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of Process." Evaluation Review 26 (February 2002):59-80. Toulemonde, Jacques. "Evaluation Culture(s) in Europe: Differences and Convergence between National Practices." Vierteljahrshefte zur Wirtschaftsforschung / Quarterly Journal of Economic Research 69 (2000): 350-357. Van Der Meer, Frans-Bauke, and Jurian Edelenbos. "Evaluation in Multi-Actor Policy Processes: Accountability, Learning and Co-operation." Evaluation 12 (2006): 201-218. Vilpišauskas, Ramūnas, and Vitalis Nakrošis. Ko verta politika? Vilnius: Eugrimas, 2005. Vilpišauskas, Ramūnas, and

for European Integration. "Pre-Accession Funds Polish Experience": 1-16 //$file/Pre-accesion_funds_Polish_experiences-publikacja.pdf Olejniczak, Karol. "Towards the Evaluation Culture in Poland - Experience and Prospects." Paper presented at the Annual Conference of the Regional Studies Association Evaluation and EU Regional Policy . Aix-en-Provence (May, 2002): 1-29. Toulemonde, Jacquez, and Thomas Bjornkilde. "Building Evaluation Capacity: Experience and Lessons in Member States and

research as an autonomous discipline. Acknowledging the potential hereto of the collaborative design of quality indicators and assessment models, these authors forward the notion of an evaluation culture or a “community of judgement” ( Wissler, 1997 ) as an indispensable dimension to generate such a paradigm. In this paper, we first expand on the conditions wherein artistic research was introduced as a policy concept and subsequently institutionalized in Europe—pointing to the ramifications of the 1999 Bologna Declaration ( Lesage, 2009 ) in particular. Without

územního rozvoje. [19] Johnson, M. T. (2013). Evaluating Culture: Well-Being, Institutions and Circumstance . New York: Palgrave MacMillan. DOI: 10.1057/9781137313799. [20] Keitsch, M. M., Kua, H. W. & Skjerven, A. (2016). Special Issue: The Cultural Dimension of Resilience and Sustainability. Sustainable Development 24, 273–274. DOI: 10.1002/sd.1627. [21] Kloosterman, R. C. (2014). Cultural Amenities: Large and Small, Mainstream and Niche – A Conceptual Framework for Cultural Planning in an Age of Austerity. European Planning Studies 22(12), 2510–2525. DOI: 10