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Evaluation of the Environmental Engineering Study Programme at University

Cleaner Production 2014:62:1–7. doi:10.1016/j.jclepro.2013.09.045 [34] Freidenfelds D., Kalnins S. N., Gusca J. What does environmentally sustainable higher education institution mean? Energy Procedia 2018:147:42–47. doi:10.1016/j.egypro.2018.07.031 Caporali E., Catelani M., Manfrida G., Valdiserri J. Accreditation of Environmental Engineering Education at the School of Engineering, University of Firenze (Italy). Conference paper from 2 nd ENAEE annual conference. [Online]. [Accessed 31.03.2019]. Available:

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How Far is Environmental Engineering from Biomedical Engineering?

References [1] Enderle J, Blanchard S, Bronzino J, Introduction to Biomedical Engineering. Third Edition. Oxford: Elsevier; 2011. [2] Bronzino JD, Peterson DR. The Biomedical Engineering Handbook. Third Edition: Biomedical Engineering Fundamentals. Florida: CRC Press; 2006. [3] Zarzycki R. Wymiana ciepła i ruch masy w inżynierii środowiska (Heat and Mass Transfer in Environmental Engineering). Warszawa: WNT; 2005. [4] Davis M, Cornwell D. Introduction to Environmental Engineering. New York: McGraw-Hill Companies, Incorporated; 2008

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Evaluation of the Usefulness of Selected Computer Programs in the Context of Educating Students of the Environmental Engineering

References [1] Baker RW. Ultrafiltration, in Membrane Technology and Applications, Third Edition, Chichester, UK.: John Wiley & Sons, Ltd; 2012. DOI: 10.1002/9781118359686.ch6 [2] Zarzycki R, Imbierowicz M., Stelmachowski M. Wprowadzenie do inżynierii i ochrony środowiska. (Introduction to environmental engineering and protection). Warszawa: Wyd. Nauk-Techn; 2007. [3] Rapantova N, Krzeszowski Ś, Grmela A, Wolkersdorfer C. Quantitative assessment of mine water sources based on the general mixing equation and multivariate statistics. Mine Water

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Civil and Environmental Engineering Reports
The Journal of University of Zielona Góra
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Urban Resettlements and Environmental Engineering as a Context for Human Development. A Case Study: Hade


This paper explores the spatial considerations and relationship between necessity of expanding lignite mining, and urban resettlements as a context for human development and security. A situation is considered fragile when objective is to implement a strategy of safe resettlement. Moreover, those situations reflect how urban resettlement can be a social displeasure, despite health hazards of actual zones. The study presented in this paper explored the Shala neighbourhood of Hade village, focussing on urban resettlements, and environmental engineering issues. The research method consists of empirical observation throughout the zone, with an accent to the areas of resettlement. In order to receive a clear data and information, research is made within spatial regulation of urban planning, focusing on the environmental features regarding to the morphology of the area, air pollution, zones for expanding lignite mining and general hazards of public health. Case study was investigated through literature review, and the data collected includes maps, composition of urban structure, attributes of space, genius loci, and mining activities. Resettlements as a phenomenon pull away very sensitive social, safety and mental issues. We employ relatively new conceptual findings of urban planning, showing that the urban resettlement to a near village Shkabaj does not fulfil social, health and environmental objectives. Based on results of new resettlement area pollution, and urban planning issues presented in this paper, location for the resettlement of Shala neighbourhood of Hade village was not appropriate: as pattern for future urban resettlements in a context for environmental security and human development

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Analysis of Possibility of Yeast Production Increase at Maintained Carbon Dioxide Emission Level

Technology, 21 (4) (1968) pp. 180-186. 10. Gawdzik A., Włodarczyk B.: Effects of the industrial wastes purification system on the productivity of the yeast factory Lesaffre in Wolczyn , Environmental Engineering, DOI: 10.3846/enviro.2014.020 11. George S., Larsson G., Olsson K., Enfors S:, Comparison of the Baker's yeast process performance in laboratory and production scale , Bioprocess Enfineering, 18 (1998) pp. 135-142. 12. Hugo E.: Handbook of cane sugar engineering , Elsevier Publ. Comp., New York, 1974. 13. Ifrim G., Bahrim G., Rapeanu G

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Technical Aspects of Renovation of the 16th-Century Roof Truss

, T and Hamrol, K 2013. Selected methods of diagnosis of historical timber structures - principles and possibilities of assessment. Advanced Materials Research 778 , 225-232. 5. Nowogońska, B and Eckert, W 2015. Construction project for the renovation of the roof truss of the Filial Church of St. Michael Archangel in Lubów [in Polish]. 6. Nowogońska, B 2019. Performance characteristics of buildings in the assessment of revitalization needs. Civil and Environmental Engineering Reports 29 , 119-127. 7. Ostańska, A 2015. Algorithm of

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Water Quality Assessment After Modernization of the Technological System in the Water Treatment Plant in Drzenin (Poland)

REFERENCES 1. Barloková, D and Ilavský, J 2009. Iron and manganese removal from small water resources. Polish Journal of Environmental Studies. 19(6), 1117–1122. 2. Główny Inspektorat Sanitarny 2018. Żelazo w wodzie przeznaczonej do spożycia przez ludzi. 3. GUS. Ochrona środowiska w 2018r. 4. Jakubaszek, A and Mossetty, J 2019. Changes to water quality in the water supply network of Zielona Góra. Civil and Environmental Engineering Reports 29 , 92–101. 5. Jordanowska, J and Jakubus, M 2014. Evaluation of effectiveness

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Influence of the Static Loading of a Raft Unconnected to a Pile on the Pile Displacements Tested in Field Conditions

Negative Skin Friction on a single pile . Progress in Civil, Architectural and Hydraulic Engineering IV: Proceedings, London, 343-346. 5. Mashhour, I 2016. Experimental study on negative skin friction on piles in collapsible soils due to inundation : a thesis for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (Civil Engineering) / Ibrahim Mashhour; Concordia University. – Quebec, 171. 6. Sedin, V and Bikus, K and Kovba, V 2017. Investigation of redistribution of pile foundation forces under successive loading of its elements. Civil and Environmental Engineering

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Emporal and Spatial Variability of Rainfall in Modelling of Stormwater Outflows

). University of Zielona Góra Scientifical Reports, Environmental Engineering 138 (18) , 112-124. 9. Rossman, LA 2015. Storm Water Management Model User’s Manual Version 5.1, EPA/600/R-14/413b . Cincinnati, Ohio, USA: US EPA National Risk Management Research Laboratory. 10. Schmitt, TG 2007. Kommentar zum Arbeitsblatt A 118 „Hydraulische Bemessung und Nachweis von Entwässerungssystemen” . Warszawa, Seidel-Przywecki.

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