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Intelligence, 2(3):251-270. Dickmanns, E. D. 2000. An expectation-based, multi-focal, saccadic (EMS) vision system for vehicle guidance. Paper presented at the International Symposium of Robotics Research (ISRR’99), 421-430, Snowbird Utah, USA. Dong, D., and Franklin, S. 2014. Sensory Motor System: Modeling the process of action execution. Paper presented at the Proceedings of the 36th Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society, 2145-2150, Austin TX, USA. Duch, W., Oentaryo, R. J., and Pasquier, M. 2008. Cognitive Architectures: Where do we go from here? Paper


The goal of this article and of the analysis itself on which it is based, is to identify weaknesses in penitentiary legislation in force in the Republic of Albania, in order that the penal policy of the Albanian state, should respect the principles on which will be based to be effective. At the end of 2015 the number of persons who have been sentence to life imprisonment in Albanian prisons has been 159 people, convicted in 2895 of the total prison who were serving a sentence in Albanian prisons. The number of those sentenced to capital punishment has increased, compared with the statistics of 3-4 years ago. Albanian law on the punishment of life imprisonment presents serious problems in the modalities of execution of the punishment, violating the right and fundamental freedom of man, that lives in liberty, and break up the Article 3 of the ECHR, which prohibits placing under cruel punishments, inhuman and degrading. The Republic of Albania will need as soon as possible to change its legislation concerning the category of persons sentenced to life imprisonment. Condemned to life imprisonment, according to each individual case and referred to progress in the sentence, in view of the disappearance of the potential for recidivism and in view of correction, after the expiry of a time limit prescribed by law,they should have the right and opportunity in court jurisdiction to address the real execution of criminal sentences for the benefit of supervised freedom or conditional one. In this way, the hope of life again in freedom, will make the convicts to life imprisonment interested to educate themselves, by all the values that will be in accordance with social rules.


The main purpose of this study was to investigate how leadership skills and stakeholder management acting together to influence the execution of fibre optic infrastructure. The study adopted the pragmatism research paradigm, with a cross-sectional survey design. Census was used to select 187 respondents from a target population of 187 functional members of staff in fibre optic infrastructure departments of two mobile telecommunication and four internet service companies in Nairobi County, Kenya. A self-administered structured questionnaire was used to collect quantitative data while an interview guide and document review guide were used to collect qualitative data. Inferential statistical analysis was performed using multiple regression. It was demonstrated that leadership skills and stakeholder management act together to have a significant positive influence on the execution of fibre optic infrastructure. Therefore, there is a need for companies to ensure that stakeholders are involved in all phases of a project from inception to closure. Mobile telecommunication and internet service providing companies should also develop training programs to improve the leadership skills of project leaders and make use of conflict management strategies and communication skills to ensure appropriate management of change. It was suggested that similar and comparable studies should be conducted in other countries across the world.

structure of tests. Psychol Bull., 1951; 88: 296-334. Estevan I, Álvarez O, Falco C, Molina-García J, Castillo I. Impact force and time analysis influenced by execution distance in a roundhouse kick to the head in Taekwondo. J Strength Cond Res, 2011; 25: 2851-2856. Falco C, Alvarez O, Castillo I, Estevan I, Martos J, Mugarra F, Iradi A. Influence of the distance in a roundhouse kick's execution time and impact force in Taekwondo. J Biomech, 2009; 42: 242-248. Gulledge JK, Dapena JA. comparison of the reverse and power punches in oriental martial arts. J. Sports Sci

, pp. 161-177. 5. Hassine, J., A. Hamou-Lhadj, L. Alawneh. A Framework for the Recovery and Visualization of System Availability Scenarios from Execution Traces. – Information and Software Technology, Vol. 96, 2018, No 1, pp. 78-93. 6. Abu Al-Ese, H., A. Ghani, R. Mahmod, M. Saman. Java-Based Static Analyzer for Object-Oriented Software Metrics. – In: Proc. of Information Technology Colloquim 99 (INTEC’99), UPM Malaysia,1999. 7. Al-Rousan, T., H. Al Ese. Impact of Cloud Computing on Educational Institutions: A Case Study. – Recent Patents on Computer Science, Vol. 8


The aim of this article is to analyze the basic phrases from the operational plans / orders by explaining concepts such as mission and execution, together with their elements, from a semantic and grammatical approach, and also by adding plastic elements in order to facilitate the understanding of the debated topics.

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References Chen K. Y.: Performance Measurement of Implementing Manufacturing Execution System . Materials Science Forum, vol. 505-507, pp. 1117-1122, Trans. Tech Publications, Switzerland, 2006. Fuericht R., Praehofer H., Hofinger T., Altmann J.: A Component-Based Application Framework for Manufacturing Execution Systems in C# and NET . 40th International Conference on Technology of Object-Oriented Languages and Systems (TOOLS Pacific 2002), Sidney, Australia. Conferences in Research and Practice in Information Technology, vol. 10, p.10, Australian Computer

(technical execution, artistry, difficulty), as described in the Rhythmic Gymnastics Code of Points ( F.I.G., 2013 ), and identify the contributing factors of physical fitness to each of those separate scores. Childhood is considered as the best time to develop correct movement patterns for youth sports ( Lloyd and Oliver, 2014 ) and in particular in rhythmic gymnastics, where peak performance is achieved at a relatively young age ( Karpenko, 2003 ). Correct technical execution is at the same time a demand for success and a prerequisite for future technical development. In

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