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On Uniform Exponential Dichotomy of Evolution Operators

References [1] L. Barreira and C. Valls, Stability of Nonautonomous Dierential Equations, Lecture Notes in Mathematics 1926, 2008 [2] C. Chicone and Y Latushkin, Evolution Semigroups in Dynamical Systems and Diferential Equations, Math. Surveys and Monographs, vol. 70, Amer. Math. Soc., 1999 [3] W. A. Coppel, Stability and asymptotic behaviour of diferential equations, D.C. Heath, Boston, 1965 [4] J. L. Daleckii and M. G. Krein, Stability of diferential equations in Banach space, Amer

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The new zoological exposition of the National Museum will be installed in eight exhibition halls on the second floor of the Historical Building. The exposition has the preliminary title Evolution and thematically, it will follow several significant evolutionary events, which enabled animals to occupy Earth. The first two exhibition halls will be devoted to invertebrates and their ability to occupy all kinds of environments. The following two exhibition halls will introduce fish-like vertebrates, amphibians, and reptiles and they will focus on the most important evolutionary step of vertebrates – stepping out of the water and onto land. The next hall will be devoted to the origin of flight and birds’ conquering of the skies. The last two halls will be dedicated to mammals and their origins and conquering of land, water, and air. The visitor will become acquainted with contemporary organisms as the results of a long evolutionary process. The exhibitions will be based on authentic collection items to the maximum possible extent, though models and multimedia will also be used on several occasions. The exposition should also include the restoration of the popular Pokoutník Gallery.

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Complexity of Acapulco Evolution as a Tourist Destination

) Historical and Descriptive Guide of the Mexico-Acapulco Highway . Acapulco: Government of the State of Guerrero. Bergeret-Muñoz, R.J. (2007) L’évolution du modèle touristique d’acapulco (mexique) de 1945 à 2005 et la mutation en cours , Paris: Université de paris III sorbonne nouvelle institut des hautes études de l’amerique latine centre de recherche et de documentation sur l’amerique latine. Bergeret-Muñoz, R.J. and Gordillo-Escalante, M.C. (2014) Evolution of the Tourist Model of the Ss. The Case of Acapulco, in Monterrubio, J.C. and Lopez, A., From the

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Evolution and skeletal characteristics of European owls

]. – Barlangkutatás 5: 66–74. (in Hungarian) Feduccia, A. 1999. The origin and evolution of birds. 2 nd edition. – New Haven, Yale University Press Fischer, K. & Stephan, B. 1977. Vogelknochenfunde aus Quartären Ablagerungen Südwestrumaniens [Bird bones from Quaternary deposits in Southwest Romania]. – Annalen für Ornithologie 1: 79– 90. (in German] Gál, E. 1998. Avifauna fosilă a peṣterii Gura Cheii de la Râṣnov (Jud Braṣov) [Fossil bird fauna of the Gura Cheii Cave from Râṣnov (Braṣov County)]. – Studia Universitatis Babeṣ-Bolyai, Biologia 43(1–2): 88–93. (in

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Directed Evolution – A New Metaheuristc for Optimization

References [1] Cobb, R. E., Chao, R. and Zhao, H., Directed evolution: Past, present, and future. AIChE Journal, 59, 2013, p. 1432–1440. [2] Jckel, C., Kast P., and Hilvert D., Protein design by directed evolution, Annu. Rev. Biophys, 37, 2008, p. 153-173. [3] Rubin-Pitel S., et al., Directed evolution tools in bio-product and bioprocess development, In Bioprocessing for Value-Added Products from Renewable Resources: New Technologies and Applications, 2006, p. 49-72. [4] Moreno, P. C., Moreno A. G., and Peuela C. J., Using directed

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Adapting Differential Evolution Algorithms For Continuous Optimization Via Greedy Adjustment Of Control Parameters

References [1] N. Xiong, D. Molina, M. Leon, and F. Herrera, A walk into metaheuristics for engineering optimization: Principles, methods, and recent trends, International Journal of Computational Intelligence Systems, vol. 8, no. 4, pp. 606-636, 2015. [2] N. Hansen and A. Ostermeier, Completely derandomized self-adaptation in evolution strategies, Evolutionary Computation, vol. 9, no. 2, pp. 159-195, 2001. [3] F. Herrera and M. Lozano, Two-loop real-coded genetic algorithms with adaptive control of mutation

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Phenomenon in the Evolution of Voles (Mammalia, Rodentia, Arvicolidae)

Biology , 21 , 237–310. Chaline, J. & Graf, J.-D. 1988. Phylogeny of the Arvicolidae (Rodentia); Biochemical and Paleontological evidence. Journal of Mammalogy , 69 (1), 22–32. Chaline, J., Laurin, B., Brunet-Lecomte, P. & Viriot, L. 1993. Morphological trends and rates of evolution in arvicolids (Arvicolidae, Rodentia): towards a punctuated equilibria/disequilibria model. Quaternary International , 19 , 27–39. Conroy, C. J. & Cook, J. A. 2000. Molecular systematics of a Holarctic rodent ( Microtus : Muridae). Journal of Mammalogy , 81 (2), 344

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Natural Selection or Problem Solving. Critical Re-evaluation of Karl Popper's Evolutionism

: University of Notre Dame Press, 1978. 13. Shishkin, M.A. Evolution as epigenetic process, Sovremennaya paleontologiya [Modern Paleontology] (in Russian). Moscow: Nedpa, 1988, vol. 1, pp. 142-169.

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Is Differential Evolution Rotationally Invariant?

Laboratory, Zhengzhou University, Zhengzhou China and Technical Report, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, Tech. Rep. 2012, . [3] POLÁKOVÁ, R.—TVRDÍK, J.—BUJOK, P.: Population-size adaptation through diversity-control mechanism for differential evolution , MENDEL 2016, Brno University of Technology, 2016. pp. 49–56. [4] PRICE, K.: Eliminating drift bias from the differential evolution algorithm . In: Advances in Differential Evolution, Studies in Computational Intelligence , Vol. 143, Springer-Verlag, Berlin

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Routines in the process of organizational evolution

, no. 35. 6. Campbell D.T. (1960), Variation and selective retention in creative thought as in other knowledge process, “Psychological Review” vol. 67. 7. Campbell D.T. (1969), Variation and selective retention in sociocultural evolution, “General System”, vol. 14. 8. Czakon W., (2012), Sieci w zarządzaniu strategicznym, Wolters Kluwer, Warszawa. 9. Dawkins R. (1976), The selfi sh gene, Oxford University Press, New York. 10. Dosi G., Nelson R.R., Winter S.G. (red) (2000), The nature and

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