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1 Introduction The foundation for the modern theory of skew lattice was laid by Jonathan Leech in 1989 [ 5 ]. Leech [ 6 , 7 ] showed that each right handed skew Boolean algebra can be embedded in to a generic skew Boolean algebra of partial functions from a given set in the co-domain { 0 ,1} . Heyting algebra is a relatively pseudo-complemented distributive lattice that arises from non-classical logic, and it is named after a Dutch mathematician Arend Heyting, it was introduced by G. Birkhoff [ 1 ] and was developed by H. B. Curry around the year 1963. While

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This article presents a relatively straightforward theoretical framework about distributive justice with applications. It draws on a few key concepts of Sociological Game Theory (SGT). SGT is presented briefly in section 2. Section 3 provides a spectrum of distributive cases concerning principles of equality, differentiation among recipients according to performance or contribution, status or authority, or need. Two general types of social organization of distributive judgment are distinguished and judgment procedures or algorithms are modeled in each type of social organization. Section 4 discusses briefly the larger moral landscapes of human judgment – how distribution may typically be combined with other value into consideration. The article suggests that Rawls, Elster, and Machado point in this direction. Finally, it is suggested that the SGT framework presented provides a useful point of departure to systematically link it and compare the Warsaw School of Fair Division, Rawls, and Elster, among others.


Heating of natural gas on the gas-distributive installations is carried out for prevention of creation of gas hydrates in gas pressure controller. There are a few methods of heating of natural gas: complete heating of gas and heating of gas pressure controller. The indicated methods have a row of failings, the delivered from which is possible at the use of vortex tube. Work of vortex tube consists of the simultaneous making of two streams: heated and frappe. The heated stream is used for a serve on a gas pressure controller which shuts out it freezing. Little price, insignificant sizes, absence of motive details helps to use a vortex tube for heating of natural gas on the gasdistributive installations.