderson, H.J., Baur, J.E., Griffith, J.A., & Buckley, M.R. (2017). What works for you may not work for (Gen) Me: Limitations of present leadership theories for the new generation. Leadership Quarterly , 28(1), 245-260. Barclays (2013). A Summary of Talking About My Generation: Exploring the Benefits Engagement Challenge. Retrieved from

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Tourism Trends Among Generation Y in Poland

:] A. Stasiak (ed.), Perspektywy i kierunki rozwoju turystyki społecznej w Polsce, WSTH in Łódź, pp. 121-140. Generation Y: Realising the potential, 2010, ACCA i Mercer Report, 32 pp. HUANG Y.-C., PETRICK J.F., 2010, Generation Y’s Travel Behaviours: a Comparison with Baby Boomers and Generation X, [in:] P. Benckendorff and others (eds), Tourism and Generation Y, CAB Internatinal, pp. 27-37. KNAPEK A., 2011, Sylwetka współczesnego młodego pielgrzyma na przykładzie 85. Pieszej Pielgrzymki Łódzkiej na Jasną Górę, BA

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in Turyzm
Entropy Generation on MHD Slip Flow Over a Stretching Cylinder with Heat Generation/Absorption

from a permeable cylinder in a porous medium with magnetic field and heat generation=absorption effects . – Numer. Heat Transfer, Part A., vol.40, pp.387–401. [9] Saeid N.H. (2006): Analysis of free convection about a horizontal cylinder in a porous media using a thermal non-equilibrium model . – Int. Commu. Heat MassTrans., vol.33, pp.158–165. [10] Nguyen H.D., Paik S. and Douglass R.W. (1996): Unsteady mixed convection about a rotating circular cylinder with small fluctuations in the free-stream velocity . – Int. J. Heat Mass Transfer, vol.39, pp.511

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A Processual Concept of Media Generation
The Media-Generational Positioning of Elderly People

Introduction Especially when holding qualitative interviews on media appropriation and communicative networking with elderly people, one repeatedly comes across comments like ‘in my generation…’ or ‘in our generation…’. This is followed by statements concerning the media contents said to be preferred by certain age groups or one’s attitude with regard to specific media. Analysing such interviews in a comparative perspective, it becomes apparent that although the individual references made within an age group may well be identical, the concretely appropriated

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Regression Analysis for Transport Trip Generation Evaluation

References [1] J. D. Ortuzar and L. G. Willumsen. Modelling Transport, Fourth Edition, 2011, John Wiley & Sons. [2] The Institute of Transportation Engineers, Trip Generation Handbook, 2nd ed. An ITE Recommended Practice, 2004. [3] J. Rhee, Improvement of Trip Generation Forecast with Category Analysis in Seoul metropolitan area. Conference on the Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies. 2003, Fukuoka, Japan. October 2003. [4] J. Gonzalez-Feliu and F. Toilier and J.L. Routhier

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Code Generation from UML Model: State of the Art and Practical Implications

References [1] UML Unified Modeling Language Specification, OMG document , [Online]. Available: [Accessed: Sept. 23, 2012] [2] Sejans J., Nikiforova O. Practical Experiments with Code Generation from the UML Class Diagram, Proceedings of MDA&MDSD 2011, 3rd International Workshop on Model Driven Architecture and Modeling Driven Software Development In conjunction with the 6th International Conference on Evaluation of Novel Approaches to Software Engineering, Osis J., Nikiforova O. (Eds.), Beijing

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