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References BÄRWOLF M., 2006: Soil properties. In: Measurements of Max Planck Inst. fűr Biogeochemistry at the Tatra windthrow sites. Jena, CD-ROM. BRAKENSIEK D. L., RAWLS W. J. and STEPHENSON G. R., 1986: Determining the saturated hydraulic conductivity of soil containing rock fragments. Soil Sci. Soc. Am. J., 50 , 834-835. BROUWER J., ANDERSON H., 2000: Water holding capacity of ironstone gravel in a typic Phlintoxeralf in Souteast Australia. Soil Sci. Soc. Amer. J., 64 , 1603-1608. COILE T. S., 1953: Moisture content of small stone in soils. Soil Science, 75

6 Musicalia 1–2 / 2018 Musicalia 1–2 / 2018, 6–29 DOI 10.1515/muscz-2018-0001 Medieval Organ Tablature on a Manuscript Fragment from the National Museum Library 1) BROM, Vlastimil et al.: Rukopisné zlomky Knihovny Národního muzea. Signatury 1 D, 1 E a  1 G (Manuscript Fragments of the National Museum Library. Shelf Marks 1 D, 1 E, and 1 G), National Museum, Prague 2016, p. 64. Martin Horyna Abstract: The manuscript fragment in the collection of the National Museum Library in Prague under shelf mark 1 D a 3/52 is a sheet of paper with writing on both sides

THEATRICAL COLLOQUIA 8 DOI number: 10.2478/tco-2020-0001 Sorana Țopa – Journal Pages Anca Doina CIOBOTARU Elena Carmen ANTOCHI Abstract: Sorana Ţopa’s Journal, whose manuscript was donated by Mrs. Lucreţia Angheluţă to “George Enescu” National University of Arts, is not just an unsettling testimony of the qualms that marked the actress’ life, but also an essayistic guide, which can lead us to ourselves. The fragments we have chosen – dated October 31st 1971, November 5th 1971, November 9th 1971 and November 14th 1971 – help us understand

containing rock fragments. Soil Sci. Soc. Am. J., 50, 834–835. Buchter, B., Hinz, C., Flühler, H., 1994. Sample size for determination of coarse fragment content in a stony soil. Geoderma, 63, 265–275. Coppola, A., Dragonetti, G., Comegna, A., Lamaddalena, N., Caushi, B., Haikal, M.A., Basile, A., 2013. Measuring and modeling water content in stony soils. Soil & Tillage Research, 128, 9–22. EN ISO 11274:2014. Soil quality – Determination of the waterretention characteristic – Laboratory methods (ISO 11274:1998+Cor. 1:2009). European Committee for Standardization, CEN

the manuscript Journal, fragments through which one can better see Sorana Ţopa’s personality, her reflexive abilities, her capacity to scan the relation human – destiny – era. With the hope that, one day, the Journal will be published in its entirety, we hence begin a project of restitutio in integrum – which we find both natural and necessary in a time when values are being overthrown and those who strive to start an artistic (or other type of) career feel the increasingly inequitable fight with the pressures of the socio- economic system. Reading these

continuous forest, forest fragments and in an agricultural mosaic habitat-island at Los Tuxtlas, Mexico. Biological Conservation 103: 237–245. DOI 10.1016/S0006-3207(01)00135-5. Ethier K., Fahrig L. 2011. Positive effects of forest fragmentation, independent of forest amount, on bat abundance in eastern Ontario, canada. Landscape Ecology 26: 865–876. DOI 10.1007/s10980-011-9614-2. Fuszara M., Cygan J. P. 1994. Nowe stanowisko nocka Bechsteina, Myotis bechsteini (Kuhl, 1818) w centralnej Polsce. Przegląd Zoologiczny 38: 335–337. Fuszara M., Kowalski M. 2009. Nocek

patches. Landscape and Urban Planning 85, 71–78. Kiviniemi, K., Eriksson, O., 2002: Size-related deterioration of semi-natural grassland fragments in Sweden. Diversity and Distributions 8, 21–29. Kiviniemi, K., 2008: Effects of fragment size and isolation on the occurrence of four short-lived plants in semi-natural grasslands. Acta Oecologica 33, 56–65. Kollmann, J., Schneider, B., 1999: Landscape structure and diversity of fleshy-fruited species at forest edges. Plant Ecology 144, 37–48. Krauss, J., Klein, A.M., Dewenter, I.S., Tscharntke, T., 2004: Effects of habitat

References Anderson J., Rowcliffe J.M., Cowlishaw G. 2007. Does the matrix matter? A forest primate in a complex agricultural landscape. Biological Conservation 135: 212–222 DOI 10.1016/j.biocon.2006.10.022. Antongiovanni M., Metzger J.P. 2005. Influence of matrix habitats on the occurrence of insectivorous bird species in Amazonian forest fragments. Biological Conservation 122: 441–451. DOI 10.1016/j.biocon.2004.09.005. Arroyo-Rodríguez V., González-Perez I.M., Garmendia A., Solá M., Estrada A. 2013. The relative impact of forest patch and landscape

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for biodiversity monitoring in agricultural landscapes. Landscape Ecology , 22: 461-473. Bailey, D., Schmidt-Entling, M. H., Eberhardt, P., Herrmann, J., Hofer, G., Kormann, U. & Herzog, F. (2010). Effects of habitat amount and isolation on biodiversity in fragmented traditional orchards. Journal of Applied Ecology (in press). Baskent, E. Z., Jordan, G. A. (1995). Characterizing spatial structure of forest landscapes. Canadian Journal of Forest Research , 25: 1830-1849. Bélisle, M., Desrochers, A. (2002). Gap-crossing decisions by forest birds: An empirical