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In this paper the architecture of the software designed for management of position and identification data of floating and flying objects in Maritime areas controlled by Polish Border Guard is presented. The software was designed for managing information stored in a distributed system with two variants of the software, one for a mobile device installed on a vessel, an airplane or a car and second for a central server. The details of implementation of all functionalities of the MapServer in both, mobile and central, versions are briefly presented on the basis of information flow diagrams.

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The paper proposes an approach to solving the problem of optimal placement of data array replicas in a distributed system. It presents a formal model of a distributed system with unreliable communication channels. A system is represented as a graph with coloured arcs. The formulation of the problem of finding the optimal placement of replicas is given. As a criterion for optimization, the minimum response time to a data request is considered. The task solution heuristic algorithm is also proposed in the paper.

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