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High-strength flowable mortar reinforced by steel fiber

flowable mortar using concepts of particle and fluid mechanics. Cem. & Conc. Comp.; 30, 2008, pp.1-12. Khayat, KH, Morin, R.: Performance of self-consolidating concrete used to repair parapet wall in Montreal. Proceedings of the first North American conference on the design and use of self-consolidating concrete, 2002, pp 475-481. Markovic, I, Walraven, J.C & Van, M. J.: Self compacting hybrid fiber concrete-mix design, workability and mechanical properties. Proceedings of third international symposium on self

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Static and Dynamic Responses of a Reinforced Concrete Beam Strengthened with Steel and Polypropylene Fibers

) Influence of concrete strength on crack development of SFRC members. Cement and Concrete Composites, Vol. 45, pp. 176-185. Dawood, E. T. – Ramli, M. (2010) Development of high strength flowable mortar with hybrid fiber . Construction and Building Materials, Vol. 6, pp. 1043-1050. Kim, D.J. – Park, S. H. – Ryu, G. S. – Koh, K. T. (2011) Comparative flexural behavior of hybrid ultra-high performance FRC with different micro fibers , Construction and Building Materials, Vol. 25(11), pp. 4144-4155. Yang, K. H. (2011) Tests on concrete reinforced with

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Influence of Hybrid Fibers on Toughness Behavior of High Strength Flowing Concrete

References 1. F. Burak, S. Turkel & Y. Altuntas, Hybird fibers reinforced self-compacting concrete with high-volume coarse fly ash, Const. & Build. Mater. 21, 150-156, 2007. 2. F. Burak, S. Turkel & Y. Altuntas, Effects of steel fibers reinforcement on surface wear resistance on self compacting repair mortar, Cem. & Conc. Comp. 29, 391-396, 2007. 3. L. Gang, K. Wang & T.J. Rudolphi, Modeling reheological behavior of highly flowable mortar using concepts of particle and fluid mechanics, Cem. & Conc. Comp. 30, 1

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