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Mechanical Properties and Biocompatibility of a Biomaterial Based on Deproteinized Hydroxyapatite and Endodentine Cement


Hydroxyapatite is used for bone reconstruction, in order to improve its mechanical properties different substances can be added. In our study new biomaterial is created from deproteinised hydroxyaptite and endodentic cement, its mechanical properties were tested. Material was implanted subcutaneous in rats, then histological and biocompatability tests were performed. Results indicate that stuff has good mechanical properties, short setting time and gradual resorption creating porosity and ability to integrate in bone.

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A chemical activity evaluation of two dental calcium silicate-based materials

-ray diffraction analysis of MTA-Plus, MTAAngelus and Dia-Root BioAggregate. Eur. J. Dent., 8, 211, 2014. 5. Han L., Okiji T.: Bioactivity evaluation of three calcium silicatebased endodontic materials. Int. Endod. J., 46, 808, 2013. 6. Khedmat S. et al.: In vitro cytotoxicity of four calcium silicate-based endodontic cements on human monocytes, a colorimetric MTT assey. Restor. Dent. Endod., 39, 149, 2014. 7. Kokate S.R., Pawar A.M.: An in vitro comparative stereomicroscopic evaluation of marginal seal between MTA, glass insomer

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In vitro cytotoxicity evaluation of different pulp capping materials: a comparative study

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Extrusion of Root Canal Sealer in Periapical Tissues - Report of Two Cases with Different Treatment Management and Literature Review

. Inferior alveolar nerve paresthesia relieved by microscopic endodontic treatment. Bull Tokyo Dent Coll, 2003; 44:209-212. 57. Lambrianides T, Economides N. Extrusion of root canal sealer to the mandibular canal area. A case report. Balk J Dent Med, 2005; 9:152-154. 58. Scarano A, Di Carlo F, Quaranta A, Piattelli A. Injury of the inferior alveolar nerve after overfilling f of the root canal with endodontic cement: a case report. Oral Surg Oral Med Oral Pathol Oral Radiol Endod, 2007; 104:56-59. 59. Escoda-Francoli J, Canalda-Sahli C, Soler A, Figueiredo

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