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finansowych banków i innych instytucji finansowych oraz 91/674/EWG w sprawie rocznych i skonsolidowanych sprawozdań finansowych zakładów ubezpieczeń. Gad, J. (2015a). Disclosures on control over financial reporting: the reporting practice of banks listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. E-Finanse , 1: 1–10. Gad, J. (2015b). Sprawozdanie z działalności we współczesnym modelu raportowania – praktyka sprawozdawcza spółek publicznych notowanych na GPW. Zarządzanie i Finanse , 1 : 79–90. Gad, J. (2015c). The main categories of disclosures concerning control over financial

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regulation for the organization and functioning of the Accounting Advisory Board Government Decision no. 2170/2004 for approving the National Strategy for implementing the Country Action Plan in order to improve the financial reporting in Romania and some measures for the organization of the Accounting Advisory Board Government Decision no. 401/2005 on the establishment of the Council for Accounting and Financial Reporting by reorganizing the Accounting Advisory Board Insurance Supervisory Commission, 2006. The Strategy for the Implementation of International Financial

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This paper documents a case study of true and fair view override in financial reporting by a multinational firm subject to International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRSs). The 2009 Interim Report of HSBC Holdings plc states that HSBC departed from the requirements of IAS 32 Financial Instruments: Presentation (IAS 32). Notwithstanding its noncompliance with the IFRSs, HSBC (2009) concluded that “the interim consolidated financial statements prepared on this basis presented fairly, and gave a true and fair view of the Group’s financial position, financial performance and cash flows” (p. 2). The purpose of this paper is to evaluate critically the accounting treatment in light of the relevant requirements of the IFRSs and the implications for professional accounting standards arising from this departure.

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