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Ergonomics Contribution in Maintainability

References [1] G. Colombo, D. Regazzoni and C. Rizzi, “Virtual ergonomics to design auxiliary equipment for commercial refrigeration”, in Proc. of TMCE 2012, Karlsruhe, Germany, pp. 383-392, 2012. [2] G. Li and P. Buckle, “Current techniques for assessing physical exposure to work-related musculoskeletal risks with emphasis on posturebased methods”, Ergonomics, vol. 42, no. 5, pp. 674-695, 1999. [3] D.B. Chaffin, “On simulating human reach motions for ergonomics analyses”, Human Factors and Ergonomics in

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Ergonomics as Instrument for Prevention Against Work Injury or Occupational Diseases

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Fabric Selection for the Reference Clothing Destined for Ergonomics Test of Protective Clothing: Physiological Comfort Point of View

References [1] Adams, P.S., Keyserling, W.M. (1993). Three methods for measuring range of motion while wearing protective clothing: A comparative study. International Journal of Industrial Ergonomics,12, 177-191. [2] Bartkowiak, G., Dąbrowska, A., Włodarczyk, B. (2015). Construction of a garment for an integrated liquid cooling system, Textile Research Journal, 85(17), 1809-1816. [3] Behera, B., Hari, P. (Ed.). (2010). Woven textile structure: Theory and applications. Woodhead Publishing (Cambridge). [4] Das, B., Das, A., Kothari. V., et

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Ergonomics Investigation of Musculoskeletal Disorder Among the Workforce of Waste Management Industry in Nigeria

References Burdorf, A. 1992. Measurement of Trunk Bending during by Direct Observation and Continuous Measurement, Applied Ergonomics, 23 (4): 263-272. Bureau of labour statistic 1999. Workplace injuries [online]., 1999 [cit 2016-12-19] Available at: . Chaffin, D. B., Anderson, G. B., Martin, D. J., 1992. Occupational Biomechanics, 3 rd ed John Wiley and Sons publisher, New York pp 65-130. Corlett, E. N., Madley, S.J, Manerica, I. 1979. Posture targeting technique for

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Work ergonomics in a service enterprise – case study

REFEENCES 3D Static Strength Prediction Program™ Version 7.0.4. Available at: [Accessed 15 May 2018]. Bartnicka, J. et all. (2017). Ergonomics education in orthopedic surgery. LIFE: International Journal of Health and Life-Sciences, 3(2), pp. 194-215. Bartnicka, J. et all. (2018). Train4OrthoMIS online course as a manner of improving ergonomics in orthopaedic surgery. Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing, Volume 590, pp. 2194-5357. Bartnicka, J., Ziętkiewicz, A. and

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Ergonomic Diagnosis of Concrete Mixer Workplace. Case Study

References 3D Static Strength Prediction Program™ Version 7.0.4. Available at: [Accessed 15 May 2018]. Bartnicka,J., Piedrabuena, A., Portilla, R., Mleczko, K., Moyano-Cuevas, J. L., Pagador, J. B., Sanchez- Margallo, F. M., Peter, A. and Tokarczyk, J. (2017). Ergonomics education in orthopedic surgery. LIFE: International Journal of Health and Life-Sciences. Vol. 3 iss. 2, s. 194-215. Bartnicka,J., Piedrabuena, A., Portilla, R., Moyano-Cuevas, J. L

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The Use of Ergonomics to Streamline Processe


At present, it is demanded more and more that the working conditions meet ergonomic principles. Most people have a sedentary job, and many of us spend many hours at the computer. This situation is related to the development of science and technology, and causes number of complications if the ergonomic principles are not observed. Research Institute of labour safety v.v.i. is engaged in examination, validation and application of methods of prevention of risks caused by work activities and endangering human health and the environment. This issue has already been addressed also in an engineering plant.

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A Computerized Tool for Education and Training on Ergonomic Risk Evaluation

) for assessing exposure to risk factors for work-related musculoskeletal disorders. Applied ergonomics, 39(1), 57-69. Dunning, K. K., Davis, K. G., Cook, C., Kotowski, S. E., Hamrick, C., Jewell, G. and Lockey, J. (2010). Costs by industry and diagnosis among musculoskeletal claims in a state workers compensation system: 1999-2004. American journal of industrial medicine, 53(3), pp. 276-284. Górny, A. (2014). Human factor and ergonomics in essential requirements for the operation of technical equipment. In: Stephanidis C., ed

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Reduction of Manual Handling with Loads and Activities Causing Musculosceletal Disorders in a Selected Workplace

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