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Forest Litter Interception Model for a Sessile Oak Forest

szamitasok. [Hydrological calculation] Linograf Kft. Godollő. (in Hungarian) KOTROCZO, Zs. -VERES, Zs. -FEKETE, I. -PAPP, M. -TOTH, J.A. (2012): Effects of Climate Change on Litter Production in a Quercetum petraeae-cerris. Acta Silvatica et Lignaria Hungarica 8: 31-38. KUCSARA M. (1996): Csapadek es lefolyas erdeszeti kisvizgyűjtőn. [Precipitation and runoff in forested catchment] Doktori ertekezes, Sopron. (in Hungarian) LEE, R. (1980): Forest Hydrology. Columbia University Press, New York. LEONARD, R

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Effect of deforestation on watershed water balance: hydrological modelling-based approach / Vplyv odlesnenia na vodnú bilanciu povodia: prístup na báze hydrologického modelovania

Facts? Bangkok. Henry, N., 1998: Overview of the Caspar Creek watershed study. In: Ziemer, R. R., technical coordinator. Proceedings of the conference on coastal watersheds: the Caspar Creek story, 1998 May 6; Ukiah, CA. General Tech. Rep. PSW GTR-168. Albany, CA: Pacific Southwest Research Station, Forest Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture, p. 1-9. Hewlett, J. D., 1982: Principles of Forest Hydrology. The University of Georgia Press, Athens, 183 p. Hlavčová, K., Horvát, O., Szolgay, J., Danko, M., Kohnová, S., 2007

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Hydrological properties of bark of selected forest tree species. Part 2: Interspecific variability of bark water storage capacity

. Pinard M.A., Huffman J. 1997. Fire resistance and bark properties of trees in a seasonally dry forest in eastern Bolivia. Journal of Tropical Ecology, 13 (5), 727-740. Pypker T.G., Levia D.F., Staelens J., Van Stan J.T. 2011. Canopy structure in relation hydrological and biogeochemical fluxes. Forest Hydrology and Biogeochemistry, Ecological Studies, 216 (4), 371-388. Quilhó T., Pereira H., Richter H.G. 2000. Within-tree variation in phloem cell dimensions and proportions in Eucalyptus globulus. IAWA Journal, 21 (1), 31

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Spatio-temporal variation of throughfall in a hyrcanian plain forest stand in Northern Iran

., 1987. The effect of different types of forest management on the transformation of rainfall energy by the canopy in relation to soil erosion. In: Proc. Vancouver Symposium Forest Hydrology and Watershed Management. IAHS Press, Wallingford, pp. 213-222. Brecciaroli, G., Cocco, S., Agnelli, A., Courchesne, F., Corti, G., 2012. From rainfall to throughfall in a maritime vineyard. Sci. Total Environ., 438, 174-188. DOI: 10.1016/j.scitotenv.2012.08.044. Bruijnzeel, L.A., 2005. Tropical montane cloud forest: a unique hydrological case. In

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Premises for the construction of balance equations of water losses in mountain forest soils

References Chang M., 2003. Forest hydrology: an introduction to water and forests. Boca Raton, London, New York, CRC Press. Czarnowski M. S., 1978. Zarys ekologii roślin lαdowych. (Outline of terrestrial plants ecology). Warszawa, PWN. Homa A., 2003. Retencja opadu w ściółce leśnej w karpackiej zlewni badawczej potoku Trzebuńki. Kraków, PKrak. maszyn. Johnson R., 1998. The forest cycle and low river flows: a review of UK and international studies. Forest

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Premises for the construction of balance equations of water reserves in the saturation zone of forest soil

radiation transmission formula within spruce tree stand. Proc. 6th National Conf. Applications of Mathematics in Biology and Medicine, Zawoja, Poland, September 12-15, 2000: 132-137. Urie D. H., 1967. Influence of forest cover on ground-water recharge, timing and use. Intern. Symp. Forest Hydrology. Eds W. E. Sopper H. W. Lull. Oxford, Pergamonn Press: 313-324.

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Technical solutions for water damming structures in forest streams

References Bojarski A., Jeleński J., Jelonek M., Litewka T., Wyżga B., Zalewski J., 2005. Zasady dobrej praktyki w utrzymaniu rzek i potoków górskich. (Principles of good practice in maintaining rivers and mountain streams) Warszawa, Min. Srod. Chang M., 2005. Forest hydrology. An introduction to water and forest. New York, Wydaw. Taylor & Francis. Ciepielowski A., Włodarczyk A., 2004. Budowle wodne na obszarach chronionych. (Water constructions in protected areas). Acta Sci. Polon

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Changes in runoff as an indicative measure of water retention status in the Białowie˝a Primeval Forest

zlewni w północno-wschodniej Polsce. Gospodarka Wodna , 4, 107- 110. Lull H.W., Sopper W.E. 1965. Prediction of overage annual and seasonal streamflow of physiographic units in the northeast. International symposium on forest hydrology, Pennsylvania. Maciaszek W. 1998. Soil as a natural water reservoir. International Scientific Conference „Forest and Water”, Cracow, 25- 29 May, 290- 299. Majer A. 2004. Zmiany w siedliskach hydrogenicznych w ocenie Biura Urządzania Lasu i Geodezji Leśnej. Seminarium „Zagrożenia leśnych

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Hydrological Impacts of Various Land Cover Types in the Context of Climate Change for Zala County

. M. - PFISTER, L. (2009): Analytical derivation of the Budyko curve based on rainfall characteristics and a simple evaporation model. Water Resources Research 45:4. HEWLETT, J. D. (1982): Principles of forest hydrology. The University of Georgia Press, Athens KEVE, G. - NOVAKY, B. (2010): Klimavaltozas hatasanak vizsgalata a Bacsbokodi-Kigyos csatorna vizgyűjtőjen Budyko modell alkalmazasaval. [Effects of climate change in the catchment of Bacsbodoki-Kigyos channel by using Budyko-model.] XXVIII. National Conference of Hungarian

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Rainfall parameters affect canopy storage capacity under controlled conditions

, interception and splash induced erosion, ultimately for forest management and water resources. Plant Ecology, 153: 203-214. DOI: 10.1007/978-94-017-3606-0_16. Calder I. R., Hall R. L., Rosier P. T. W., Bastable H. G., Prasanna K. T. 1996. Dependence of rainfall interception on drops size: 2. Experimental determination of the wetting functions and two-layer stochastic model parameters for five tropical tree species. Journal of Hydrology, 185: 379-388. DOI: 10.1016/0022-1694(95)02999-0. Chang M. 2003. Forest Hydrology: an introduction to water

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