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Contemporarily, the safety of employees in the work environment is affected by many different factors. Among them, attention should be paid particularly to those that shape the psychosocial safety of employees. The aim of the article is to analyze organizational activities related to diversity management in terms of their impact on psychosocial safety of employees in the work environment. Organizational activities related to diversity management more often appear in enterprises, providing benefits from taking advantage of the various human resources. The effective diversity management is connected with building organizational culture and shaping employee relations in the area of psychosocial safety of employees in the work environment. In the first part of the article, the authors presented the issue of diversity management in relation to the psychosocial safety of employees. The second part shows the results of selected reports and studies related to diversity management in enterprises operating in Poland. Furthermore, the influence of diversity management on the psychosocial safety of employees in the work environment was demonstrated.

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The article starts with a brief insight into the history of climate change, with a scope on the international and legal aspects of ever-changing regulations. The regional level is in the article is The European Union, as the only regional economic integration organization under the Kyoto Protocol. It deals with the United Nation’s international agreements like UNFCCC its Kyoto’s Protocol and the Post-Kyoto era. It also analyses the EU’s system in the climate change law with correspondence the international rules. Comparison between international and regional legislation in the climate change is used as a tool of analysis. Finally an insight is given into a special field in the climate change, the build environment, reflecting on the related United Nation’s recommendation and the EU’s regulation.

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