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University As A Social Entreprise:Modelling Enterprise 3.0 Application In Engineering Curriculum

REFERENCES 1. Abasheva, C., Specifics of the English Language Education in the Study Groups with Different Mother Tongues. 5th International scientific conference Theory for Practice in the Education of Contemporary Society , Riga Teacher Training and Educational Management Academy 25 - 27 March 2010, pp. 428-431, Riga, Latvia, (2010). 2. Ahrens, A., Zaščerinska, J., Enterprise 3.0 in Engineering Education. Proceedings of the 15th International Student Scientific Practical Conference "Human. Environment. Technology" , Rezekne Higher Education

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Information-decision model for self-controlling enterprise processes

Literature van der Aalst, W., & van Hee, K. M. (2002). Workflow Management: Models, Methods, and Systems Cooperative Information Systems Series . Cambridge, United Kingdom: MIT Press. Badura, D. (2014). Modelling business processes in logistics with the use diagrams BPMN and UML. Forum Scientiae Oeconomia, 2 (4), 35-50. Bernus, P., Noran, O., & Molina, A. (2015). Enterprise architecture: Twenty years of the GERAM framework. Annual Reviews in Control, 39 , 83-93. doi: 10.1016/j.arcontrol.2015.03.008. Blackstone, J. H., & Cox, J. F. (2005

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Analysis of ERP Systems Implementation in the Construction Enterprises

Technology 15 (4). 2000. 245-265pp. Rajagopal P. An innovation-diffusion view of implementation of enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems and development of research model. Information & Management 40. 2002. 87-114pp. Somers T.M., Nelson K.G. A taxonomy of players and activities across the ERP project life cycle. Information & Management 41 (3). 2004. 257-278pp. Umble E, Haft R, Umble M. Enterprise resource planning: implementation procedures and critical success factors. European

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Synchronizing Enterprise Resource Planning Systems and Business Processes: A Case of a New ERP Development Approach

References Soh, C., Kien, S. S., Tay-Yap, J. Cultural fits and misfits: Is ERP a universal solution? Communications of the ACM, 2000. 43(4): p. 47-51. Davenport, T. Putting the Enterprise into the Enterprise System. Harvard Business Review, 1998. 76(4): p. 121-131. Wei, H.-L., Wang, E. T. G., Ju, P.-H. Understanding misalignment and cascading change of ERP implementation: a stage view of process analysis. European Journal of Information Systems, 2005. 14(4): p. 324

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Analyzing the management process in small and medium-sized enterprises in the Region of South Bohemia

References AMSP ČR. (2017, February). Analýza podnikání na venkově a v zemědělsko-potravinářských oborech. Retrieved 2017, from Arriba, B.R. (2009). Globalisation, economic policy and rural development in Europe. Romanian jornal of political science, 9(1), 3-13. Bridge, S., O´Neill, K. & Cromie, S. (1998). Understanding Enterprise, Entrepreneurship & Small Business. London: Macmillan. Brodbeck, H. et al. (1995). Erfolg in

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Computer Integrated Enterprise in the MRP/ERP Software Implementation

process integration in enterprises. Kluwer Academic Press, Boston 1998. Bues M. - Offene Systeme. Strategien, Konzepte und Techniken für das Informationsmanagement . Springer, Berlin 1994. Chmielarz W. - Systemy informatyczne wspomagające zarządzanie. Aspekt modelowy w budowie systemów . Dom Wydawniczy "Elipsa", Warszawa, 1996. Flakiewicz W. - Pojęcie informacji w technologii multimedialnej [in] Badania Statutowe SGH, No. 03/S/0018/99, KAE SGH (maszynopis powielony), Warszawa 1999, pp.2

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The Legality of Offshore Enterprises

References Bogdanovičius, Sergejus. Ofšorinės firmos versle (Offshore enterprises in business). Vilnius, 1999. Brittain-Catlin, William. Offshore: The Dark Side of the Global Economy. New York: Farrar, Straus, and Giroux, 2005. "Creating Work." Chicago Trib. no. 22 (2003) // the source acquired through the Westlaw database: Harney, John. "Offshore Outsourcing - The Ongoing Political Debate." Outsourcing Center (November

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Small enterprise development in South Africa: The role of business incubators

. Kongola, M., 2010: Job Creation Versus Job Shedding and The Role of SMEs in Economic Development. In: African Journal of Business Management, Vol. 4 (11), pp. 2288-2295. Malefane, S.R., 2013: Small, Medium, and Micro Enterprise and Local Economic Base Restructuring - A South African Local Government Perspective. In: Journal of Public Administration, Vol. 48 (4), pp. 672-691. Masutha, M., 2014: Small Business Incubators in South Africa: Emergence, Geography and Local Impacts. University of Johannesburg. Unpublished MSc Dissertation

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Organisational Factors of Rapid Growth of Slovenian Dynamic Enterprises

Growing Private Enterprises in China: Study on Listed Companies on GEM in Shenzhen Stock Exchange. Journal of Chinese Entrepreneurship , 2(3), 282-291, Hölzl, W. (2009). Is the R&D Behaviour of Fast-Growing SMEs Different? Evidence from CIS III Data for 16 Countries. Small Business Economics , 33(1), 59-75, Kingstone, B. (1987). The Dynamos: Who are They Anyway . New York: John Wiley & Sons. Kreitner, R. & Kinicki, A. (2004

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Engineer 4.0 in a metallurgical enterprise

]. Available at: Durlik, I. (2007). Inżynieria zarządzania, cz. I. Warszawa: Palcet. Gajdzik, B. (2008). Concentration on knowledge and change management at the metallurgical company. Metalurgija, 47(2), pp. 142-144. Gajdzik, B. (2013). Diagnosis of employee engagement in metallurgical enterprise. Metalurgija, 1(52), pp. 139-142. Gajdzik, B. (2018). Przemysł 4.0 wyzwaniem dla przedsiębiorstw sektora. Hutnik – Wiadomości Hutnicze, 85(6), pp. 186-190. Gajdzik, B. (2019). Longtime assessment of

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