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Functions of Urban Greenspace and Ecosystem Services

References Bolund P., Hunhammar S., 1999, Ecosystem services in urban areas. Ecological Economics , 29: 293-301. Boyd, J., Banzhaf, S., 2007, What are ecosystem services? The need for standardized environmental accounting units. Ecological Economics 63 (2-3): 616-626. Chmielewski W., 1996, Zieleń Warszawy - funkcje, problemy i nadzieje w obliczu realizacji programu ekorozwoju [Warsaw Greenery - features, problems and hopes in the face of eco-development program], [in:] Zieleń

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University Research Ecosystem: A Conceptual Understanding

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Technology Entrepreneurial Ecosystems and Entrepreneurship in the West Region of Romania

Business School Press 9. Moore, J.F. (1996). The death of competition: leadership and strategy in the age of business ecosystems, HarperBusiness New York 10. Oakley, R.P. (2003). Technical entrepreneurship in high technology small firms: some observations on the implications for management, Technovation, 23, 679-88 11. OECD (2014). Entrepreneurship at a Glance, Paris 12. Porter, M.E. (1990). The Competitive Advantage of Nations, London, Macmillan 13. Prediscan, M., Roiban, R. (2014). Achiving

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Ecosystem and Landscapes - A Critical Comparative Appraisal

References Allen, T. H. F., Hoekstra, T. W. (1992). Toward a Unified Ecology. New York: Colombia University Press. Alberti, M., Marzluff, J. M., Schulenberger, E., Bradley, G., Ryan, C. & Craig, Z. (2003). Integrating humans into ecology: Opportunities and challenges for studying urban ecosystems. Bio-Science 53, 1169-1179. Bastian, O., Steinhardt, U. (2002). Development and Perspectives of Landscape Ecology. Dodrecht : Kluwer Academic Publishers

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Pulicat Lake: A Fragile Ecosystem Under Threat

–52, 2011. Pandian P. K. – Ramanamurthy M. V – Ramachandran, S. (2006) “Morphodynamics of the Tidal Inlets of Ennore Creek and Pulicat Lake, North Chennai Coast, Southeast India,” J. Coast. esearch, vol. 2004, no. 39, pp. 2004–2007, 2006. Mageshkumar, S. J. M. R, A. R. S – K. A. N. N. Model, “Modelling of Chlorophyll-A Concentrations in Pulicat Lagoon, Southeast Coast of India Using Artificial Neural Network,” no. 2277, pp. 3–7, 2013. Cook C. G. – Leng, M. J. – Jones, R. T. – Langdon, P. G. – Zhang, E. (2012) “Lake ecosystem dynamics and links to

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Soil Structure and Soil Organic Matter of Selected Soil Types in Different Ecosystems

-427. DOI: 10.1111/j.1351-0754.2004.0608.x Bhattachar yya, R. - Prakash , V. - Kundu , S. - Srivastva , A.K. - Gupta , H.S. 2009. Soil aggregation and organic matter in a sandy clay loam soil of the Indian Himalayas under different tillage and crop regimes. In Agriculture Ecosystem and Environment, vol. 13 2, no. 1-2, 2009, pp. 126-134. Bonde , T.A. - Schn Ürer , J. - Rosswall , T. 1988. Microbial biomass as a fraction of potentially mineralizable nitrogen in soils from long-term field experiments. In Soil Biology and Biochemistry

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Changing values of lake ecosystem services as a result of bacteriological contamination on Lake Trzesiecko and Lake Wielimie, Poland

References Alm E.W., Burke J., Spain A. 2003. Fecal indicator bacteria are abundant in wet sand at freshwater beaches. Water Res ., 37: 3978–3982. Bernaciak A., Cichoń M. 2012. Ecosystem service’s changes caused by anthropopressure (case of the lakes of Middle Pomerania, Poland). Ekonomia i Środowisko , 2: 190–199. Bitton G. 2005. Wastewater Microbiology . John Wiley & Sons, Nowy York. Braat L., ten Brink P. (eds.) 2010. The cost of Policy inaction: the case of not meeting the 2010 biodiversity target . Study for the European

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The Use of Satellite Data in the Operational 3D Coupled Ecosystem Model of the Baltic Sea (3D Cembs)

operational ecohydrodynamic model (3D CEMBS) - the hydrodynamic part, Oceanologia 55(3) (2013a) 519-541 5. Dzierzbicka-Głowacka L., Janecki M., Nowicki A., Jakacki J.: Activation of the operational ecohydrodynamic model (3D CEMBS) - the ecosystem module, Oceanologia 55(3) (2013a) 543-572 6. Dzierzbicka-Głowacka L., Nowicki A., Janecki M.: The automatic monitoring system for 3D CEMBSv2 in operational Version, Journal of Environmental Science and Engineering Technology 1 (2014) 1-9 7. Moore J. K., Doney S. C., Kleypas J. A

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An Ecosystem Perspective On Asset Management Information

References [1] K. Rong, G. Hu, Y. Lin, Y. Shi and L. Liang, “Understanding business ecosystem using a 6C framework in internet-of-Things-based sectors“, International Journal of Production Economics, vol. 159, pp. 41-55, Jan. 2015. [2] I. Perko and P. Ototsky, “Big data for Business Ecosystem Players”, Our Economy, vol. 62, no. 2, pp. 12-24, 2016. [3] S. Dawes and T. Pardo, “Maximizing knowledge for program evaluation: critical issues and practical challenges of ICT strategies”, in Proc. of The 5th International

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A Framework for Creating Value from Fleet Data at Ecosystem Level

References [1] Y. Geng and R. Côté, “Diversity in industrial ecosystems”, International Journal of Sustainable Development and World Ecology, vol. 14, no. 4, pp. 329-335, 2007. [2] G.K.S. Gossain, “Reinventing value: The new business ecosystem”, Strategy & Leadership, vol. 26, no. 5, pp. 28-33, 1998. [3] M. Iansiti and R. Levien, “Strategy as Ecology”, Harvard Business Review, vol. 82, no. 3, pp. 68-78, 2004. [4] J. Korhonen, “Four ecosystem principles for an industrial ecosystem”, Journal of

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