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Faith, Ethics and Religious Norms in a Globalized Environment: Freedom of Religion as a Challenge to the Regulation of Islamic Finance in Europe

References Ainley, Michael, Ali Mashayeki, Robert Hicks, Arshadur Rahman, and Ali Ravalia. Islamic Finance in the UK: Regulation and Challenges. 1 st ed. London: Financial Services Authority, 2007. Al-Rifal, Tariq, and Aamir Khan. "The Role of Venture Capital in Contemporary Islamic Finance." (2000) // Beam, Tony. "Freedom of Religion Is More Than Freedom to Worship." The Christian Post (July 21, 2010) // http

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Powers of the President in the Romanian Semi-Presidential System. Critical Features


In Romania, a semi-presidential system characterized by an exaltation of the powers of the President of the Republic, there would be critical observations to be reported in relation to this institution. More precisely, it refers to the constitutional provisions which weaken the President among the political institutions and could also lead to different interpretations. First of all, the paper examines the President as popularly elected body but that does not reflect fully the will of the nation. Secondly, its oath violated the freedom of religion and if the wording will not be changed, will continue to constitute a discrimination against other non Orthodox President that could be elected. Moreover, the Romanian legal system is characterized by an independence of the President in its relationship with the Parliament but on the one hand, that does not mean that the President is more powerful in the event of dissolution of the Parliament and the other hand, the Parliament is completely independent in determining its competences in relations with the office of the Presidency.

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Is The Principle Of Magna Carta Regarding Religious Liberties Applied In Macedonia?


Human rights were analyzed and described in many writings from older times. If we consider their fame and historical value, most important ones are: Great Charter of Freedoms (Magna Carta Libertatum) of 1215, the Law on Rights (Bill of Rights) of 1689, the Declaration of Independence of the United States of America (1776) and the Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen (1789).

In Chapter 1 of Magna Carta was described the freedom of religion – it established the freedom of the English church from state interference.

Today, implementation of this principle, challenges the communities to examine the part they might play in the development of a liberal democracy and to be part of the solution rather than part of the problem in internal and international relations.

The restitution of the expropriated congregational properties – concretely of the Islamic Community of Macedonia remains open and can reflect the level of respect of human rights in general and religious and property rights in particular.

The aim of this paper is to bring some facts on actual situation regarding the implementation of religious and related rights and discuss the way this principle has found its implementation in Macedonian legislations.

Also this paper will seek to identify the problems that occur regarding these rights.

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Nationalistic, Religious and Civil Components of Identity in Post-Soviet Georgia

”. 2006. Values of Georgian Society. Reports, Analysis, Recommendations 7. Tbilisi. Papuashvili S. 4/25/2008. State of freedom of religion in Georgia since the adoption of Constitutional Agreement between Government and the Orthodox Church of Georgia . Religious freedom report Human Rights Centre (HRIDC). Putnam R. D., Leonardi R., Nanetti R. 1993. Making Democracy Work: Civic Traditions in Modern Italy . Princeton: Princeton University Press. Robinson, J. M., White, G. 1997. The Role of Civic Organizations in Service Provision: Towards Synergy. Research

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Religion and Cultural Integration

-122. Ministeriet for Flygtninge, Indvandrere og Integration 2005, Årbog om udlændinge i Danmark 2005-Status og udvikling, Ministeriet for Flygtninge, Indvandrere og Integration, Copenhagen. Ministeriet for Flygtninge, Indvandrere og Integration 2009, Tal og fakta - Udlændinges tilknytning til arbejdsmarkedet og uddannelsessystemet, Ministeriet for Flygtninge, Indvandrere og Integration, Copenhagen. Ministry of Ecclesiastical Affairs. Available from:

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Religion and culture in Europe: law, policies and realities

and religious support for ICD ( Figel, 2007 ). Following an ombudsman’s report on the complaint about unwarranted religious privilege in the European Humanist Federation (EHF) in 2011, the Council of Foreign Affairs published guidelines on the promotion and protection of freedom of religion, or belief, in EU external relations. These include reference to the freedom from religion and the freedom to change religion and an explicit statement as to the secular neutrality of the European Parliament and, by implication, the EU itself. The idea of secular neutrality is

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Cultural Identities in Sustaining Religious Communities in the Arctic Region: An Ethnographic Analysis of Religiosity from the Northern Viewpoint

. 2016. The Determinants of Sustainable Entrepreneurship of Immigrants in Lap-land: An Analysis of Theoretical Factors. – Entrepreneur Business and Economic Review 4 (1): 129–159. DOI: . Zhang, Y.; A. Baral and B. R. Bakshi. 2010. Accounting for Ecosystem Services in Life Cycle Assessment II: Toward an Ecologically Based LCA. – Environmental Science & Technology 44 (7): 2624–2631. DOI: . Zoethout, Carla M. 2013. Ritual Slaughter and the Freedom of Religion: Some Reflections on

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Turning Religious Values into Law Through the Language of Human Rights: Legal Ethics and the Right to Life Under the European Convention on Human Rights

:// Kass, Leon R. Toward a More Natural Science-Biology and Human Affairs. 1 st ed. New York: The Free Press, 1985. Kirchner, Stefan. "Abortion and the Right to Life under Article 2 of the European Convention on Human Rights?": 198-211. In: Asifa Begum, ed. Medical Treatment and Law. Hyderabad: Icfai University Press, 2010. Kirchner, Stefan. "Faith, Ethics and Religious Norms in a Globalized Environment: Freedom of Religion as a Challenge to the Regulation of

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Implications of Lived and Packaged Religions for Intercultural Dialogue to Reduce Conflict and Terror

Protestants in superdiversity: views from the 2016 Census’ Journal for the Academic Study of Religion 30 129 143 Bouma, G, Cahill, D, Dellal, H & Zwarts, A. 2011. Freedom of religion and belief , Australian Human Rights Commission, Sydney. Bouma G Cahill D Dellal H. Zwarts A. 2011 Freedom of religion and belief Australian Human Rights Commission Sydney Bouma, G & Dixon, D. 1986. The religious factor in Australian Life , Melbourne: MARC. Bouma G. Dixon D. 1986 The religious factor in Australian Life Melbourne MARC Brubaker, R. 2013. ‘Language, religion and the

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Fundamental Rights in Early American Case Law: 1789-1859

of Toledo , 1 Ohio St. 622 (1853). access to the courts (5); Corfield , 4 Wash C.C. 371; Robb, 15 Ohio 689 (1846); Heighway , 15 Ohio 735 (1846); Phelps , 9 Wis. 70 (1859); Evans , 1 Ohio St. 437(1853). the right to a trial by jury (4); Frost v. Brown, 2 Bay 133 (1798); Zylstra , 1 Bay 382 (S.C. 1794); Green , 21 U.S. 1 (1823); Barker , 3 Cow. 686 (1824). the right to vote (3); Corfield , 4 Wash C.C. 371; Barker , 3 Cow. 686 (1824); Evans , 1 Ohio St. 437 (1853). freedom of religion (1); Barker , 3 Cow. 686 (1824). the right to petition for redress of

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