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Education: 11. Artistic Education, A Promoter for the Development of School Creativity from the Intercultural Perspective

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The Subject “Physical Education and Sport” in the Higher Schools in Bulgaria

References Act / Amend (2014). Law on Physical Education and Sports . Retrieved from [09.21.2017]. Bachvarov, M. (1995). Sporto - Science of Sport. Sports and Science , 49 (6), 61-64. Georgiev, A. (2007). On the Sports Culture of the Bulgarian Nation. Sports and Science , 61 (1), 511-515. Ivanov, St. (2012). Sport and Students . Blagoevgrad: IM “Neofit Rilski”. Miletiev, St. (2017). Methodical system for fitness training of students from different specialties. In

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History and Modernity in Artistic Education from Romania

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The Need for Entrepreneurial Education at University

commitment to entrepreneurial opportunities within firms: Does intuition-based behavior matter? Submission for European Summer University. Dehghanpour Farashah, A. (2013). The process of impact of entrepreneurship education and training on entrepreneurship perception and intention. Study of educational system of Iran. Education + Training , 55 (8/9), 868–885. Dew, N. (2009). Serendipity in entrepreneurship. Organization Studies , 30 (7), 735–753. Druker, P. (2015). Innovation and entrepreneurship. Practice and principles . London: Routledge

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Values Education - a Reality or Myth in Polish Schools

References Ahmad, R. H. (1998). Educational development and reformation in Malaysia: Past, present and future. Journal of Educational Administration , 36(5), 462-475. Clarke, M., & Feeny, S. (Eds.). (2007). Education for the end of poverty: Implementing all the millennium development goals. New York: Nova Science Publishers. Guth, W. D., & Tagiuri, R. (1965). Personal values and corporate strategy. Harvard Business Review , 43 (5) , 123-134. Jablonsky, D. (1995). Paradigm lost?: Transitions and the search for a new world order. Westport, CT

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Education for sustainable development in early childhood education in Finland

References Allardt, E. (1989). An updated indicator system: Having, loving, being (Working paper). Helsinki: University of Helsinki. Älemalm-Hagsér, E., & Sandberg, A. (2011). Sustainable development in early childhood education: In-service studentsí comprehension of the concept. Environmental Education Research, 17(2), 187-200. Brundtland, G. (Ed.). (1987). Our common future: The world commission on environment and development. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Chatzifotiou, A. (2006

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Using smartphones and tablets in higher education contexts: an exploratory study within a teacher education programme

References Aubusson, P., Schuck, S., & Burden, K. (2009). Mobile learning for teacher professional learning: Benefits, obstacles, and issues. ALT-J, Research in Learning Technology, 17 (3), 233-247. Baran, E. (2014). A Review of Research on Mobile Learning in Teacher Education. Educational Technology & Society, 17 (4), 17-32. Bates, C. C., & Martin, A. (2013). Using mobile technology to support literacy coaching practices. Journal of Digital Learning in Teacher Education, 30 (2), 60-66. Broda, M

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Virtual realities and education

References Abrash, M. (2016). Oculus Connect 3 opening keynote. Retrieved from Annetta, L., Mangrum, J., Holmes, S., Collazo, K. & Meng-Tzu, C. (2009). Bridging realty [sic] to virtual reality: Investigating gender effect and student engagement on learning through video game play in an elementary school classroom. International Journal of Science Education, 31(8), 1091-1113. Arnab, S., Petridis, P., Dunwell, I., & de Freitas, S. (2011). Enhancing learning in

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Contradictions in Higher Education

References AFT, H. E. (2009). The American academic: The state of higher education workforce 1997–2007 . Washington, D.C: American Federation of Teachers. Amundsen, B. (2015, August 21). Women and men still study completely different university subjects. Norway: Science Nordic. Retrieved from Scien Bates, A. (2015). Teaching in a Digital Age. licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License. Benjamin, E

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Implementing the United Nations Decade on Education for Sustainable Development in Latvian Higher Education

References Baltic University Teachers Community (BUTC). (2008). Conference "Education for Change: From Theory to Practice" materials. September 19, 2008, Riga, Latvia. Retrieved October 10, 2008, from Cabinet of Ministers (CM). (2001). Nacionālās attāstābas plāns [National Development Plan]. Rīga: MK. Calder, W., & Clugston, R. (2002). Higher education. In J. C. Dernbach (Ed

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