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: A Brief Introduction. New York, Oxford: Oxford University Press. Searle, John. 2007. Dualism revisited. Journal of Physiology—Paris 101: 169–78. Velmans, Max. 2000. Understanding Consciousness. London: Routledge.


Knowing the fact that in the market economy the most important resource is the information and, naturally, since the accounting cannot be substituted for the manager, instead it offers the information necessary for the decision-making processes. The paper highlights, on the basis of bibliographic resources, that a dual accounting representation responds best to all strategic requirements and leads to a better visualization of the entity as a whole, as well as of each structure. Also, in the paper we analyzed, through a selective research, the degree to which the provision of accounting information to various categories of interested users contributes to the development of the entity.

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fields and source-fields, seen in its dual professionalism. Although the media field regulates news production of specialized topics, the fundamental aspects of the dualistic structure than underpin cultural journalism influence the production by imposing cultural features that are deviant from the mainstream journalistic values ( Hellman & Jaakkola 2012 ). The journalistic and the aesthetic paradigms, (see Hellman & Jaakkola 2012 and Jaakkola 2012 ), are historically grounded approaches to art and culture within the profession of journalism, both contributing to

distributive lattices. G.C.Rao, Berhanu Assaye and M.V.Ratnamani in [ 3 ] introduced Heyting ADLs (HADLs) as a generalisation of Heyting algebra in the class of ADLs, and they characterise an HADL in terms of the set of all its principal ideals. Unlike in lattices, the dual of an ADL is not an ADL in general. For this reason Rao, G. C. and Naveen Kumar K. introduced the concept of a dual Heyting ADL (dual HADL) [ 2 ]. They derived a number of important laws and results satisfied by a dual HADL and dual L-ADL. They also characterised a dual HADL in terms of the lattice of all

/March 2015). Available from: < >. Bernitz, H 2012, Country report: Sweden . EUDO Citizenship Observatory, European University Institute, Badia Fiesolana. Bloemraad, I 2004, ‘Who claims dual citizenship? The limits of postnationalism, the possibilities of transnationalism, and the persistence of traditionalism’, International Migration Review , vol. 38, no. 2, pp. 389-426, DOI:10.1111/j.1747-7379.2004.tb00203.x. Bloemraad, I, Korteweg, A & Yurdakul, G 2008, ‘Citizenship and immigration

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Instructions for Execution of Decisions’ of 31 December 2002 issued by the Minister of Justice of the Republic of Lithuania is not in conflict with the Constitution of the Republic of Lithuania . Ruling of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Lithuania (September 20, 2005). Šileikis, Egidijus. Alternatyvi konstitucinė teisė (Alternative Constitutional Law). Vilnius: Teisinės informacijos centras, 2003. "Teisininkas ir diplomatas sako radę konstitucinį dvigubos pilietybės išsaugojimo raktą (Lawyer and Diplomat Say They Found Key to Constitutional Preservation of Dual