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Logic of an Effectuating Hyperlocal
Entrepreneurial processes and passions of online news start-ups


This article examines motivations, rewards and strategies in hyperlocal news entrepreneurship. The material is an interview study with eight entrepreneurs who independently own and manage hyperlocal news sites in Sweden. The conclusion is that the means of the hyperlocal entrepreneur both motivate and create an obstacle for growth. The findings of struggling business models, self-exploitation and civic motivations correspond with previous research in different countries, but alternative perspectives are suggested drawing from theories of entrepreneurial passion and processes. Civic motivations can be viewed as part of entrepreneurial passion, and the precarious nature as a low-risk effectuation process. The effectuator explores possible outcomes of given means and builds the business by controlling the affordable loss rather than calculating the possible return. Along with the obvious difficulty in finding a profitable business model when operating in a very small market, this implies a new perspective on failure and success in hyperlocal entrepreneurship, but also underlines that any measures of support for the sector need to be easily accessible for the individual entrepreneur.

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Transparency of Financial Information on Crowdfunding Platforms – A Prerequisite for Successful Funding Campaigns

Entrepreneurial Journalism. Unresolved Ethical Issues in Crowdfunded Journalism Projects”, Journalism Practice, Vol. 10, No. 2, pp. 196-216, 2016. [4] Baucus, Melissa and Mitteness, Cheryl, “Crowdfunding: Avoiding Ponzi Entrepreneurs When Investing in New Ventures”, Business Horizons, Vol. 59, No. 1, pp. 37-50, 2016. [5] Farajian, Morteza, Lauzon, Alexandra J. et al., “Introduction to a Crowdfunded Public- Private Partnership Model in the United States Policy Review on Crowdfund Investing”, Transportation Research Record, No. 2530, pp. 36

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A Comparative Analysis of Crowdfunding in Poland and Romania

, 341-352. Porlezza, C., & Splendore, S. (2016). Accountability and transparency of entrepreneurial journalism. Unresolved ethical issues in crowdfunded journalism projects. Journalism Practice , 10(2), 196-216. Renwick, M., & Mossialos, E. (2016). Crowdfunding our health: economic risks and benefits. Social Science &Medicine , 191, 48-56. Statista (2018a). Alternative finance market in Europe from 2012 to 2016. Retrieved from: . Statista (2018b

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Hyperlocal Media in the Nordic Region

service: The diffusion of dynamic content in online newspapers. Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly 84(4): 825-839. Tremayne M. Weiss A. S. & Alves R. C. 2007 From product to service: The diffusion of dynamic content in online newspapers Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly 84 4 825 839 Wagemans, A., Witschge, T. & Deuze, M. (2016). Ideology as resource in entrepreneurial journalism: The French online news startup Mediapart. Journalism Practice 10(2): 160-177. Wagemans A. Witschge T. & Deuze M. 2016 Ideology as

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Viable, Sustainable or Resilient?
Understanding the hyperlocal business ecosystem

a model of the participants’ perspective on participatory journalism. New Media & Society , 18(5): 708−725. Borger M. van Hoof A. & Sanders J. 2016 Expecting reciprocity: Towards a model of the participants’ perspective on participatory journalism New Media & Society 18 5 708 725 Briggs, M. (2012). Entrepreneurial journalism: How to build what’s next for news Los Angeles: Thousand Oaks. Briggs M. 2012 Entrepreneurial journalism: How to build what’s next for news Los Angeles Thousand Oaks Brousseau, E. & Penard, T. (2007

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Book Reviews

journalists as network-based actors in society. In the final chapter of the section, Chris Peters and Marcel Broersma urge us to abandon ‘grand normative theories’ of journalism’s societal role and adopt ‘a bottom-up’ approach; that is, to study the actual informational habits of news consumers. In their view, this perspective enables scholars to move beyond prevailing claims about journalism (which they call naïve), and provide the foundation for a civically engaged populace. Other insights in this section focus on entrepreneurial journalism (Jane Singer), the journalism

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