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The German Bundesrat and Executive Federalism

-koalitionsvertrag-final.pdf (accessed on April 30, 2018). Dann Philipp, 2004, Parlamente im Exekutivföderalismus, Springer, Berlin et al. Eith Ulrich and Siewert Markus B., 2010, ‘Das “unechte” Unikat: der Deutsche Bundesrat’, in Riescher Gisela, Ruß Sabine and Haas Christoph M. (eds), Zweite Kammern, 2nd ed., Oldenbourg Wissenschaftsverlag, München. Fabbrini, Federico, 2015, ‘From Executive Federalism to Executive Government: Current Problems and Future Prospects in the Governance of EMU’, in Fabbrini Federico, Hirsch Ballin Ernst and Somsen Han (eds

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Implication of Federalism in ‘Federal’ Related Political Institutions: A Conceptual Analysis

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Federalism in Pakistan: Of Promises and Perils

University, referred resource accessible at Musgrave Richard A., 1961, “Approaches to a Fiscal Theory of Political Federalism”, NBER (97-134). Niaz Ilhan, 2010, The culture of power and governance of Pakistan 1947-2008, Oxford University Press, Karachi. Oates Wallace, 2005, “Toward A Second-Generation Theory of Fiscal Federalism”, International Tax and Public Finance, XII(4): 349-373. Pakistan, Ministry of Finance. (2011a). Pakistan budget 2010/11. Islamabad, Pakistan

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The Second-Generation Theory of Fiscal Federalism: A Critical Evaluation

References · Burret Heiko T and Feld Lars P., 2014, ‘A Note on Budget Rules and Fiscal Federalism’, CESifo DICE Report: Journal for Institutional Comparisons, II(1): 3-11. · (CBN) Central Bank of Nigeria, 2015, Annual Report 2015, Central Bank of Nigeria, Abuja. · (CBN) Central Bank of Nigeria, 2014a, Annual Economic Report for 2014, Central Bank of Nigeria, Abuja. · (CBN) Central Bank of Nigeria, 2014b, Statistical Bulletin: Public Finance Statistics 2014, Central Bank · of Nigeria, Abuja

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Canadian Federalism in Design and Practice: The Mechanics of a Permanently Provisional Constitution

References • Ackerman Bruce, 1991, We the People: Foundations, Harvard University Press, Cambridge, Mass. • Adam Marc-Antoine, 2009, ‘Fiscal Federalism and the Future of Canada: Can Section 94 of the Constitution Act, 1867, Be an Alternative to the Spending Power?’, in Allan John R., et al. (eds), Canada: The State of the Federation, 2006/7: Transitions: Fiscal and Political Federalism in an Era of Change , McGill-Queen’s University Press, Montreal. • Bakvis Herman and Brown Douglas, 2010, ‘Policy Coordination in Federal Systems: Comparing

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Environmental subsidiarity in the EU: or halfway to green federalism?

References • Adelman David E., 2014, ‘Environmental Federalism When Numbers Matter More than Size’, UCLA Journal of Environmental Law & Policy , XXXII(2). • Arnold Craig Anthony (Tony) and Gunderson Lance H., 2014, ‘Adaptive Law’, in Garmestani Ahjond S. and Allen Craig R. (eds), Social-Ecological Resilience and Law , Columbia University Press, New York, 317-364. • Arribas Gracia Vara and Bourdin Delphine, 2012, ‘What Does the Lisbon Treaty Change Regarding Subsidiarity within the EU Institutional Framework?’, Eipascope , Bulletin No 2012

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The Lesson from the Modern American Federalism: A Challenge to Effective Public Policy Performance

References Baumgartner Frank R. and Jones Bryan D., 1993, Agendas and Instability in American Politics, University of Chicago Press, Chicago. Beer Samuel H., 1973, ‘The modernization of American Federalism,’ Publius, III(2): 49-95. Bohte John and Meier Kenneth J., 2000, ‘The Marble Cake: Introducing Federalism to the Government Growth Equation,’ Publius, XXX(3): 35-46. Brace Paul, 1993, State Government and Economic Performance, The Johns Hopkins University Press, Baltimore, MD

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Immigration and Federalism in Canada: beyond Quebec Exceptionalism?

References • Agranoff Robert, 1999, ‘Power Shifts, Diversity and Asymmetry’, in Agranoff Robert (ed), Accomodating Diversity. Asymmetry in Federal States , Nomos, Baden Baden. • Antonini Luca, 2000, Il regionalismo differenziato , Giuffrè, Milano. • Baglay Sasha and Nakache Delphine, 2014, ‘Immigration federalism in Canada: Provincial and Territorial Nominee programs (PNTPs)’, in Baglay Sasha and Nakache Delphine, (eds), Immigration Regulation in Federal States , Springer, Dordrecht, 96-116. • Banting Keith, 2012, ‘Canada’, in Joppke

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Eurosceptic Federalism: Paradoxes and Relevance of a long-running Critique of European Integration

, Biblioteca del Senato della Repubblica “Giovanni Spadolini”, Roma, 24 gennaio 2012, Le Monnier, Firenze. · Böhm Michael, 2008, Alain de Benoist und die Nouvelle Droite. Ein Beitrag zur Ideengeschichte im 20. Jahrhundert, Lit, Berlin. · Bruneau Jean-Baptiste, 2011, Le cas Drieu. Drieu la Rochelle entre écriture et engagements. Débats, représentations et interprétations de 1917 à nos jours, Eurédit, Paris. · Burgess Michael, 2006, Federalism and European Union. Political Ideas, influences and strategies in European Community

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The implementation of EU law by national administrations: Executive federalism and the principle of sincere cooperation

, Nomos, Baden-Baden. · Schmidt-Aßmann Eberhard, 1996, ‘Verwaltungskooperation und Verwaltungskooperationsrecht in der Europäischen Gemeinschaft’, Europarecht, XXXI: 270-301. · Schmidt-Aßmann Eberhard, 2002, ‘Europäische Verwaltung zwischen Kooperation und Hierarchie’, in Cremer Hans-Joachim et al. (eds), Tradition und Weltoffenheit des Rechts: Festschrift für Helmut Steinberger, Springer, Berlin and Heidelberg, 1375. · Schütze Robert, 2009, From Dual to Cooperative Federalism - The changing structure of European Law

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