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that famed Parisian company’s  activity. In creating musical instruments, Sébastian Erard built upon the work of G. Cousineau and C. Groll and became the most successful manufacturer of double-action pedal harps with a fourchette (fork) mechanism (mécanique à fourchettes et à double mouvement). Erard’s  work as an instrument maker influenced not only the historical development of the harp, but also the work of other instrument makers. In Bohemia, the Czech harp maker Alois Červenka (1858–1938) built upon Erard’s  work with great success. The Erard harps in the

most important representatives of the Prague school of violinmaking, but unlike his string instruments, none of his harps have been preserved. to the contrary, the oldest physically preserved Czech double-action pedal harp dates from 1900 and was made by the most successful Czech harp builder alois Červenka (1857–1938). Cf. ČÍŽEK, Bohuslav: Hudební nástroje evropské hudební kultury (Musical instruments of european Musical Culture), aventinum, Prague 2002, pp. 45–46. 34) interestingly, while only two Franz Brunner harps are kept in the viennese collection of