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Edge effects on understory epiphytic ferns and epiphyllous bryophytes in moist afromontane forests of Ethiopia

References Anonymous 2010. R Develomment core team. A language and environment for statistical computing. R Foundation for Statistical Computing, Vienna. Barthlott W., Schmit-Neuerburg V., Nieder J. & Engwald S. 2001. Diversity and abundance of vascular epiphytes: a comparison of secondary vegetation and primary montane rain forest in the Venezuelan Andes. Plant Ecology 152 : 145-156. Camargo J. L., & Kapos V. 1995. Complex edge effects on soil moisture and microclimate in central Amazonian forest. J

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Antropogenically Created Forest Edge in the Starohorské Vrchy Mts. on the Example of Donovaly Village

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Animal occurrence in fragmented forest habitats – important factors at the patch and landscape scale

landscape attributes on black howler monkey populations in the fragmented Lacandona rainforest, Mexico. Landscape Ecology 28: 1717–1727. DOI 10.1007/s10980-013-9929-2. Babak P., He F. 2009. A neutral model of edge effects. Theoretical Population Biology 75: 76–83. DOI 10.1016/j.tpb.2008.11.002. Banks-Leite C., Ewers R.M., Metzger J.P. 2010. Edge effects as the principal cause of area effects on birds in fragmented secondary forest. Oikos 119: 918–926. DOI 10.1111/j.1600-0706.2009.18061.x. Batáry P., Fronczek S., Normann C., Scherber C., Tscharntke

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Habitat fragmentation decreased the genetic variability of Trichilia elegans A. Juss. (Meliaceae) in southern Brazil

-474. SOUZA, L. M. F. I., P. Y. KAGEYAMA and A. M. SEBBENN 2004): Genetic structure in fragmented populations of Chorisia speciosa St. Hil. Scientia forestalis 65: 70-79. SOUZA, V. C. and H. LORENZI (2005): Botânica Sistemática. Editora Instituto Plantarum. Nova Odessa. pp 640. SUGIYAMA, A. and C. J. PETERSON (2013): Edge Effects Act Differentially on Multiple Early Regeneration Stages of a Shade-tolerant Tree Tapirira mexicana. Biotropica 45: 37-44. TERBORGH, J., G. NUÑEZ-ITURRI, N. C. PITMAN, F. H. VALVERDE, P. ALVAREZ, V

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Study on the Size Effect of Auxetic Cellular Materials

Trends in Mechanics, vol.3, Ed. D.Popa, V.Chiroiu, L.Munteanu. [5] Lakes R.S. (1983): Size effects and micromechanics of a porous solid. – J. Mat. Sci., vol.18, pp.2572-2580. [6] Brezny R. and Green D.J. (1990): Characterization of edge effects in cellular materials. – J. Mat. Sci., vol.25, pp.4571-4578. [7] Bastawros A.F., Bart-Smith H. and Evans A.G. (1999) Experimental analysis of deformation mechanisms in a closed cell aluminium foam. – J. Mech. Phys. Solids, vol.48, pp.301-322. [8] Andrews E., Sanders W. and Gibson L.J. (1999

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Distribution of the cestode Taenia parva (Taeniidae) along the digestive tract of the common genet (Genetta genetta)

and ecological trends on the helminth community of Genetta genetta Linnaeus, 1758 (Carnivora: Viverridae) in the Iberian Peninsula. Helminthologia 37: 223–228 [4] Fretwell S. D., Lucas, H. L. (1970): On territorial behaviour and other factors influencing habitat distribution in birds. Acta Bio. Theor., 19: 16–36 [5] Gelhausen, S. M., Schwartz, M. W., Augspurger, C. K. (2000): Vegetation and microclimatic edge effects in two mixed-mesophytic forest fragments. Plant Ecol., 147: 21–35

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Relationship between vegetation structure and abundance of Great-spotted Woodpeckers (Dendrocopos major) in a mosaic habitat

.ecoleng.2010.06.001 Machmer, M. 2002. Effects of ecosystem restoration treatments on cavity-nesting birds, their habitat, and their insectivorous prey in fire-maintained forests of southeastern British Columbia. - US Forest Service General Technical Report PSW 181 (August): 121-133. Mannan, R. W., Meslow, E. C. & Wight, H. M. 1980. Use of snags by birds in Douglas-fir forests, Western Oregon. - Journal of Wildlife Management 44(4): 787-797. McWethy, D. B., Hansen, A. J. & Verschuyl, J. P. 2009. Edge effects for songbirds vary

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The Proportion of Cropland Influences Negatively the Occurrence of Breeding Birds in an Alkali Grassland Habitat in NW Serbia

. D. (2006): Birds. pp. 308-344. In: Sutherland W. J. (ed.): Ecological Census Techniques (second edition). - Cambridge University Press, Cambridge. Gregory R. D., Gibbons D. W., Donald P. F. (2004): Bird census and survey techniques. pp. 35-40. In: Sutherland W. J., Newton I., Green R. E. (eds.): Bird Ecology and Conservation. - Oxford University Press, Oxford. Flaspohle D. J., Templer S. A., Rosenfield R. N. (2001): Species-specific edge effects on nest success and breeding bird density in a forested landscape. - Ecological

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The Occurence of Ecological Traps in Bird Populations: Is our Knowledge Sufficient? A Review

. M., Machtans, C. S. (2008). Energy sector edge effects on songbird nest fate andnest productivity in the boreal forest of Western Canada: a preliminary analysis. Proceedings of the Fourth International Partners in Flight Conference: Tundra to Tropics, pp. 161-170. Batáry, P., Winkler, H., Báldi, A. (2004). Experiments with artificial nests on predation in reedhabitats. Journal of Ornithology. 145, pp. 59-63. Battin, J. (2004). When good animals love bad habitats: Ecological traps and the conservation ofanimal populations

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Forest Fragmentation and Connectivity in Virginia Between 2001 and 2011

monitored in a powerful new way by combining remote sensing, geographic information systems, and analytical software. BioScience. 52 (5): 411–422. Holway, D. (2005). Edge effects of an invasive species across a natural ecological boundary. Biological Conservation . 121: 561–567. Honnay, O., Hermy, M. and Coppin, P. (1997). Effects of area, age and diversity of forest patches in Belgium on plant species richness, and implications for conservation and reforestation. Biological Conservation 87: 73 – 84. Jin, S., L. Yang, P. Danielson, C. Homer, J. Fry

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