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An Experimental Approach to Basic Word Order in Turkish Intransitives


This study offers an experimental perspective to investigate the word order and animacy effects of intransitives in Turkish, an agglutinative language with a canonical, flexible Subject-Object-Verb order. Four experiments were conducted to investigate a total of 528 Turkish speakers’ acceptability judgments using rating scales (Experiments 1 and 3; 7-point Likert scales) and forced choice tasks (Experiments 2 and 4; choosing one of two sentences) for various orders of linguistic forms in a simple intransitive sentence. Results from scalar acceptability judgments showed that there were significant main effects of order and subject, indicating that participants gave significantly higher ratings to SV sentences than VS sentences and that their ratings changed significantly according to the animacy of the subjects. Results from the forced choice tasks showed that participants preferred SV sentences to VS sentences. These findings suggest that Turkish speakers prefer SV order over VS order even though both are readily available.

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Sound Symbolism in Foreign Language Phonological Acquisition

. 2008. Sounds like a rainbow - sound-colour mappings in non-synaesthetic population. In Botinis, A. (ed.), Proceedings of the 2nd ISCA Workshop on Experimental Linguistics , ExLing 2008, Athens: University of Athens, 237-240.

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Pronunciation acquisition patterns of learners with different starting levels

for Speakers of Dutch (2nd ed.). Leiden: Leiden University Press. Smakman, D., & De France, T. (2014). The acoustics of English vowels in the speech of Dutch learners before and after pronunciation training. In J. Caspers, Y. Chen, W. Heeren, J. Pacilly, N. O. Schiller & E. van Zanten (Eds.), Above and beyond the Segments. Experimental Linguistics and Phonetics (288-301). Amsterdam: John Benjamins. Van den Doel, R. (2006). How Friendly are the Natives? An Evaluation of Native-speaker Judgments of Foreign-accented British and American English

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Language Experience and Phonetic Training as Factors Influencing Timing Organisation in Polish Learners of English

-63. Wagner, P.S. 2012. Speech rhythm in native and non-native Polish. Proceedings of the International Conference of Experimental Linguistics ExLing 2012: 27-29 August 2012, Athens, Greece. Wagner, P.S., Dellwo, V. 2004. Introducing YARD (Yet Another Rhythm Determination) And Re-Introducing Isochrony to Rhythm Research. Speech Prosody 2004, Nara, Japan. Waniek-Klimczak, E. 2009. Sources of difficulty in the acquisition of English rhythm by Polish learners: A developmental perspective. In M. Wysocka (ed.) On Language Structure, Acquisition and Teaching: 359

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Color studies in applied psychology and social sciences: An overview

perception. In: M. Wrembel, M. Kul, and K Dziubalska-Kołaczyk (Eds.). Achievements and perspectives in SLA of speech: New Sounds 2010. Frankfurt: Peter Lang, 317-329. Wrembel, M., & Rataj, K. (2008). Sounds like a rainbow - sound-colour mappings in vowel perception. In A. Botinis (Ed.). Proceedings of the 2nd ISCA Workshop on Experimental Linguistics, ExLing 2008, Athens: University of Athens, 237-240.

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