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Multigeneric Intertextuality in Advertising: Discourse Strategy from a Cognitive Perspective

: Edinburgh University Press. FAIRCLOUGH, N., 1992. Discourse and text: Linguistic and intertextual analysis within discourse analysis. Discourse and Society , vol. 3, no. 2, pp. 193-217. FAUCONNIER, G., 1994. Mental spaces: Aspects of meaning construction in natural language 2nd ed. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. GADAVANIJ, S., 2002. Intertextuality as discourse strategy: The case of no-confidence debates in Thailand. Leeds Working Papers in Linguistics and Phonetics , vol. 9, pp. 35-55. GEERAERTS, D. and CUYCKENS, H., 2007. The Oxford handbook of

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The Journey Metaphor in Mediatized Political Discourse
Cognitive and Critical Perspectives


The present paper will analyse manifestations of the journey metaphor from a critical discourse analytical perspective in order to observe how the journey metaphor is used as a discourse strategy in mediatized political speeches and interviews whereby political actors manipulate the second-frame interactional participants (the audience) into sharing a (spurious) sense of solidarity with them. There are three hypotheses that will be tested in the course of the analysis: the first is that a wide-variety of realjourney elements are exploited for the political metaphor of journey, and there is a concrete correspondence between journey vehicles and political scenarios. The second hypothesis is that journey metaphors that are used in political speeches, celebrity interviews and confrontational political interviews are of different types and complexity. The third hypothesis is that the manipulative intent behind the use of metaphors is exposed in the latter types of mediatized political discourse to varying degrees as a result of the different degrees of pragmatic accountability adhered to in the two subgenres. We argue that the first two hypotheses are confirmed on the basis of the qualitative analysis presented in the paper, whereas the third hypothesis is not borne out by the data.

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Editorial: Relevance Theory and Intercultural Communication Problems

References Brown, Penelope and Stephen C. Levinson. 1987. Politeness: Some Universals in Language Usage. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Escandell-Vidal, Victoria M. 1996. Towards a Cognitive Approach to Politeness . In K. Jaszczolt and K. Turner (eds.), Contrastive Semantics and Pragmatics, Vol. II: Discourse Strategies, 621-650. Oxford: Pergamon Press. Escandell-Vidal, Victoria M. 1998. Politeness. A Relevant Issue for Relevance Theory. In J. M. Martínez and F. Yus (eds.), Special Issue devoted to

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English-induced changes to urban colloquial Hindi lexicon and structure. mixed speech as a mode of discourse

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Pidgin in Creative Works in English in Cameroon

:// . Fasse-Mbouya, I. (2000). English and French Loans in Ngiemboon (Unpublished MA dissertation). University of Yaounde I. Fouda, H. (1991). An analysis of some European loans in Ewondo (Unpublished DIPES II Dissertation). Higher Teacher Training School (ENS), Yaounde, Cameroon. Gumperz, J. (1982). Discourse strategies . Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Kachin, B., (1990). The phonological adaptation of English loan words in Medumba (Unpublished DIPES II Dissertation). Higher Teacher Training School (ENS), Yaounde, Cameroon. Koenig, E

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Concepts in multimodal discourse analysis with examples from video conferencing

Press Goffman, E. 1974. Frame analysis . New York: Harper. Goffman E. 1974 Frame analysis New York Harper Gumperz, J. 1982. Discourse strategies . Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Gumperz J. 1982 Discourse strategies Cambridge Cambridge University Press Hamilton, H. 1998. “Reported speech in survivor identity in on-line bone marrow transplantation narratives”. Journal of Sociolinguistics 2(1). 53–67. Hamilton H. 1998 “Reported speech in survivor identity in on-line bone marrow

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A Pedagogical Evaluation of Intra-Sentential Code-Switching Patterns in L2 Classroom Talk

like we all speak one language’. Journal of Multilingual and Multicultural Development 24/1-2: 42-55. Eldridge, J. 1996. Code-switching in a Turkish secondary school. ELT Journal 50: 303-311. Finlayson, R., K. Calteaux and C. Myers-Scotton 1998. Orderly mixing and accommodation in South African codeswitching. Journal of Sociolinguistics 2/3: 395-420. Gumperz, J. J. 1982. Discourse Strategies . Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Macaro, E. 2001. Analysing

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Irish English Stereotypes
A Variational Pragmatic Analysis

Variation, 25-48. Amsterdam/Philadelphia: John Benjamins. Fuller, Janet. 2003. Use of the discourse marker ’like’ in interviews. Journal of Sociolinguistics 7/3: 365-377. Gumperz, John. 1982. Discourse strategies. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Herbert, Robert K. 1998. Sex-based Differences in Compliment Behavior. In Cheshire, Jenny and Trudgill, Peter (eds.), The Sociolinguistics Reader Volume 2: Gender and Discourse, 53-75. London: Arnold. Hickey, Raymond. 2007. Irish English: History and present

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Plurilingual Primary School Students and Their Language Use

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Strategies to Discredit Opponents: Russian Presentations of Events in Countries of the Former Soviet Union

Linguistics ]. Yekaterinburg: Ural’skiy Pedagogicheskiy Institut (in Russian). Burridge, K. (2004). Weeds in the Garden of Words. Sydney: ABC. Burridge, K. (2002). Blooming English. Sydney: ABC. Cameron, L. & Maslen, R. (Eds.) (2010). Metaphor Analysis . London: Equinox. Giora, R. (2003). On Our Mind: Salience, Context and Figurative Language . Oxford: Oxford University Press. Gumperz, J. (1982). Discourse Strategies . Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Grant, L. (2001

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