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Research on Selected Positive Externalities in Road Transport

References [1] [2] European Energy and Transport, Trends to 2030.[online]. Available on internet:< >. [3] [4] Masárová, J. (2016) Cestná infraštruktúra v SR. Perners Contacts, 8(3), 113-124, ISSN 1801-674X. [5] [6]

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Dynamic Externalities and Regional Manufacturing Growth: Evidence from India

9. References Acemoglu, D. (2008). Introduction to Modern Economic Growth . Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press. Andersson, M. and Loof, H. (2011). Agglomeration and Productivity: Evidence From Firm-Level Data. Annal Regional Science , 46(3) , 601–620. Arrow, K. J. (1962). The Economic Implications of Learning by Doing. The Review of Economic Studies , 29 (3), 155-173. Barro, R. J., & Sala-i-Martin, X. (1992). Convergence. Journal of Political Economy , 100 (2), 223-251. Batisse, C. (2002). Dynamic externalities and

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Effects of Digital Transformation and Network Externalities in the Telecommunication Markets

Vol 12 Strategic Management, Chapter: Network Externalities. John Wiley & Sons. Editors: John McGee & Tanya Sammut-Bonnici. (Accessed 21 May, 2019) [5] Novaković, I., Stojanović, B., & Kostić, Z. (2018). Reflection of innovations and concentration on competition in the electronic communications market. In: Western Balkans Economies in EU Integration - Past, Present and Future. CEMAFI International Association, Nice, France. (Editors: Xavier Richet, Dejan Erić, Srdjan Redžepagić, Ivan

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Agglomeration externalities, market structure and employment growth in high-tech industries: Revisiting the evidence


In this paper we revisit the existing empirical evidence on the effects of various agglomeration externalities and the market structure on employment growth in the high-tech industries of the European Economic Area (EEA). Our study is based on the dynamic panel dataset of two-digit NACE rev 1.1. industries in 285 regions of the European Economic Area for the period 1995-2007. We find that employment growth is negatively related to competition, while localization and urbanization externalities do not seem to affect growth.

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International Investment Position Versus External Debt

References External Debt Definition, Statistical Coverage and Methodology (1992). OECD Publications, Paris. External Debt: Definition, Statistical Coverage and Methodology (1998). BIS, IMF, World Bank, Paris. Gospodarka i handel zagraniczny Polski w 2008 roku i w 2009 roku (2009 and 2010). IBR KiK, Warszawa. Knap, R., Nakonieczna-Kisiel, H., W kwestii nierównowagi zewnętrznej Polski , Finanse, Rynki Finansowe, Ubezpieczenia, Uniwersytet Szczeciński (in

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Experiences of External Interference Among Finnish Journalists
Prevalence, methods and implications

journalism operates by restructuring the authority, position and power of traditional media actors. In the online environment especially, journalists are more visible and accessible than ever and find their choices, credibility and integrity more often publicly contested ( Löfgren Nilsson & Örnebring, 2016 ). This exposes journalists to new detrimental phenomena like online harassment, cyberstalking and state-sponsored trolling campaigns (e.g. Luque Martinez, 2015 ). The techniques of external interference that journalists face are constantly shifting, and new methods are

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On The Metaphysics of Internalism and Externalism

(Calcutta). Davidson, Donald. 1980a. Action, Reasons, and Causes. The Journal of Philosophy 60 (1963): 685–700; rpt. in Essays on Actions and Events . Oxford: Oxford University Press, 3–19. Davidson, Donald. 1980b. Mental Events. In Experience and Theory , ed. by L. Foster, J.W. Swanson. Amherst: The University of Massachusetts Press (1970), 79–101; rpt. in Essays on Actions and Events cit., 207–227. Davies, Martin. 2000. Externalism, Architecturalism, and Epistemic Warrant. In Knowing Our Own Minds , ed. by C. Wright, B.C. Smith and C. Macdonald

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Morphological characteristics of the external carotid artery

fonctionnelle. Tome 2. 14-edition . (pp. 196-210). Paris: Ed. Masson 5. Paturet G. (1964). Traité d’Anatomie Humaine . (pp. 258-323). Paris: Ed. Masson 6. Gray’s Anatomy. (2005). Thirty-ninth edition. (pp. 543-547). Ed. Elsevier-Churchill Livingstone 7. Gluncic V., Petanjek Z., Marusic A. & Gluncic I. (2001). High bifurcation of common carotid artery, anomalous origin of ascending pharyngeal artery and anomalous branching pattern of external carotid artery. Surg.Radiol.Anat . 23, 123-125 8. Kopuz C., Turan R

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Factors affecting the quality of external auditing services

References Ahmed, A. A. A. (1999). Quality control of system external audit . PhD Dissertation. Cairo University, 157. AL Shatri, I. H., & AL Angri, H. (2006). The low level of external audit fees and its impact on the quality of performance. Journal of King Abdul Aziz of Administration and the Economy . 97 . AL Tuwaijri, A., & AL Nafabi, M. (2008). Quality external audit service. Journal University of King Abdulaziz , 219 . Ayad, H.H. (20050. Factors Affecting the Quality of the external Auditing, Masters thesis, Gaza University, 14

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Internal and External Supervisory Mechanisms in Corporate Governance

between external auditing and supervisory board in corporate governance). Specialist's graduate paper. Zagreb: Ekonomski fakultet. Filipović, I. (2008) Uloga eksterne revizije u korporativnom upravljanju (eng. A role of External Auditing in Corporate Governance). In: Tipurić, D. (ed.) Korporativno upravljanje (eng. Corporate governance). Zagreb: Sinergija. Fry, L. F., Stoner, C. R. and Hattwick, R. E. (1998) Business: an integrative framework. New York: McGraw-Hill. Gorenc, V. et al. (2004

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