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Financial Stability In The Eurozone

References Bartovic V. (2014), Efficiency on the Economic and Monetary Union coordination, Visegrad Fund Publishing House, Bratislava. Becker W., Lochel H., Gregosz D. (2013), Crisis Management in the Euro Area: Why Europe’s Policy is on the Right Track, ‘Konrad Adenauer Stiftung’, Konrad Adenauer Publishing House, Berlin, no. 116. Departament Systemu Finansowego (2015), Raport o stabilności systemu finansowego, NBP Publishing House, Warsaw. Icard A. (2003), Comment on Should financial stability

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Framework for Preserving Financial Stability in Montenegro

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Challenges to the Implementation of a New Framework for Safeguarding Financial Stability

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Empirical Research on Financial Stability in Contemporary Economies. Romania Case Study

References [1] Lătea, G.-O., Stabilitatea prețurilor și stabilitatea financiară în activitatea băncilor centrale, in the Economic Library Collection, Economic Issues series, vol.425, Centre for Economic Information and Documentation, p.15. [2] Crockett, A., The Theory and Practice of Financial Stability, GEI Newsletter, 6, 1997, p1-2. [3] Wellink, N., Central Banks as Guardians of Financial Stability, The Seminar: Current Issues in Central Banking, Oranjestad, 2002, p.2. [4] Lătea, G.-O., op.cit., p.16. [5] BNR, Financial Stability

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Financial Stability Indicators – The Case of Croatia

1 The views expressed in this paper are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Croatian National Bank. References 1. Albulescu, C. (2010). Forecasting the Romanian Financial Sector Stability Using a Stochastic Simulation Model, Romanian Journal of Economic Forecasting , No. 1/2010, pp. 81–98. 2. Alesina, A., and G. Tabellini (1988). External Debt, Capital Flight and Political Risk, NBER Working Paper, No. 2610, June. 3. Arzamov, V., and H. Penikas (2014). A Financial Stability Index for Israel, Procedia

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Comparative Analysis of Financial Stability Policy of The National Bank of Serbia and The European Central Bank

., Budimir, B. (2013) Vodič kroz pristupanje Srbije Evropskoj uniji. Beograd: ISAC Fond. Narodna banka Srbije (2013a) Godišnji izveštaj o stabilnosti finansijskog sistema. Narodna banka Srbije (2013b) Strategija za uvođenje standarda Bazel III u Srbiji, dostupno na: Smaga, P. (2013) Assesing involvement of central banks in financial stability. Center for financial stability Policy paper, dostupno na: http

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On the growing accountability of central banks for financial stability–the macroprudential perspective

References Aikman, D., Giese, J., Kapadia, S. & McLeay, M. (2018). Targeting financial stability: Macroprudential or monetary policy? (Bank of England Working Paper, 734). London: Bank of England. Bank for International Settlements. (2017). Macroprudential frameworks, implementation and relationship with other policies. BIS Papers, 94. Basel: Bank for International Settlements. Bernanke, B. S., Laubach, T., Mishkin, F. S. & Posen, A. S. (1999). Inflation targeting: Lessons from the international experience

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Fiscal-Monetary-Financial Stability Interactions in a Data-Rich Environment

., & LIANG, N. (2016). Monetary policy, financial conditions, and financial stability. Staff report 690, Federal Reserve Bank of New York. AGNELLO, L., & SOUSA, R. M. (2009). The determinants of public deficit volatility. Working paper 1042, European Central Bank. AGNELLO, L., & SOUSA, R. M. (2013). Fiscal policy and asset prices. Bulletin of Economic Research, 65(2), 154-177. DOI: 10.1111/j.0307-3378.2011.00420.x AMBRISKO, R., BABECKY, J., RYSANEK, J., & VALENTA, V. (2015). Assessing the impact of fiscal measures on the

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Financial Stability - Fundamental Pillar of Macroeconomic Balance and Stability


The financial stability is a fundamental condition for ensuring and maintaining the balance and the stability at macroeconomic level. At the same time, ensuring the macroeconomic financial stability is a priority of the state’s economic security as well as of all the public authorities having responsibilities in the field of the macro-prudential regulation and supervision. In this context, our scientific approach aims at systematizing, deepening and developing this fundamental issue of the financial theory and practice.

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The Interaction Between FX and Credit Risk as an Example of Intersection of Monetary and Financial Stability Policy Goals – The Case of Serbia

Literature 1. Alexander, C. and Sheedy, E. (2004). The Profesional Risk Managers’ Handbook, Professional Risk Managers International Association. 2. Arregui et al. (2013). Evaluating the Net Benefits of Macroprudential Policy: A Cookbook, IMF Working Paper No 167. 3. Benito, A., Whitley, J. and Young, G. (2001). Analysing Corporate and Household Sector Balance Sheets, Bank of England, Financial Stability Review, December. 4. Bessis, J. (2003). Risk Management in Banking, John Wiley&Sons. 5. Blanchard, O., Dell’Ariccia, G. and Mauro

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