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Association (2012). Trail building and design. From website of the International Biking Association: IUCN, CORDIO & ICRAN (2008). Managing Marine and Coastal Protected Areas: A Toolkit for South Asia. IUCN, Gland, Switzerland and Bangkok, Thailand; CORDIO, Kalmar, Sweden; and ICRAN, Cambridge, UK. Klimaszewski, M. (1981). Geomorphology (in Polish). Warszawa: PAN. Marion, J.L. & Wimpey J. (2007). Environmental impacts of mountain biking: Science review and best practices. In P. Weber (Ed.), Managing Mountain Biking: IMBA’s Guide

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also formed, which is the material for unbound layers in road construction. Therefore, the aim of the present study was to evaluate the potential use of the mixed aggregate (0/32 mm) from the EAF slag aggregate and natural aggregate as the unbound material for road construction from the environmental point of view. Different mixed aggregates were prepared and their environmental impacts were estimated by applying leaching tests. Materials and Methods Reagents Merck (Darmstadt, Germany) suprapur acids and Milli-Q water (Direct-Q 5 Ultrapure water system; Millipore

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-tracer5-brasil.pdf . 18. Bandeira, J. V., Salim, L. H., Junqueira, M. V., & Barbosa, G. H. S. P. C. (2013). Environmental evaluation of the Paraibuna River downstream of Paciência SHP reservoir, after bottom discharges . Final report . CDTN/CETEC, Belo Horizonte. (R&D Project GT - 198 – CEMIG/ANEEL). 19. Bandeira, J. V., Salim, L. H., Ferreira, V. V. M., Junqueira, M. V., Barbosa, G. H. S. P. C., Carvalho, M. D., & Mota, H. R. (2012). Accretion of reservoirs, bottom discharge and evaluation of environmental impacts: case study of Paciência SHP, Paraibuna River, Minas

(a UNESCO World Heritage Site), to mention but a few. Fig. 1 Map of urban Bulawayo, showing the four stratums upon which fieldwork was based Source: Authors. The study adopted a quantitative design, in terms of which a structured self-administered questionnaire was used to collect the required data from the relevant households (positive economic impacts; negative economic impacts; positive sociocultural impacts; negative sociocultural impacts; positive environmental impacts; negative environmental impacts; the evaluation of tourism impacts; and general impacts

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