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Laboratory Experiments in Teaching Public Economics and Policy

References Balkenborg, D., & Kaplan, T. (2009). Economic Classroom Experiments. The Handbook for Economics Lecturers. The Economics Network, 24 pp. Retrieved from Ball, S. B., Eckel, C., & Rojas, C. (2006). Technology Improves Learning in Large Principles of Economics Classes: Using Our WITS. American Economic Review, 96(2), 442-446. The Behavioural Insights Team. Berná, Z. (2014). Voluntary Cooperation

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Experiment Plan as a Discreet System Equilibrium State

R eferences [1] N. A. Butler, “Optimal and Orthogonal Latin Hypercube Designs for Computer Experiements,” Biometrika , vol. 88, issue 3, pp. 847–857, 2001. [2] J. Auzins and A. Janusevskis, Experiment of planning and analysis, Riga: RTU Press, 2007. ISBN 97-9984-32-157-8 (in Latvian). [3] R. J. Iman and M. J. Shortencarier, (1984). A FORTRAN77 Program and User’s Guide for Generation of Latin Hypercube and Random Samples for Use with Computer Models. NUREG/CR-3624, SAND83-2365. [Online]. Available

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Planning identification experiments for cell signaling pathways: An NFκB case study

References Box, G. E. P. and Lucas, H. L. (1959). Design of experiments in nonlinear situations, Biometrika   46 (1/2): 77-90. Box, M. J. (1968). The occurrence of replications in optimal designs of experiments to estimate parameters in non-linear models, Journal of the Royal Statistical Society. Series B   30 (2): 290-302. Chernoff, H. (1972). Sequential Analysis and Optimal Design , SIAM, Philadelphia, PA. D'Argenio, D. Z. (1981). Optimal sampling

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Experimenting with Contact Strategies in Business Surveys

7. References Barron, S., C. Reiser, M. Bentley, J. Hill, and A. Meier. 2012. “2010 Census Deadline Messaging and Compressed Mailing Schedule Experiment.” Paper presented at the 2012 Joint Statistical Meetings, San Diego, CA. Barry, T. E. 1987. “The Development of the Hierarchy of Effects: An Historical Perspective.” Current Issues and Research in Advertising 10(1–2): 251–295. Barth, D., M. Zelenak, M. Asiala, E. Castro, and A. Roberts. 2016. 2015 Envelope Mandatory Messaging Test: Final Report . Suitland, MD: U.S. Census Bureau. Available at

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Estimation of Soil Material Transportation by Wind Based on in Situ Wind Tunnel Experiments

, Budapest, 285-289. Farsang, A., Szatmári, J., Négyesi, G., Bartus, M., Barta, K., 2011. Csernozjom talajok szélerózió okozta tápanyagáthalmozódásának becslése szélcsatorna-kísérletekkel (Estimation of soil organic matter transportation due to wind erosion in case of chernozem soils). Agrokémia és Talajtan 60 (1), 87-102. Fister, W., Ries, J.B. 2009. Wind erosion in the central Ebro Basin under changing land use management. Field experiments with a portable wind tunnel. Journal of Arid Environments 73 (11), 996

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Islamophobia or Threat to Secularization? Lost Letter Experiments on the Discrimination Against Muslims in an Urban Area of Switzerland

References Adida, Claire L., David D. Laitin, and Marie-Anne Valfort. 2016. Why Muslim Integration Fails in Christian-Heritage Societies. Cambridge: Harvard University Press. Ahmed, Ali M. 2010. Muslim Discrimination: Evidence From Two Lost-Letter Experiments. Journal of Applied Social Psychology 40(4): 888–898. Allport, Gordon W. 1954. The Nature of Prejudice. Reading: Addison-Wesley. Altemeyer, Bob and Bruce Hunsberger. 1992. Authoritarianism, Religious Fundamentalism, Quest, and Prejudice. The International Journal for the

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The outline of the expert system for the design of experiment

grain from Broadbalk. Journal of Agricultural Science 11, 107-135. Fisher, R.A., 1925. Statistical Methods for Research Workers. Oliver & Boyd Press, Edinburgh. Fisher, R.A., 1935. The Design of Experiments. Oliver & Boyd Press, Edinburgh. Gentle, J.E., Hardle, W.K., 2012. Handbook of Computational Statistics. Springer-Verlag, Berlin-Heidelberg. Hilbe, J.M., 2009. Logistic regression models. CRC Press, Boca Raton. Hosmer, D.W., Lemeshow, S., 2000. Applied Logistic Regression. John Wiley

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Design of Experiment Using Simulation of a Discrete Dynamical System

control in small-sample Monte Carlo type simulations I: A simulated annealing approach. Probabilistic Engineering Mechanics, 2009, 24.3: 452-462. [9] BATES, S. J.; SIENZ, J.; LANGLEY, D. S. Formulation of the Audze-Eglais uniform Latin hypercube design of experiments. Advances in Engineering Software, 2003, 34.8: 493-506. [10] TOROPOV, S.B., QUERIN, O. Proceedings of Ninth International Conference on the Application of Artificial Intelligence to Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering, 2007, 1-12. [11] AUDZE, P

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Design of Experiment for Measurement of Langevin Function

References Bates, D. M., Watts, D. G. (2008). Nonlinear regression analysis and its applications , Wiley. Dormann, J. L., Fiorani, D., Tronc, E. (1997). Magnetic relaxation in fine-particle systems, In: Advances in Chemical Physics, I. Prigogine , John Wiley and Sons, New York, Vol. 98, 283-494. Fedorov, V. V. (1972). Theory of optimal experiments , Academic Press. Kluchova, K., Zboril, R., Tucek, J., Pecova, M., Zajoncova, L., Safarik, I., Mashlan, M

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Interpretation of ponded infiltration data using numerical experiments

References ASTM Standard D3385-09, 2009. Standard Test Method for Infiltration Rate of Soils in Field Using Double-Ring Infiltrometer. West Conshohocken, PA, Bagarello, V, Iovino, M., Lai, J., 2013. Field and numerical tests of the two ponding depth procedure for analysis of single- ring pressure infiltrometer data. Pedosphere, 2, 779-789. Cislerova, M., Šimůnek, J., Vogel, T., 1988. Changes of steadystate infiltration rates in recurrent ponding infiltration experiments. J. Hydrol., 104, 1

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