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Alternatives for Financing of Municipal Investments - Green Bonds

Methodology_Sep2018_final%285%29.pdf . [Accessed 15.03.2019] 4. Deb Clarke (2015), “Investing in Times of Climate Change”, Mercer Report, New York. [Accessed 15.03.2019] 5. European Environment Agency (2017), “Climate change, impacts and vulnerability in Europe 2016”, Report No 1/2017 6. EUROSTAT. (2019) [accessed 26.02.2019] 7. Finance for City Leaders Handbook -2nd Edition (2017), UN-Habitat,

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Financing As One Of The Key Success Factors Of Small And Medium-Sized Enterprises

Framework of Financial Planing in New Venture Creation, presented at United States Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship Annual Meeting, January 2005, Palm Springs, California Horvat, D., Tintor, Z. (2006) Poduzetnicka ekonomija - Kako uciniti prvi korak [Entrepreneurial economics - How to do a first step] Trgovacka akademija, Zagreb, 52 Internal Source of Finance, 2015. eFinance Management. On line: Lazaric, K., (1990) Metode

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Firm Size, Competition, Financing and Innovation

of Industrial Innovation, 2nd Edition, Francis Pinter, London. Geroski, P. A. (1995), Market Structure, Corporate Performance, and Innovative Activity, Clarendon Press, Oxford. Hall, B. H. (1992), Investment, Research and Development at the Firm Level: Does the Source of Financing Matter? National Bureau of Economic Research Working Papers, No. 4096. Hart, O. D. (1983), The Market Mechanism As an Incentive Scheme, The Bell Journal of Economics, pp. 366-382. Haruyama, T. (2006), An Inverted U

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Physical Investment Financing: The Cases of Poland and Latvia

References Corbett J., Jenkinson T. (1997). How is investment financed? A study of Germany, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States. The Manchester School Supplement, Oxford: Blackwell Publishers Ltd., pp. 69-93. EUROSTAT DATEBASE: Key indicators by country, [Accessed March 2017]. Available from Internet: Gostomski E. (2014). Łotwy droga do strefy euro, Prace naukowe Uniwersytetu Ekonomicznego we Wrocławiu, Wrocław

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Financing Structure and Liquidity Risk: Lesson from Malaysian Experience

Finance, 6(1), 47-67 4. Abdul-Rahman, Aisyah & Shahimi, Shahida (2010). Credit Risk and Financing Structure of Malaysia Islamic Banks, Journal of Economics Coorperation and Development, 31 (3): 83-105 5. Abdul-Rahman, Aisyah, Ibrahim, Mansor, & Mydin Meera, Ahamed Kameel. (2009). Lending Structure and Bank Insolvency Risk: A Comparative Study between Islamic and Conventional Banks, Journal of Business & Policy Research , 4(2), 189-211 6. Abdul-Rahman, Aisyah. (2009). Lending Structure and Market Risk Exposures: The Malaysian Case, Asian Academy of

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Overcoming SMEs Financing and Supply Chain Obstacles by Introducing Supply Chain Finance

References [1] Aberdeen. (2007). Working Capital Optimization: a Cross-Functional Look. Massachusetts: Aberdeen Group. [2] Ayyagari, M., Demirgüç-Kunt, A., & Maksimovic, V. (2011). Firm innovation in emerging markets: the role of finance, governance, and competition. Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis , 46 (6), 1545-1580. [3] Beck, T., Demirgüç‐Kunt, A. S. L. I., & Maksimovic, V. (2005). Financial and legal constraints to growth: does firm size matter?. The Journal of Finance, 60 (1), 137-177. [4] Beck, T., Demirgüç

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Advanced System of SME Financing in Market Economy

REFERENCES Damodaran, A. (1997). Corporate Finance. New York: John Wiley&Sons Łuczka, T., Przysiecki, P.( 2005). Sylwetka mikro i makro przedsiębiorstw w Polsce. In (ed.) A. Bielawska, Uwarunkowania rynkowe rozwoju mikro i małych przedsiębiorstw (pp.136), Szczecin, WNUSz, Mikołajczyk, B. (2003). Wybrane fazy finansowania małych i średnich przedsiębiorstw w UE. In Finanse i bankowość w integrującej się UE. (eds.) Famulska, T. Nowakowski,J. (pp …) J.Difin, Warszawawa Ochryniuk, A. Kredyt we wspieraniu działalności inwestycyjnej

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Impact of Financing Instruments and Strategies on the Wind Power Production Costs: A Case of Lithuania

investicijÅ 3 %20veiksmÅ 3 %20programa_2%20(1).pdf. 30. Minister of Environment. (2016). Regarding Approvement of Financial Plan for the Special Programme of Climate Change 2016 . [Online]. Available at . 31. Bobinaite, V., & Tarvydas, D. (2014). Financing instruments and channels for the increasing production and consumption of renewable energy: Lithuanian case. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews , 38, 259–276. 32. Orion

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Financing Constraints and Firm Growth in Emerging Europe

References Aghion, P., Fally, T. and S. Scarpetta. 2007. Credit Constraints as a Barrier to the Entry and Post-Entry Growth of Firms. Paper prepared for the 45th Panel Meeting of Economic Policy. Aghion, P. and Howitt, P. 1992. A model of growth through creative destruction. Econometrica 60 (2): 323-351. Álvarez, R. and Crespi, G. 2011. Financing Gaps, Innovation Gaps?: New Evidence from Chile. Paper presented at the 2011 Globelics Conference. Anderson, T. W. 1984. Introduction to Multivariate

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Crowdfunding in a Context of Financing Firms Through Their Life Cycle

References Agrawal, A., Catalini, C. & Goldfarb, A. (2014). Some Simple Economics of Crowdfunding. Innovation Policy and the Economy. 14(1), 63-97. DOI: 10.3386/w19133 Ahlers, G., Cumming, D., Günther, C. & Schweizer, D. (2015). Signaling in Equity Crowdfunding. Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice. 39(4), 955-980. DOI: 10.1111/etap.12157 Ang, S. (1991). Small Business Uniqueness and the Theory of Financial Management. Journal of Small Business Finance. 1(1), 1-13. Retrieved February 25, 2017, from: http

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