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Education, Innovation and Economic Development

5. References Herciu M., Ogrean C., Wealth, Competitiveness, and Intellectual Capital – Sources for Economic Development, Procedia Economics and Finance 27 (2015), 556 – 566 Shaffer D.F., Wright D.J., (2010), A New Paradigm for Economic Development - How Higher Education Institutions Are Working to Revitalize Their Regional and State Economies, The Nelson A. Rockefeller Institute of Government, University of Albany, State University of New York World Economic Forum, (2009), The Global Competitiveness Report 2008–2009: Full Data Edition

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Influence of the A2 motorway on the economic development at local level

References Bank Danych Lokalnych (Local Data Bank) GUS:, DoA: 30 March 2014. Bryan, J., Hill, S., Munday, M. and Roberts, A., 1997: Road infrastructure and economic de-velopment in the periphery: the case of A55 improvements in North Wales. In: Journal of Transport Geography, Volume 5, Number 4, Elsevier Science Ltd., pp. 227-237. DOI: 10.1016/S0966-6923(97)00020-3 Brzozowska, K., 2005: Finansowanie inwestycji infrastrukturalnych przez kapitał prywatny na zasadach Project Finance

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Reframing place-based economic development in South Africa: the example of local economic development

References Abrahams, D., 2003: Local Economic Development in South Africa: A Useful Tool for Sustainable Development. In: Urban Forum, Vol. 14 (2/3), pp. 185-200. Akudugu, J.A., 2013: Organising and Implementing Local Economic Development Initiatives at the District Level in Ghana, unpublished PhD dissertation Rheinischen Friedrich-Wilhelms Universitat, Bonn. Akudugu, J.A. and Laube, W., 2013: Implementing Local Economic Development in Ghana: Multiple Actors and Rationalities, Bonn: ZEF Working Paper Series, No

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Income Redistribution and Socio-economic Development

., JONES, P. (1987). Public Sector Economics. Oxford: Blackwell Publishing. DINIZ, F., SEQUEIRA, T. (2012). A Social and Economic Development Index. NUTS Ranking in Portugal. American Journal of Economics. 2(7), pp. 146-163. DOI: 10.5923/j.economics.20120207.01 Esspros. The European System of integrated Social PROtection Statistics. (2012). ESSPROS Manual and user guidelines. Luxembourg: Publications Office of the European Union (ISBN 978-92-79-24751-4). DOI: 10.2785/29417 Esspros. The European System of integrated Social

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The Perspectives And Roles of Renewable Energy Sources in the Economic Development of Peripheral Areas of Hungary

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Corporate Initiatives and Strategies to Meet the Environmental Challenges – Contributions Towards a Green Economic Development

Management Executive, 12(2), 38-50. Black, J. K. (1991). Development in theory and practice: bridging the gap. Westview Press, Inc. Chapple, K. (2008). Defining the Green Economy. A Primer on Green Economic Development. The Center for Community Innovation: University of California Berkeley. November. Crane, A., & Matten, D. (2007). Business Ethics: Managing Corporate Citizenship and Sustainability in the Age of Globalization. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Dicken, P. (2007). Global shift: Mapping the

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Commonwealth of Independent States Economic Development: Multidimensional Comparison of States

Development of Lithuanian Counties by Multiple Criteria Methods. Technological and Economic Development of Economy . Vilnius Gediminas Technical University 2009, No. 3, 418-436. Hellwig, Z. (1968). Zastosowanie metody taksonomicznej do typologicznego podziału krajów ze względu na poziom ich rozwoju oraz zasoby i strukturę kwalifikowanych kadr, Przegląd Statystyczny , nr 4, 324. Kompa, K. & Witkowska, D. (2009). Comparison of the Socio-Economic Development Level of European Union States: the Distance Measures Application. Polish Journal of

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Analysis of Local Economic Development Capacity in Hungarian Rural Settlements

References Agg, Z.; Nemes Nagy, J. (2002). A politika térségi és helyi szintjei [The regional and local levels of politics]. In: Bernek Á. (ed.), A globális világ politikai földrajza [Political geography of the global world]. Budapest: Nemzeti Tankönyvkiadó, 385–430. Bajmóczy, Z. (2011). Bevezetés a helyi gazdaságfejlesztésbe [Introduction to local economic development]. Szeged: JATEPress. Bogárdi, T.; Molnár, M. (2014). The barriers to economic development through the example of a Hungarian internal periphery. Vestnik Apk Stavropolya

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Importance and Impact of Foreign Investment on the Economic Development of Bosnia and Herzegovina

REFERENCES Todaro, M. P. & Smit, S. C. (2006). Economic development, Sarajevo: TKD Sahinpasic Jovanovic & Gavrilovic, P. (2006). International business finance. Belgrade: Faculty of Economics Samuelson, P. & Nordhaus, W. (1992) Economic growth in the long run the most important factor in the economic success of nations, McGraw-Hill Dunning, J. (1982). „A Note on the Intra-industry Foreign Direct Investmen“. Banca Nazionale del Lavoro (Rome) March, p.p. 265-284 Popović, G. (2009). Economics of the European Union, the macroeconomic

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