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The article presents the problem of quality management in the process of material selection for structural elements of a car dump truck. The study took into account the classical management pyramid and there was used the optimization method (generalized objective function). The center that manages the process of production / assembly of the dump truck should be the level of organization that has the highest degree of processing of required information and making strategic decisions in this respect. The design process of structural elements is carried out primarily in terms of the ability to provide adequate physical and mechanical properties in the process. There is a very strong tendency to reduce the own weight of the semi-trailers by increasing the weight of the load. This is an important criterion from the point of view of the economics of operation of technical facilities of this type. The article presents the results of the application of a generalized objective function in the field of material selection for construction elements of a dump truck. The analysis includes structural elements made of S355 steel and Hardox 400 and 450 fine-grain steel.


In many industrial applications is taken to consider change of payload potential energy while lifting it. It allows obtained directly benefits. For example, the cost of material loaded on a dump truck in a composition of coal is generally priced by its weight. In this case, the truck has to pass a stationary scale twice to identify its payload, before and after loading. Measuring weight of the material instantly while loading the truck, increases the efficiency of the process and makes a stationary scale unnecessary. In addition, it is possible to prevent overloading of means of transport, which use public roads, and can be weighed by the road service. The typical solutions of the static and dynamic weighing system from market were compared. The theoretical model is presented basing on geometrical and mass parameters of excavator CAT 301.5. The weighing system used in off-road machines is usually based on the measurement of the working fluid pressure in the piston chambers of the hydraulic cylinders, which lift the machine work equipment together with a payload. In this article is shown a solution with load pin, which allows the determination of the load mass independently of the several factors affecting the classic weighing system. The possibility of payload mass measuring on the excavator was estimated during tests on prepared research stand. There were obtained a good agreement of experimental research results with the mathematical model.

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The conveyor 17 is connected to the receiving hopper 18 by means of a pipeline 23. Near support 1 is installed crusher 24 with a conveyor 25, in which is loaded stone materials, delivered by dump truck 26. Figure 1. Equipment for the recycling of old concrete in the construction of 3D printing Figure 2. The print head Figure 3. 3D printing process The print head 9 is made of three extruders: front 27, middle 28 and rear 29. The front 27 and rear 29 extruders are connected to the pipelines feed mixture, and the middle extruder 28 - with a pipeline of