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Using a graph grammar system in the finite element method

element method, SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics 66(6): 2085-2106. Pardo, D., Demkowicz, L., Torres-Verd´ın, C. and Paszynski, M. (2007). A self-adaptive goal-oriented hp-finite element method with electromagnetic applications, Part II: Electrodynamics, Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering 196(37): 3585-3597. Pardo, D., Torres-Verd´ın, C. and Paszynski, M. (2008). Simulations of 3d DC borehole resistivity measurements with a goal-oriented hp finite-element method, Part II: Through-casing resistivity instruments

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Practical Aspects of Finite Element Method Applications in Dentistry

References 1. Stomatološki fakultet. Stomatološki materijali knjiga 2: Beograd; 2012. 2. Ming-Lun Hsu, Chih-Ling Chang, Application of Finite Element Analysis in Dentistry, Finite Element Analysis, ed. David Moratal, 2010. 3. Geng J, Yan W, Xu W (Eds.). Application of the Finite Element Method in Implant Dentistry, ISBN: 978-3-540- 73763-6, Springer, 2008. 4. Duygu Koc, Arife Dogan, and Bulent Bek, Bite Force and Influential Factors on Bite Force Measurements: A Literature Review. Eur J Dent

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Application of Extended Finite Element Method to Cracked Concrete Elements – Numerical Aspects

. Belytschko, J. Fish, B.E. Englemann, A finite element method with embedded localization zones, Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering, 70 (1), 59-89, 1988. 8. M. Jirasek, Comparative study on finite element with embedded discontinuities, Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering, 188 (1-3), 307-330, 2000. 9. T. Belytschko, N. Möes, S. Usui, C. Parimi, Arbitrary discontinuities in finite elements, International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering, 50 (4), 993-1013, 2001. 10. A. Simone, L

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Using The Finite Element Method In Teaching Students About The Phenomena Occurring At The Flow Of Methane Gas Through Pipes And Faucets

REFERENCES 1. Oleksik V., Pascu A., Proiectarea optimala a masinilor si utilajelor , Editura Universitatii “Lucian Blaga” din Sibiu, 2007 2. Constantin, L.-V., Dinica L., Eficienţa utilizării TIC ăn procesul instructiv-educativ , Conferinţa Naţională de ănvăţământ Virtual, ediţia a IV-a, 2006, p. 297 3. Johnson, C., Adaptive finite element methods for conservation laws , in Lecture Notes in Mathematics, 1998, Volume 1697/1998, p. 269-323 4. Robles, V.R., Static and Dynamic Analysis of a Piping System, Master Thesis, University of Puerto Rico, 2009 5

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Vibrations And Deformations Of Moderately Thick Plates In Stochastic Finite Element Method

REFERENCES [1] LIU, W.K., BELYTSCHKO, T., MANI, A. Random field finite elements, Int. J. Num. Meth. Eng. , 1986, Vol. 23, Issue 10, pp. 1831-1845 (15 p). ISSN 1097-0207 [2] KLEIBER, M., HIEN, T.D. The Stochastic Finite Element Method . Wiley, 1992. ISBN 047193626X. 322 p. [3] GRZYWIŃSKI, M., HIEN, T.D. Stochastic dynamic analysis of truss-beam system sensitivity. Measurement Automation and Monitoring, 2009, Vol. 6, pp. 330-333 (4 p). ISSN 0032-4140. [4] GRZYWIŃSKI, M., HIEN, T.D. Some computational aspect in state-of-art structural

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Dynamic Analysis of Overhead Power Lines after Ice–Shedding Using Finite Element Method

–4 September, 2012, 2012. [13] MURÍN, J.—HRABOVSKÝ, J.—GOGOLA, R.—GÁLIK, G. : Modal Analysis of the Power Lines by Finite Element Methods, rev. EE časopis pre elektrotechniku, elektroenergetiku, informačné a komunikačné technológie (2014), Trenčín. [14] FECKO, Š.—REVÁKOVÁ, D.—VARGA, L.—LAGO, J.—ILENIN, S. : Vonkajšie elektrické vedenia, Renesans, s.r.o., Bratislava, 2010. [15] BINDZÁR, M. : Stavová rovnica — výpočet montážnych tabuliek, Bratislava, 2015. [16] FECKO, Š. et al : Elektrické siete: Vonkajšie silové vedenia, STU v Bratislave, Bratislava

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Numerical Effectiveness of Different Formulations of the Rigid Finite Element Method

References Adamiec-Wójcik I. and Brzozowska L. (2013): Homogenous transformations in dynamics of off-shore slender structures. - Dynamical Systems Theory, Łódź: Press of Łódź University of Technology, pp.307-316. Adamiec-Wójcik I., Brzozowska L. and Wojciech S. (2013): Modification of the rigid finite element method in modeling dynamics of lines and ropes. - The Archive of Mechanical Engineering, vol.LX, No.3, pp.409-429. Adamiec-Wójcik I., Wittbrodt E. and Wojciech S. (2012): Rigid finite element in modelling

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Parallel Computation on Multicore Processors Using Explicit Form of the Finite Element Method and C++ Standard Libraries

. [5] E. Agafonov. Multithreading in C# 5.0 Cookbook. Packt Publishing, 2013. [6] S. R. Wu, L. Gu: Introduction to the Explicit Finite Element Method for Nonlinear Transient Dynamics. Wiley, 2012. [7] V. Rek, I. Němec: Parallel Computing Procedure for Dynamic Relaxation Method on GPU Using NVIDIA’s CUDA. Switzerland, Trans Tech Publications. Applied Mechanics and Materials, 2016, 821, 331-337. [8] S. Prata. C Primer Plus, Fifth Edition. Sams Publishing, 2004. [9] J. Har, K. K. Tamma. Advances in

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Coupled Finite Volume and Finite Element Method Analysis of a Complex Large-Span Roof Structure

perturbation - based Finite Volume Method for the flow problems. - Journal of Technical Physics, vol.50, No.1, pp.297-315. [27] Stacharska-Targosz J. and Chmielowiec M. (2008): Application of finite volume method for numerical calculations of the cross flow fan performance curves. - Archives of Thermodynamics, vol.29, No.2, pp.3-20. [28] Zienkiewicz O.C. and Taylor R.L. (2005): The Finite Element Method for Fluid Dynamics. - Amsterdam: Elsevier. [29] Eurocode 1 (2008): Actions on structures, Part 1-4: General actions - Wind

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Application of the Rigid Finite Element Method to Static Analysis of Lattice-Boom Cranes

References [1] Adamiec-Wójcik I., Fałat P., Maczyński A. and Wojciech S. 2009): Load stabilisation an a-frame - a type of an offshore crane . – Archive of Mechanical Engineering, vol.56, No.1, pp.37-59. [2] Drąg Ł. (2017): Modelling of lines, risers and cranes by means of the rigid finite element method . – Bielsko-Biała: University of Bielsko-Biała Press. [3] Kong X., Qi Z. and Wang G. (2015): Elastic instability analysis for slender lattice-boom structures of crawler cranes . – Journal of Constructional Steel Research, vol.115, pp.206

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