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espaçamento de plantio e suas implicações silviculturais). – IPEF, 1(3), 1–16. Bi, H., Turner, J. 1994. Long-term effects of superphosphate fertilization on stem form, taper and stem volume estimation of Pinus radiata . – Forest Ecology and Management, 70(1–3), 285–297. Burkhart, H.E., Tomé, M. 2012. Modeling Forest Trees and Stands. Dordrecht, Springer. 457 pp. Cao, F., Fang, S., Lu, S., Xu, X., Tang, L. 1994. Principles and practice of intensive culture for Populus clone. – Journal of Nanjing Forestry University, 18(3), 77–81. Cheng, Z. 1995. Studies on flooded

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40 41Form and Function / Vol. 7, No. 2, 2015 / GfK MIR Beyond Aesthetics: Seeing Form and Believing in Function JoAndrea Hoegg The design of products has risen from being a mere after- thought in product development to a key driver of success. Good design is primarily associated with aesthetics, beauty and sensory pleasure. Good design charges products with positive emotions and makes them more successful than those that rely on functional superiority only. But apart from the emotional aspect of design, form does also communicate how well a thing might

of Computational Physics, vol. 153, pp. 403-417, 1999. 8. L. Bonaventura, R. Redler, and R. Budich, Earth System Modelling 2: Algorithms, Code Infrastructure and Optimisation. New York: Springer Verlag, 2012. 9. L. Bonaventura and R. Ferretti, Semi-Lagrangian methods for parabolic problems in divergence form., SIAM Journal of Scientific Computing, vol. 36, pp. A2458 - A2477, 2014. 10. B. Leonard, A. Lock, and M. MacVean, Conservative explicit unrestricted-time-step multidimensional constancy-preserving advection schemes., Monthly Weather Review, vol. 124, pp. 2588

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