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The presented paper deals with determining the influence of the flow rate of oxidising atmosphere on the flame spread along the surface of the organic settled dust layer. We determined the rate of the flame spread on the surface of the organic settled dust layer (whole grain rye and spelt flour) with absolute moisture of 10 % wt., for the flow rates of oxidising atmosphere 1, 3, 5 and 10 cm/s. Pure oxygen was used as an oxidising atmosphere. The obtained results suggest that there exists a power relationship of the flame spread rate along the surface of organic settled dust layer to the flow rate of the oxidising mixture. The method described is suitable for the relative comparison of the organic settled dust layer from the point of its ability to spread the flame and the influence of the air flow rate on this process.

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Analytical Solution for Transient Hydraulic Head, Flow Rate and Volumetric Exchange in an Aquifer Under Recharge Condition

This paper presents closed form solution for unsteady flow equation corresponding to the transient hydraulic head, flow rate and volumetric exchange of a confined aquifer which is in contact with a constant piezometric head at one end and a stream whose water level is rising at a constant rate at the other end. The aquifer is also subjected to receive constant inflow due to rain infiltration. The unsteady groundwater flow equation is solved using Laplace transform to get analytical expressions for the transient hydraulic head and flow rate at the left and right interfaces and the net volumetric exchange of water at the aquifer-stream interface. The analytical results presented here show the effect of recharge due to rain infiltration on the net volumetric exchange and reveal the conditions for which net inflow in the aquifer could be positive, negative or zero. The results obtained have the capability to determine transient hydraulic head for two extreme scenarios: (i) very slow rise and (ii) very fast rise in the stream water. Analytical result show that the net volumetric exchange could be positive, zero or negative depending on the surface infiltration and stream water rise rate.

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