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Smoking cessation and gender differences – results from a Swedish sample

university. SoRAD. Sohlberg, T & Wennberg, P (2014). Developmental pathways to smoking cessation. Drugs and Alcohol Today, 14 (2), 96–106. Statistics Sweden [SCB] (2004). Bruk och missbruk. Vanor och ovanor. Hälsorelaterade levnadsvanor 1980–2002 [Healthrelated habits of life]. Report no 105. Örebro: SCB-tryck. Waldron, I (1991). Patterns and Causes of Gender Differences in Smoking. Social Sience and Medicine, 32 (9), 989–1005. Wennberg, P., Svensson, J. & Ramstedt. M (2011). The effects of missing data when surveying alcohol habits. Nordic

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Novel Findings on Gender Differences in Self- Disclosure: The Sharing of Personal Information in Japanese Students’ Close Friendships

York: Routledge. Collins, Nancy L. and Lynn Carol Miller. 1994. “Self-disclosure and Liking: A Meta-analytic Review.” Psychological Bulletin, 116 (3), pp. 457-475. Darling-Wolf, Fabienne. 2004. “Women and New Men: Negotiating Masculinity in the Japanese Media.” The Communication Review, 7 (3), pp. 285-303. Daubman, Kimberly A. and Harold Sigall. 1997. “Gender Differences in Perceptions of How Others are Affected by Self-disclosure of Achievement.” Sex Roles, 37 (1-2), pp. 73-89. Derlega, Valerian J

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Gender Differences in Motivation and Teacher Performance in Core Functions in Kenyan Secondary Schools

-449. Ogheneakoke, C. (2015). Gender Difference among Social Studies Teachers' Competences in the Use of the Inquiry Method in South-South Nigeria. Journal of Education and Practice, 6(23), 48-51. Skaalvik, E. M., & Skaalvik, S. (2014). Teacher Self-Efficacy and Perceived Autonomy: Relations with Teacher Engagement, Job Satisfaction, and Emotional Exhaustion. Psychological Reports, 114(1), 68-77. Yewah, C.O. (2015). Institutional Factors Influencing Quality Training in Technical, Vocational and Entrepreneurship Training in Siaya Sub-County. Region

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Gender Differences in Prosodic Characteristics of Speech in the Task of Serial Subtracting of Sevens

References 1. Kelly SJ, Ostrowski NL, Wilson MA. Gender differences in brain and behavior: hormonal and neural bases. Pharmacol Biochem Behav 1999; 64(4): 655-64. 2. Gasbarri A, Pompili A, Arnone B et al. Sex steroid hormone estrogen and cognition. Neurobiologia 2011; 74(2): 121-38. 3. Kimura D. Sex differences in the brain. Sci Am 1992; 263(3): 119 -25. 4. Joseph R. The evolution of sex differences in language, sexuality, and visual

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Gender Differences in Kidney Transplantation – 10-Year Retrospective Study

Nephrology: JASN 2002; 13: 2570–2576. 16. Panajotopoulos N, Ianhez LE, Neumann J, Sabbaga E, Kalil J. Immunological tolerance in human transplantation. The possible existence of a maternal effect. Transplantation 1990; 50: 443–445. 17. Puoti F, Ricci A, Nanni-Costa A, Ricciardi W, Malorni W, Ortona E. Organ transplantation and gender differences: a paradigmatic example of intertwining between biological and sociocultural determinants. Biology of Sex Differences 2016. 18. Tan JC, Kim JP, Chertow GM, Grumet FC, Desai M. Donor-recipient sex mismatch in

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Gender Differences and Consumer Behavior of Millennials

References AUDRAIN-PONTEVIA, ANNE-FRANÇOISE, VANHUELE, MARC (2016), “Where do customer loyalties really lie, and why? Gender differences in store loyalty”. International Journal of Retail & Distribution Management, Vol. 44, No. 8, 2016, pp. 799-813. © Emerald Group Publishing Limited 0959-0552, DOI 10.1108/IJRDM-01-2016-0002 BAUMEISTER, F. ROY, SOMMER, L. KRISTIN (1997), “What do men want? Gender differences and two spheres of belongingness: comment on Cross and Madson”. Psychological Bulletin, July, 122(1): 38-44; discussion

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Does Finnish Educational Equality Extend to Children of Immigrants?

References Abada, T & Tenkorang, EY 2009, ‘Gender differences in educational attainment among the children of Canadian immigrants’, International Sociology, vol. 24, no. 4, pp. 580-608, DOI:10.1177/0268580909334503. Alitolppa-Niitamo, A 2004, The icebreakers: Somali-speaking youth in metropolitan Helsinki with a focus on the context of formal education, The Family Federation of Finland, Helsinki. Bauer, P & Riphahn, RT 2007, ‘Heterogeneity in the intergenerational transmission of

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Contribution of Peripheral and Central Fatigue in Different Conditions (Gender and Time of Day Differences)

menstrual cycle and sport performance. Clin Sports Med. 2005. 24:51-82. Chen XY, Chen L, Wolpaw JR and Jakman LB. Corticospinal tract transaction reduces H-reflex circadian rhythm in rats. Brain research, 2002. 942(1-2): p101-108. Darleen A, Sandoval S, Katheleen S. Gender differences in the endocrine and metabolic responses to hypoxic exercise. Appl Physiol 2002. 92: 504-512. Davis, SN, Galassett P, Wasserman DH, and Tate D. Effects of gender on neuroendocrine and metabolic counter regulatory

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Gender differences in depressive symptoms in Thai adolescents

References 1. BMA Board of Science . Child and adolescent mental health: A guide for healthcare professionals. British Medical Association. 2006. 2. Lewinsohn PM, Hops H, Roberts RE, Seeley JR, Andrews JA. Adolescent psychopathology: I. Prevalence and incidence of depression and other DSM-III-R disorders in high school students. J Abnorm Psychol. 1993; 102:133-44. 3. Trangkasombat U. Gender differences in mental health problems in early adolescence. Book of Abstracts, 9th World Congress of Biological Psychiatry

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Gender Differences in Health Care Utilization Among the Elderly

Africa. Glob Health Action 2014; 7:25314. 7. Srakar A, Hren R, Prevolnik Rupel V. Health Services Utilization in Older Europeans: an Empirical Study. Organizacija 2016 49 (2) 127-136. 8. Sobot А. Demographic framework of gender inequality and quality of life in old age. Gerontology, 2011; 38(1):30-50. 9. European Health Interview Survey wave 2 – Conceptual Guidelines and Instructions, Eurostat, 2012. 10. Ladwig KH, Marten-Mittag B, Formanek B, Dammann G. Gender differences of symptom reporting and medical health care utilization in the German

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