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expenditure, can explain the higher risk of hypertension, lipid changes, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases that occur in postmenopausal women than in premenopausal women ( 7 ). Cell membrane represents the fundamental structure of the cells in living organisms. They are constituted by proteins, glicoproteins, and lipids of which the main ones are phospholipids. The last are formed by a glycerol molecule with two fatty acid molecules and a phosphate group linked to different bases as choline, ethanolamine, serine, and inositol. Due to the structure, phospholipids have an

portions for retail in glass jars. Afterwards, brine based on sea salt and the water used in processing is poured over the eggs ( 5 ). The available literature lacks data regarding the profile of fatty acids and their percentage in the fat of eggs from the common garden snail. It is only known that the fat in snail eggs occurs in trace amounts ( 3 ). According to Nunes Almeida ( 9 ), its content in raw large common garden snail eggs is 0.1%. The level of fat in the caviar substitute discussed by Massari and Pastore ( 6 ) produced from small common garden snail eggs

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